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Offer: Bread for animals in boxes by trees (Blountstown Highway) - Bread for people on tables and extra boxes for animals Request: small chicken coop (Perry) - We just received 7 chicks and need a coop to put them in until I can build a large coop next month Request: Gas powered golf cart (N.E Tallahassee) - I am looking for a Gas powered golf cart. I need something to tinker with when my work cycle decreases and so I am looking for a fun little something. if you have a gas powered golf cart hanging around that you are not using please let me know! Preferably i'd like it to have run in the past 2 years but I can work with mostly anything as long as it's complete.. Offer: Bon Vital Massage Creme (NW Tallahassee) - 1 gallon of unopened Bon Vital Massage Creme- muscle therapy with jojoba and Dwarf pine oil wellness for the skin Offer: Wine corks (used) (Killearn Acres) - Two plastic bags filled with a variety of wine corks. Mostly all real cork wood. Good for arts and craft projects. Offer: Assorted Kitchen Accessories (near Stadium Dr.) - gently used; Woven nesting baskets, mug, tweety bird pot holder, rice cooker spoon, whisk, and ladle. Let me know if you want all or certain selections.
Photo of free Assorted Kitchen Accessories (near Stadium Dr.)
Request: Appliance/furniture (West side of Tennessee Street) - Appliance/furniture In search of a deep freezer and dining room table and chairs Request: Canoe or kayak (Tallahassee) - Looking for a canoe or kayak since my wife and I live in an area surrounded by bodies of water. We just want a way to get closer to nature and spend some quiet time together. Request: Palm Trees (Capital Circle and 319) - Any palm trees 8’ or less. Any type of palm tree. Sago, Sable, Pindo, Fan, etc. I will dig up & transport myself. They will be very well cared for and loved. They will not be for resale, just personal appreciation. Request: table lamp (sw tallahassee) - color does not matter, does not need a shade either. Just has to work. Thank you Offer: Meat 6/30/2020 (Blountstown Highway) - Meat and bread Offer: Entertainment Corner Table (NW Tallahassee) - It is a walnut color. It has open shelves in the middle with a cabinet door on each side with shelves inside. it is 36 inches long and 22 inches at the widest part. I can send a couple pictures if you are interested. Good condition Offer: Firewood (Midtown) - Logs, approximately 4" to 6" diameter of various lengths (2.5' to 5') from an oak and a sweetgum. On the west curb of North Meridian Rd just south of Spruce Creek Dr. Fresh fallen trees, so will need to be seasoned. Will be picked up by the city Thur am July 2nd. Offer: Freefood (Blountstown Highway) - Food giveaways 2 Nd 4 th Tuesday and Wednesday Request: Kombucha scoby (Crawfordville) - Hi, I am wanting to start brewing my own kombucha but I am in need of a Scoby to get started with. Thanks in advance Request: 1/2" PVC Fittings (Tallahassee, FL) - Any 1/2" PVC fittings will be appreciated. I have some extra pipe that's unusable that I want to build things with for the kids. Request: Milk Kefir Grains (P/U anywhere in Tallahassee) - Looking for some milk kefir grains. Please no water kefir, no kombucha scoby. Just plain milk kefir grains that are already used to being in milk. Live 45 minutes from Tally. Pickup would be when in town (due to WFH that's 1x / week or less). Please provide general area of pick up, i.e. Killearn, near FSU Campus, Midtown, Southwood, etc. in your response for better pickup planning. Thank you in advance! Stay well. Offer: 5/25/2020 (Deertree Dr & FL-20 E) - Free food Offer: Catheters, 4 boxes (Tallahassee Mall) - They are expired but I only opened one box to take a photo. Each catheter is sealed in sterilized liquid. 4 boxes for free. Please take them off my hands. But also look up expired catheters, I don't want any problems.
Photo of free Catheters, 4 boxes (Tallahassee Mall)
Photo of free Catheters, 4 boxes (Tallahassee Mall)
Request: china cabinet or similar (App parkway and cap circle) - Looking for a small/medium china cabinet to put in my kitchen. I have no upper cabinets and very limited space. Thanks