Franklin County Freecycle

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Free: Libman mop handle (West Little Rock) - I've switched brands and don't need anymore.
Photo of free Libman mop handle (West Little Rock)
Request: Very much (Muldrow) - Would any one have a 110 washing machine and dryer Request: Kitchen and utilities (Muldrow) - We are in need of a fridge our fidge ours is pretty shot...we need an electric stove or hot plate or induction plate or air fryer and we need an electric water heater we got our gas cut off we some how ended up with a leak on outside can't get it fixed right I had no idea clothes dryers could possibly be gas Free: Floppy drive (West Little Rock) - I have an external 3.5 inch floppy external drive with USB to give away. Free: Luthiery tools (West Little Rock) - I was gifted some luthiery tools I'm not going to use, including a StewMac fretting saw, some notched and one solid straight edge, and I think some files. Free: Guitar parts (West Little Rock) - Someone gifted me some guitar necks and bodies, and some hardware. I've decided not to sort it all out and do something with it. There are complete neck/body sets and an orphan. I want this to go to someone who knows how to install hardware and work on guitars. You should not need heavy luthier skills. I don't have photos yet because everything is stored away. Free: Twin box spring (Bentonville) - Like new in perfect condition. Exchanging for a full so no longer need it.
Photo of free Twin box spring (Bentonville)
Photo of free Twin box spring (Bentonville)
Request: Various items (Fayetteville) - Any size bed or chaos of any kind. Just moved here from northeast Arkansas and got our own apartment. We have nothing !! Please! Free: Unique cat statue (West Little Rock) - See photo
Photo of free Unique cat statue (West Little Rock)
Free: Guitar Hero guitar (West Little Rock) - Guitar Hero Guitar. I know nothing except it was used with a wii Free: Lap harp (West Little Rock) - Lap harp, see photo
Photo of free Lap harp (West Little Rock)
Free: Polymer clay (West Little Rock) - Most of a pound block of gray clay plus accessories Free: Rolls of ribbon (West Little Rock) - Several mostly full rolls of ribbon, different types and colors