Franklin County Freecycle

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Free: Two bar stools (Anderson township) - Good condition. Swivels.
Photo of free Two bar stools (Anderson township)
Photo of free Two bar stools (Anderson township)
Request: Rain barrel (Miami Valley Oho) - Need a Rain Barrel to collect water for plants and veggies. Request: Bed (Dayton (twin towers)) - Hello. I am looking for a bed for my girls ages 11 and 9. We just moved and lost all of our stuff and I need a be d for my girls. I bought them a brand new queen size bed when we moved in but it now has several holes in it and I cannot repair it.. also I do not have a truck so I would need someone to deliver it. Thank you in advance Free: twin bed (Fairfield) - Free Request: queen mattress and box spring (N maple st / w17 th) - Needing a queen mattress and box spring asap Request: Queen mattress and boxspring (N maple st / w17 th) - Needing a queen size mattress and box springs asap Free: 3 interior doors-wood (West side Indy) - White. Okay condition Free: Pet carrier (Lawrenceburg, IN) - Cream color with handle. For cat or small dog.
Photo of free Pet carrier (Lawrenceburg, IN)
Free: Birdcage (Lawrenceburg, IN) - Black wire, 17” wide, 24 inches tall, 16 1/2 inches deep. There are no accessories but it’s in good shape.
Photo of free Birdcage (Lawrenceburg, IN)
Request: Solid Inside house doors (Kokomo) - Plain wood if possible or whatever you have. Free: Artwork shipping crate (Eastgate/Batavia area) - This shipping crate came to me when I had some artwork shipped to me from Hawaii. Inside measures 31”x 41”.
Photo of free Artwork shipping crate (Eastgate/Batavia area)
Free: Styrofoam Cooler (Eastgate/Batavia area) - Inside capacity = 7.5"wide x 11.25" long x 5" deep Outside Dimensions = 11"x15"x8" Previously used to ship medication. Good for shipping an item or just keeping something cold for along period.
Photo of free Styrofoam Cooler (Eastgate/Batavia area)
Free: yourself (Shelbyville) - I’ve left storage building number 175 unlocked. Stowaway 450 Old 7 Mile Pike. Please don’t send questions. Just help yourself. The treadmill seems to have a short. The TV and the stereo both worked when they were put in there. Fish pond is 55 x 70 x 16 deep. You’ll need to go when the lot is unlocked. I live in Louisville and won’t be coming out to assist.
Photo of free yourself (Shelbyville)
Photo of free yourself (Shelbyville)
Photo of free yourself (Shelbyville)
Photo of free yourself (Shelbyville)
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Request: a TV wall mount (Southern Hamilton Co) - Able to hold a 55" TV. In not sure about the weight but it's pretty light. Not more than 50ish lbs. Also with full movement. Up/down Side to side. Thank you! Free: Portable tub (West Chester (Pisgah)) - I don’t know much about it but looks to be complete with accessories as well.
Photo of free Portable tub (West Chester (Pisgah))
Free: Dog bed (West Chester (Pisgah)) - About 25” x 40”; 4 inches or so off the ground
Photo of free Dog bed (West Chester (Pisgah))
Free: 2 sets of closet doors (Wyoming, OH) - 2 X 24” closet sliding 6 panel white interior does with hardware and trim with track 24” according style 6 panel white interior does with hardware and trim. Miscellaneous 3” floor trim molding
Photo of free 2 sets of closet doors (Wyoming, OH)
Photo of free 2 sets of closet doors (Wyoming, OH)
Photo of free 2 sets of closet doors (Wyoming, OH)
Request: Couch or loveseat for a camper (Clermont County) Request: Working VCR (North of Eagle Creek near 82nd) - I’d like to find a VCR in working condition. Request: Moving supplies, boxes, bubble wrap (West Chester) - Need moving boxes all sizes especially large ones, bubble wrap or packing materials Free: couch and love seat (Westwood) - Used but in good condition. These MUST be picked up this weekend (6/3 or 6/4).
Photo of free couch and love seat (Westwood)
Photo of free couch and love seat (Westwood)
Request: Yarn (Prospect, Kentucky) - Looking for bulkier yarn, please. Request: battery fan (West Bloomington Indiana) - I'm in need of a battery operated fan if you have one or know anyone who does let me know please thank you Request: Bullet blender (CUF) - I am looking for a bullet blender with cups. I have to get stomach surgery this month, and I am being made to go on a liquid diet before and after surgery. Furthermore, I was told that these blenders are a must for the meal replacement shakes that I will have to ingest. Something about it being a smoother blend. Free: Works scrubs s, m, l (Dayton) - Various sizes & colors.
Photo of free Works scrubs s, m, l (Dayton)
Free: File cabinets, etc (Mount Auburn) - This self-designed desk includes 2 black 2-drawer file cabinets, a marble slab, and a saddle-type office chair.
Photo of free File cabinets, etc (Mount Auburn)
Request: Swing set (Bunker hill,ind) - Looking for a swing set for my granddaughter Request: Clean fill dirt (Dayton / Jefferson Township) - Clean dirt to level my yard for 5 grandkids to have there pool this year Request: Cardboard Mailing Tubes (Finneytown) - Looking for recycled cardboard mailing tubes of any size. Request: Full size bed and frame and couch (Crestwood) - Hi I am currently looking for full size bed and a frame..wall plants real or fake just moved here and have nothing to furnish a house with..also look for couch and love seat