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Offer: Slow Cooker - 4.5qt (Germantown, MD) - This is a very well loved, and amazing, slow cooker. It works great, we just upgraded to a pressure cooker to maximize the limited time we have to cook nutritious meals. I keep forgetting to prep or start the meal in the slow cooker and we end up eating late!
Photo of free Slow Cooker - 4.5qt (Germantown, MD)
Offer: decorative garden signs (Waters Landing) - Two signs with holes drilled for using tie wraps. Please specify window of time for pickup.
Photo of free decorative garden signs (Waters Landing)
Offer: Rose of Sharon seedlings (20876) - Several plants/seedlings are available for pick up any time during the day. These are about 2" to 1 ft tall. Will grow fast and flower in 1 or 2 years. Either white or purple beautiful flowers. Location: Rt 355 x Middlebrook Road area. Offer: Shower door frame only (East side of hagerstown MD) - Shower door frame for the metal. Glass decided to spontaneously break out of it
Photo of free Shower door frame only (East side of hagerstown MD)
Offer: Propane tank adapter - Available for porch pickup near Waters Landing Elementary... 1 Dozyant propane tank adapter. It's this item on amazon: This is used to connect a modern gas connector (like on your gas grill) to an older-style propane tank. I needed it to finish off three tanks I "inherited" but no longer need as those tanks are finally used up. Hopefully someone out there is in a similar situation and can use this before I take it to scrap metal collection! Please provide a two-hour window for pickup. Offer: Note Cards - 20874 - 4 blank note cards with butterfly photo on cover. from Environmental Defense Fund. waters landing area of germantown. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER Offer: Packing paper - Offer packing paper. Must pick up by Friday afternoon. Located at work office in Gaithersburg down from costco. I also have some bubble wrap if you need it. Peace through Christ, Jasmine Less for self. More for others. Enough for everyone.
Photo of free Packing paper
Request: Used backpacks (Germantown) - Any size or color. Will be given to people experiencing homelessness Request: Cage bird bath (Germantown) - Looking for canary bird bath. Smallish cage, but not tiny. No Request: Coffee mugs (Germantown) - Regular size. Any color. Looking for 4-6. Offer: Ballard Design Sofa (Saybrooke) - Navy Apartment size sofa by Ballard Designs. In fair to good condition. Removable upholstery cover makes it perfect for kids because you can wash the whole thing in the washing machine! It cleans beautifully. Would make a great sofa for a basement playroom!
Photo of free Ballard Design Sofa (Saybrooke)
Photo of free Ballard Design Sofa (Saybrooke)
Photo of free Ballard Design Sofa (Saybrooke)
Photo of free Ballard Design Sofa (Saybrooke)
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Offer: Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (20874) - 1500W Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat From amazonbasics Please, state the date and a 2-hour window time for pickup. Thank you Isa Offer: Bag of misc bubble wrap (20882, Laytonsville) - Just some bubble wrap accumulated with shipping packages
Photo of free Bag of misc bubble wrap (20882, Laytonsville)
Offer: Unused fabric used for cross stitch (20882, Laytonsville) - This is fabric I bought for a counted cross stitch project so it has a woven look. 15x18 inches.
Photo of free Unused fabric used for cross stitch (20882, Laytonsville)
Photo of free Unused fabric used for cross stitch (20882, Laytonsville)
Request: Cork Board (Frederick /Ballenger Creek) - Greetings I was hoping to find a corkboard you aren't using. I will pick up at your desired location. Looking for something sized like 2 feet x 3 feet. Thanks, Request: Tennis balls (Jones Lane) - I will need lots of tennis balls to put on the legs of classroom desks and chairs, to prevent scraping & reduce noise. Thanks! Offer: Eliptical Precor (Westview shopping) - Purchased used from a gym. Always inside about 10 years old. Very heavy will need moving equipment or at least 4 strong men
Photo of free Eliptical Precor (Westview shopping)
Request: One/two 3-level open wire shelves (Gaithersburg/Flower Hill) - ISO: One or two 3-level open wire shelf units. Similar to the picture posted. I need a better open-storage situation for my balcony but because I'm right under a gutter (that never seems to get cleaned and always overflows) I need to ensure that the shelving won't collect water (yknow, and house mosquitoes!). Thank you so much for your consideration! Because they'll be outside, condition isn't super important! Just need to be sturdy.
Photo of One/two 3-level open wire shelves (Gaithersburg/Flower Hill)
Request: Chain link fence (Shepherdstown WV) - Any chain link fencing is useful for my purpose. Even parts for the fence will be used.
Photo of Chain link fence (Shepherdstown WV)
Photo of Chain link fence (Shepherdstown WV)
Offer: Thistle sack (Hagerstown (21740)) - This is for thistle-eating birds; fill it with thistle and hang it (preferably in a place protected from precipitation) as a feeding place. Sack has never been used.
Photo of free Thistle sack (Hagerstown (21740))
Offer: BugBand repels insects (Hagerstown (21740)) - This 3-pound jug likely never has been used. Contents look like small dry tan-colored crumbs; spread them wherever you want to repel all sorts of flying pests.
Photo of free BugBand repels insects (Hagerstown (21740))
Offer: Bloom Builder spray (Hagerstown (21740)) - This 4-14-8 composition spray is intended to increase blooms on plants. Never been used. Offer: Ronsonol lighter fuel (Hagerstown (21740)) - We've had this 12-ounce bottle quite some time and have never used it; likely never will.
Photo of free Ronsonol lighter fuel (Hagerstown (21740))
Offer: Prestone De-Icer (Hagerstown (21740)) - We've had this squeeze-bottle for quite some time and likely have never used it.
Photo of free Prestone De-Icer (Hagerstown (21740))
Offer: Squirrel Repellent (Hagerstown (21740)) - This stuff is called 'Flaming Squirrel seed sauce.' Each 16-ounce bottle seasons 60 pounds of birdseed. Mix it with the seed, and squirrels are said to not like to eat the resulting flavor, while birds don't mind it. Ingredients include food-grade liquid habanero chili pepper and soybean oil. We've used part of one bottle but they both feel as if they are pretty full. Be careful handling chili peppers as they are a skin irritant. Request: Hosta (Frederick , Maryland) - Anyone have hosta I only need 2 different kind. My front yard a newbie use mowing lawn on that area ran over and kill my hosta few of the times this time just not come back anymore. Lmk thanks. Request: Clear ornaments (Frederick , Maryland) - Hello, Anyone who have clear ornaments any shapes like ball, oval, circle but almost flat, light bulb shape, drops, or so??? I’ll be very delightful to have few or so; and making it as gift for my love ones families. Thanks! Ms. McDonald. Offer: indigo jeans, LL Bean, size 2P - Actually they started out size 4, but were accidentally washed in hot and then dried in hot so they shrank to probably a 2. Perfect condition Porch pick up 20874 Offer: 3 large cardboard/moving boxes - Bottom is 24+1/2 x 11+1/2 x 17 Middle is 18+1/2 x 17 x 17 Top is 24 x 17 x 17 Must be picked up today or go to recycling. 20874
Photo of free 3 large cardboard/moving boxes
Offer: Pallets (Lake Linganore, MD) - Five wooden pallets.
Photo of free Pallets (Lake Linganore, MD)