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Request: Organizing supplies (Cantonment) - In need of filling, organizing, sorting, storage supplies for paperwork, office and household items. Thanks! Request: Hanging fruit/bread basket (Cantonment) - Bread keeps molding and looking for a way to hang it in a cooler part of the kitchen where I don’t have shelf space. A bread box might help to keep it fresh also. Thanks Offer: Empty boxes available (Cantonment) - Lots of amazon and similar boxes available Offer: Clean popsicle stivks (Cantonment) - Great for hobbies and crafts. I havea Ziplock bag full. Request: rock for garden border (Cantonment) - Seeking rock for garden border I’m Helping a family member make a rose garden and wWould like some nice rock to create a border. Lmk if you have any. Request: Mini refrigerator needed badly (Panama city beach, fl) - I had to move into a very small room and they do not have a refrigerator I have been using a cooler. If anyone has a mini refrigerator they can spare,id be very grateful. Thank you Request: a tv and microwave (Panama city beach, fl) - In need of a tv and a microwave that work that someone could be kind enough to part with. No way to afford them and could really use the help. Thank you Request: bicycle (West Pensacola) - Any bicycle with a working front fork and handlebars. Request: Large Rocks (Andalusia, AL) - Looking for large rocks for building wall and other projects! Willing to come and pick up and load up! Offer: Bunk Bed (Freeport, Florida) - Recently took down a bunk bed and replaced it with another bed. Lower bunk is wider than the upper bunk, and also makes into a couch. Upper bunk is twin (single) size. Free to good home. Request: Weight Bench & Weights (Freeport, Florida) - With extra time at home, our 16-yr-old son is hitting the weights which will help him in football and basketball next school year, hoping those will happen. Any contributions will be appreciated. Thanks! Request: Clay Pebbles (North Pensacola, UWF area) - Hi, all! We're starting an experiment with the Dutch Bucket growing system and would like to find anyone who's willing to part with their clay pebbles. I don't mind if they have been used or are a bit dirty, but I'd like to get enough to fill one or more five gallon buckets. That said, if it's a little or a lot, I'm interested! If you have other items that could help with this process, they would also be welcome--such as filter bags, vermiculite/perlite and coco coir. We're trying an experiment featuring these media, and just getting our toes wet with the whole aquaponic process. (We are trying for heirloom tomatoes, nothing illegal, LOL!) So any input is welcome. Thank you so much for your time! Request: Household (Magnolia Springs) - We will have full custody of all of my SO children come April. We currently are looking for 4 beds frame, mattress, & box springs of any size, we will make any work. We also will need 4 dressers. Last but not least we will need a refrigerator and oven as only our freezer & stove portions currently work. Thank you very much to any one who may have or know how to obtain these things. Request: Old Fabric (Mobile, downtown) - Hello there! I am looking for any kind of unwanted fabric for personal projects of mine. Size does not matter, anything would be appreciated from scraps to old sheets. Thanks for looking!