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Request: Dumbbells/Kettlebells/Gym Equipment (Four Corners Silver Spring, MD) - I’m looking for some home gym equipment. Specifically, 10, 15, 20, & 25 LB pairs of dumbbells And/or kettlebells Plus, other gym equipment you are not using Offer: Broken hose (Capitol Hill SE) - Severe Leaks. It will NOT perform its duties as a hose. I use my last broken one as a stretchable rope for tie downs, but don’t need another. Porch pick up near RFK in DC.
Request: Bandsaw or Scroll-saw (Smithsburg) - Looking for a Bandsaw or Scroll-saw. I just started getting into woodworking and I would greatly appreciate if anyone has one they can spare. Thanks Offer: Dolphin tea light candle holders (Grantville) - About 5 inches tall. Cute decoration.
Request: Potting Soil (Meridian Hill) - Hi. looking to repot a few houseplants, looking for to do this. About 6 qts should suffice. Happy to trade for some small pots. Adams Morgan neighborhood. Can PPU for distancing. Offer: Hot Wheels and other types of cars (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - Used but lots of life left. Near Odenton Elem
Offer: Halloween Costume (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - Steam Punk, XL . Near Odenton Elem
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Offer: 1 qt crock pot (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - Great for dips. Removable crock. No temp. setting. Near Odenton Elem
Offer: Scentsy warmer and wax (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - I don't think I actually ever had wax in the bowl, just used it a couple times in the Yankee Candle holder itself. Near Odenton Elem
Offer: LED light bulbs 6 (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - These are the tiny ended bulbs and were all working when we replaced the light fixtures. 60W brightness. Near Odenton Elem
Offer: Camping/Girl Scout cooking set (Odenton, near Odenton Elem) - small pan with folding handle, small pot with handle and lid, and plasic cup. Near Odenton Elem
Request: Hair removal clippers or device&mem (Washington DC but l can travel) - Please,l will really appreciate any hair removal clippers or any hair shaving device and a cellphone with or without any memory card. Thanks Offer: Framing supplies (Front Royal VA) - For one 16x20 frame, no glass just the frame. Porch pick up only.
Offer: Two moving boxes (Front Royal VA) - One medium, one large, porch pick up only
Offer: 2 bunny easter baskets (Sentry rd. Nokesville va) - Baskets are smaller but cute. Like new
Offer: Canon MX 922 for pickup (Fairlawn) - Canon printer scanner for porch pick up. Comes with extra aftermarket cartridges. Currently only prints blue, but might only need a deep cleaning. Wifi and scanner work fine.
Request: Outdoor waterproof windchime (Rockville) - I am looking for an outdoor metal wind chime in great condition. I would be flexible for pick-up. Please text at 240-780-2855. Request: Newspaper coupons/ grocery coupons (clarksburg) - Interested in any unwanted coupons from mailers or Sunday papers. Seeking to save on groceries. Thanks in advance.
Request: Curlbar weight bench, and weights (clarksburg) - I know these items are often reusable. Any weight bench, curlbar, dumbells, weights available for my teen son whom has been trained properly and would like to lift weights safely at home. Thanks kindly.
Request: Dumb bells and iphone (Thurmont) - Looking for dumb bells like 50 lb or more. Triceps bar. Any iPhone just looking to use it for music Request: Straw to cover grass seed (Braddock Heights) - Please if anyone has extra straw or pine needles, the birds love the weed & feed seed, and I have to deter their voracious appetites. Thank you. Offer: Plant books (Braddock Heights) - I have a couple plant books I no longer need that you are welcome to. Request: Violin (Landover) - Good condition no repairs needed For a child to practice for school orchestra. Offer: 4 scat mats (Brightwood, DC) - Vinyl mats use 9 volt batteries to deliver gentle shock - equivalent to static electricity - to keep pets off sofa and love seat.
Offer: 4 plastic CD drawers (Brightwood, DC) - Each slide out drawer holds approx 20 cds.
Offer: Twister tracks- kids toy (Palisades, NW) - Track and cars toy. Porch pickup.
Offer: Vintage solo cozy coffee cups (Brightwood, DC) - 20 old school solo plastic holders for hot beverages with 7 inserts. Must see pic! Insert refills available on ebay.
Request: Moving Boxes (Rockville) - I am looking for moving boxes in great condition. I would be flexible for pick up. Please text at 240-780-2855 Offer: Solar powered calculator (Chevy Chase, DC nr V10 or V11) - Offering a Radio Shack brand dual powered calculator. It runs on batteries or on sunlight. Work fine, a great little pocket calculator. I've just not used it in years. Convenient porch pickup in Chevy Chase, DC. Please indicate your intended day and time of pickup in your reply. If you omit this information, I may ignore your request.
Offer: 15 packets of Idrolitina (Chevy Chase, DC nr V10 or V11) - Offering a partially used box of Idrolitina (15 individual packets) Received as a gift, in hopes that it would be similar to another Italian product called Salitina, this is a powdered additive intended for bottles of water that I bubble with the SodaStream. The taste was not the same however. This one tastes rather like the ingredients (see the photos). While I've been using it in small doses, I've just come to the conclusion that it's not as enjoyable as the Salitina. Porch pickup in Chevy Chase, DC. Please state your intended day & time of pickup in your reply. Failure to include this information may cause me to ignore your request.