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Request: Small garden rocks and tree rings (Hoffman Estates) - Hi. I am searching for these white type of rocks for my flower beds. I am also looking for large rocks or tree rings bricks to go around trees. Thank you for reading. Please contact me if you have any. Thank you. I am in Hoffman estates
Request: Buttons or clay (Bloomingdale) - Hello - I am making masks ear savers for workers that wear masks for several hours. Basically a ribbon with 2 buttons. If you have medium to large buttons to spare I would love them. Or I was thinking of making buttons using clay. So if you have any polymer clay that would also be appreciated. Color doesn't matter Offer: Bean bag toss game and mini (Bolingbrook Promenade) - Bean bag toss game with bean bags and miniature one too pickup today
Offer: Carpet thresholds new (Bolingbrook Promenade) - All newbeen sitting in garage take all Offer: Drywall pieces and paint (Bolingbrook Promenade) - About 6 cans of paint colors are blue, grey, white
Offer: Cat litter lavender scent (Bolingbrook Promenade) - About half full ... we don’t even have a cat but used for various oil spills before garage got done
Request: Ice cream maker (Westmont) - Looking for an ice cream maker in good condition that I can pick up within 5 miles of downers Grove.Love to have the kind that you put the bowl in the freezer rather than needing ice. Offer: HP ink cartridges (Kirchoff & Owl Rolling meadows) - 2 new ink cartridges. They have been stored awhile so hopefully still good
Offer: Metal plant stands (Woodridge near Home Depot) - Minimal rust. There are 4 of them. Please let me know if you want the one green planter pictured, too.
Offer: 12” bike (Kirchoff & Owl Rolling meadows) - 12 inch boys bike no training wheels
Offer: Wooden wine bottle stand (Woodridge near Home Depot) - Holds 11 bottles.
Offer: Sturdy bookshelves (Kirchoff & Owl Rolling meadows) - Sturdy bookshelves ready for painting
Offer: Canned Food (Crest Hill) - I want this food to go to someone who is really in need. These were recently purchased. Please come to pick up. Please pick up today. I have the following: Three cans of Great Value Beef Ravioli One can of Fresh Like carrots Five cans of Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli Four cans of Chef Boyardee Lasagne Eight cans of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli One 14oz bottle of Heinz ketchup-never opened Offer: Brand-new VHS Tapes (Rt. 83 & North Ave., Elmhurst) - In original wrappers - variety of Maxell, TDK, and Scotch Offer: Votive candle holder (Rt. 83 & North Ave., Elmhurst) - Cute hand- and foot-print etched design
Offer: Fitbit One Clip-on holders (Rt. 83 & North Ave., Elmhurst) - Variety of colors, not original FitBit items but they work great. I just lost the FitBit so these are of no use to me.
Offer: CD Case (Rt. 83 & North Ave., Elmhurst) - I think it is new, it's spotless. Looks like it holds about 30 CDs or DVDs.
Offer: Tupperware cup cover locks (Rt. 83 & North Ave., Elmhurst) - Four of them. My kids are adults and the cups and cover are long gone but just found these. They are for the Tupperware cups with the sippy lids.
Offer: 2 Dog Food Bins (Bolingbrook) - I have 2 stackable dog food storage bins. Need good cleaning from garage but in pretty good shape. Near Boughton & Route 53.
Offer: Size 13D men's shoes (Bolingbrook) - A pair of men's Florsheim dress shoes size 13D dusty from the garage but in pretty good shape. Near Boughton & Route 53.
Offer: Old Table Lamp (Bolingbrook) - Old Table lamp, near Boughton & Route 53
Offer: Hose reel (Bolingbrook) - Mount on the wall metal hose reel. Near Boughton and Route 53.
Offer: 3 wooden towel bars, 1 tp holder (Bolingbrook) - I have 3 different wooden towel bar holders and 1 toilet paper holder, we remodeled our bathroom. I am near Boughton and Route 53
Offer: 6x6 TILES (Bolingbrook) - I have 14 white 6X6 tiles I am giving away. Near Boughton and Route 53.
Offer: 17 Empty Ice Cream Containers (By mall in Bolingbrook.) - 12 of the container on left. 5 of the container on right. Let me know how many of each. Easy porch pick up. Thanks.
Request: Sandbox (Hanover park) - Do you still have the turtle sandbox? Very interested for my grandkids. Offer: Flourescent light fixtures (South D.G., near 75th & Lemont) - Three 2-lamp fixtures. Lamps are 40 watts each. All three fixtures work fine.
Offer: Tv stand (Steck elementary) - Porch pickup. Lots of storage. Comes with 4 wheels. Dimensions without wheels: Height 22 1/2 in Length 47 Depth 22- 23 in (curved) top part Storage area sticks out to make it 26 inches deep. See picture.
Offer: File cabinet with lock (Bensenville near York Rd/Grand) - Metal file cabinet. Light Green, 4 drawer. Locks, with key. Quality/prob from 70’s. Must have own transportation.
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Offer: Coffee table, 36” round (Bensenville near York Rd/Grand) - Round coffee table, prob from 70’s. Sturdy/toddler safe. Bensenville. Must have own transportation.