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Offer: Full or twin bed frame (Westgate) - Good condition
Photo of free Full or twin bed frame (Westgate)
Offer: Five pieces of luggage (Westgate) - Mixed luggage. Various conditions.
Photo of free Five pieces of luggage (Westgate)
Request: good condition youth swimming Parka (Bexley) - s. m. Offer: Toddler bed and mattress (Springboro) - Wood
Photo of free Toddler bed and mattress (Springboro)
Offer: Pots & Bed Edging (Citation & leestown) - Must pick up by Wed. July 6. No, I don’t know how much of the bed edging is left, but it’s at least a few feet.
Photo of free Pots & Bed Edging (Citation & leestown)
Offer: Garden Supplies (dirt) (Citation & leestown) - 2 bags of potting soil (i think one is open?) Weed-supressing fabric There’s also some seed-starting mix and some peat moss left over. Must pick up/ claim by Wed. July 6.
Photo of free Garden Supplies (dirt) (Citation & leestown)
Offer: Scrap wood (Citation & leestown) - Includes what’s shown here, as well as a little bit of other random wood bits. Must pick up/ claim by Wed. July 6.
Photo of free Scrap wood (Citation & leestown)
Offer: Dried Flower Bundles (Citation & leestown) - Must pick up/ claim by Wed. July 6.
Photo of free Dried Flower Bundles (Citation & leestown)
Photo of free Dried Flower Bundles (Citation & leestown)
Photo of free Dried Flower Bundles (Citation & leestown)
Request: Stryofoam packing peanuts (Mid town) - Stryofoam. Not the newer biodegradable ones. Will be used in a wet environment so must be water proof. If not sure, place them in water. I need the ones that won't dissolve. Offer: La-Z-Boy recliner (Loveland) - Navy blue with bronze buttons. Probably 30+ years old. In great structural condition - reclines, foot rest works well. Fabric is faded and cracked. Rocks for a bit but then starts squeaking. Tried lubricants but can't get it to completely go away.
Photo of free La-Z-Boy recliner (Loveland)
Request: air conditioner (West columbus) - I am in desperate search of a window ac unit for my apartment. My son has asthma & this heat and humidity is doing a number on his breathing. I've tried contacting organizations such as the breathing association but unfortunately they are out of vouchers until atleast the end of July. I can pick up. Thank you. Offer: Chairs - total of 3 (Park Hills Kentucky) - Approximately 50 years old, Ethan Allen Chairs, need some refinishing
Photo of free Chairs - total of 3 (Park Hills Kentucky)
Offer: Interior screen (69 Mulberry st, 45202) - Needs some repair. Will need to carry down 2 flights of stairs. Call before coming 513 478 1296
Photo of free Interior screen (69 Mulberry st, 45202)
Request: large Hamster/Guinea pig cage (43207) - Looking for a large Hamster / Guinea Pig Cage , also a large hide. Request: Alternator for an '05 Chevy Cobalt (West Union OH) - 2.2 4 liter Request: Alternator (West Union OH) - '05 Chevy Cobalt Request: Food processor (Eastgate) - I am looking for a food processor(any size) I gave mine to someone having throat surgery now I find myself needing it Thanks Offer: Puppy "play yard" (Near Whitehall) - This is one of those folding sets of wire panels clipped together. It's for a small dog or puppy, We got it for our Papillon but never used it, Happy to throw in an outgrown XXS harness if you want it. Offer: Heated matress pads (Hillsboro, OH,) - King size heated matress pads. I have 2 of then. One is like brand new, the other is in really good condition, both come with controls to control each side of bed at the heat setting you choose. Really nice for the cold winter nights. Request: Mini fridge/air conditioner (Xenia) - Trying to get situated but it's hot as blazes in my upstairs room and need something to cool off and preserve my food. If you have spares, it would be really appreciated. Thank you Request: Laptop or tablet you no longer need (Xenia) - Trying to get on my feet and my cellphone was just stolen so, could use one of these to get work and things I need for my room. Can help you with items you may need that I have. Thank you Request: Raspberry suckers for transplanting (Campbell County) - Hello! Looking for someone with an established, *organic* raspberry patch that wouldn't mind if I took a few suckers to get my own patch established. No strong preference for variety, but something that does well in our area and is tasty would be ideal! Thanks in advance. Request: Cat tree (Anywhere in columb) - Looking for a free cat tree Request: Decorative bushes or trees (Shady Lane Park) - Looking for decorative bushes, hedges or trees for the yard. Request: Vacuum (Erlanger, KY) - I can pick up. Please and thanks Offer: Old kitchen cabinets (Whitehall) - Old, sturdy kitchen cabinets. Good for garage or basement storage.
Photo of free Old kitchen cabinets (Whitehall)
Photo of free Old kitchen cabinets (Whitehall)
Photo of free Old kitchen cabinets (Whitehall)
Request: Food (Reynoldsburg, East Side) - I’m looking for a box of food for my fiancé and I. We’ve had a lot of emergency expenses come up with our dog and in general and are running super thin on funds. Thank you in advance!! 🖤🙏🏻 Request: Sewing machine (Bexley) - Hi, I am looking for a sewing machine! [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Offer: Empty gal jugs (Eastgate) - I have some empty gal water jugs w handles and lids, I have about a doz now but I will have more abundance to come !
Photo of free Empty gal jugs (Eastgate)
Offer: Windowed envelopes (Eastgate) - I have about 60 plus windowed envelopes, don’t care to recycle them if can be used by someone
Photo of free Windowed envelopes (Eastgate)