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Offer: Fuzz Buster (Irvington) Offer: Waterproof camera (Irvington) Offer: Fan remotes (Irvington)
Offer: Great States Game (Irvington) - Great game!
Offer: Mini Bop it Game (Irvington) - Makes Sounds you have to copy. Twist, pull, shake. Goes faster and faster, real fun. Needs batteries
Request: oil burner (Peekskill, NY) - my furnace is going need new one desperately. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Request: Computer Towers (Upper East Side) - Currently find I need a Computer tower. Long shot I figure but it's worth asking. Something not too old? In the neighborhood of 200gs SSD, 4-6gig Ram, and wifi ready? Thank you in advance. Offer: Styrofoam cooler boxes (Mamaroneck) - Insulated coolers, size 11/11/9. (Inside size 8/8/6) Can be given with a fitted shipping cardboard box, or ice packs. I have 8 of them. You are welcome to have as many as you like.
Offer: Bag of toddler clothes and shoes (Upper West Side) - Girl clothing size 3t -4t Bag of shoes size 9-11 Offer: Darth Vader’s Life size saber (Irvington) - Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber Might need battery, not sure. When it is on it glows red and sounds and looks like a real light saber. When you wave it in the air it sounds like a light saber as well. When you turn it off, it sounds like the one in the movie to. Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber BQqt
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Offer: possibly 1000 sport collector cards (Irvington)
+3 +2 +1
Offer: 4 Star Wars Saber Toys retractable (Irvington)
Offer: Star Wars Saber Toys retractable (Irvington)
Offer: Puzzle games very fun (Irvington)
Offer: pirate patch and sword w/noise (Irvington)
Offer: Graveyard noise toy very cool (Irvington)
Offer: Wireless mouse (Irvington)
Offer: Air Pump needles (Irvington)
Offer: Fuzz buster (Irvington)
Offer: 18 Pro Duracell C batteries (Upper West Side) - New. Never used. Leftover from medical device supplies. Available immediately in UWS. Please respond with date/time for pickup. Thanks!!
Offer: nailpolish & lipstick WaHi (Washington Heights) - I have an Esse brand nail polish, never used and a few lip sticks. One of them is Sephora, Red Super Hot. Totally the wrong color for me. It has probably touched my lips twice. Same for for the others.
Offer: Round brushes WaHi10033 (Washington Heights) - I have 3 hairbrushes and 2 hair clips to offer. I cleaned them in hot soapy water. I cut my hair super short and don't need them anymore. Pickup in Washington Heights weekends and evenings.
Offer: Xbox wireless headset (Irvington) - Great headset but needs a very very small dot of gorilla glue on mouth piece to keep it sealed. Headset is $350, no reason to buy new. Only a dot of gorilla glue needed. Will leave tomorrow for someone who can pick up tomorrow
Offer: iPhone 6s mophie battery case (Irvington)
Offer: 2 iPhone 6s mophie battery case (Irvington)
Offer: 2 iPhone 6s LifeProof case (Irvington) - 1 of the cases you have to reattach inner band.
Offer: iPhone 5 case (Irvington)
Offer: Iphone 6s Case (Irvington)
Offer: Pebble watch (Irvington)
Offer: Pebble watch and charger (Irvington)