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Offer: Rocking chair, computer items (Panama City near Bay Medical) - Rocking chair, Men tennis shoes size 11 1/2 new, 20 inch Dell computer monitor, Brother Laser printer w/paper jam. two metal fruit bowls. On porch at 1016 N MacArthur Ave. Offer: CURB ALERT Free Stuff (Milton) - Household items, Kitchenware, Indoor Outdoor furniture, Decor, Ceiling fans, More than I can list. Donations accepted and appreciated. Honor system applies. 4920 San Miguel St Milton FL 32583
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Offer: CURB ALERT - Free Household items (Milton) - Brass lamps, Ceiling fans, Indoor/Outdoor furniture, Decor, Too many miscellaneous items to list. All COVID-19 Free and ready for pickup. I ask for any donations you can make, we really need the help. Honor system used. 4920 San Miguel St Milton FL 32583 Offer: Bunk Bed (Freeport, Florida) - Recently took down a bunk bed and replaced it with another bed. Lower bunk is wider than the upper bunk, and also makes into a couch. Upper bunk is twin (single) size. Free to good home. Request: Weight Bench & Weights wanted (Freeport, Florida) - With extra time at home, our 16-yr-old son is hitting the weights which will help him in football and basketball next school year, hoping those will happen. Any contributions will be appreciated. Thanks! Request: Clay Pebbles (North Pensacola, UWF area) - Hi, all! We're starting an experiment with the Dutch Bucket growing system and would like to find anyone who's willing to part with their clay pebbles. I don't mind if they have been used or are a bit dirty, but I'd like to get enough to fill one or more five gallon buckets. That said, if it's a little or a lot, I'm interested! If you have other items that could help with this process, they would also be welcome--such as filter bags, vermiculite/perlite and coco coir. We're trying an experiment featuring these media, and just getting our toes wet with the whole aquaponic process. (We are trying for heirloom tomatoes, nothing illegal, LOL!) So any input is welcome. Thank you so much for your time! Request: Household (Magnolia Springs) - We will have full custody of all of my SO children come April. We currently are looking for 4 beds frame, mattress, & box springs of any size, we will make any work. We also will need 4 dressers. Last but not least we will need a refrigerator and oven as only our freezer & stove portions currently work. Thank you very much to any one who may have or know how to obtain these things. Request: Old Fabric (Mobile, downtown) - Hello there! I am looking for any kind of unwanted fabric for personal projects of mine. Size does not matter, anything would be appreciated from scraps to old sheets. Thanks for looking! Request: old bicycle wheels/ old metal tubs (Opp Alabama) - Searching for old bicycle wheels. Can be from a tricycle to a larger size. Also, any old metal tubs to plant some flowers and veggies in. The bike wheels I don't need the rubber just the wheels. It's for a project. Request: Any gas pwrd/elect running or not (Theodore , Al. Area) - Can pick up any lawn equipment or anything else that would use gas or diesel fuel, even if it's not running, have truck and 19' trailor with strong winch to make it fast and worry free Request: Manure and food scraps needed (Milton) - Need chicken, horse, cow or other farm animal manure for starting new garden beds this year. Also seeking wood, fencing, etc. for making new beds/upgrading existing beds. Also looking for vegetable scraps for worms (and possibly future chickens) to eat. If you have items you think would be useful for"farming" that might also be helpful. Request: Scrap Metal (Mobile and surrounding area) - “Home or Business” Below is a list of items that we will pick up FREE: •Appliances •Water heaters •Car batteries •Electrical wire •Lawn mowers •Computers •Auto parts •AC Units •Copper •Brass •Aluminum •Stainless steel •Tin •Rims •Bikes •Building material •Tools •Machinery •Restaurant equipment •Metal desks •File cabinets •BBQ grills •Exercise equipment •Anything Metal If it has an electrical cord or motor we want it! We look forward to serving your need. 1. Give us a call and let us know what items you have for free pickup along with the address of the location. We pick up in Mobile and close surrounding areas and can travel further for certain items. 2. Arrange A Pick-up Time We will let you know when we come by your area of the city and pick up your scrap metal items free. 3. Place Your Items Outside: All we ask is that the items are outside and ready to go when we come out to pick up at your home or business. Call or Text Brian @ 251.219.0568 Offer: Pull out couch (50th and Fairfield) - Has wear and needs mattress
Offer: logs from pear tree (Loxley) - Logs several feet long, NOT split, from felled tree. Free to someone who will retrieve and load into their vehicle, from our back yard-to back parking area- to vehicle.
Offer: Panasonic 27” TV (Mary Esther, FL) - Some might consider this old style TV a boat anchor, but it works great! My husband watched it every night in the living room until I bought him a new flat screen for the den, and brought the old den TV into the living room, so this TV has to go. My grandkids played video games on it, too. I hate to just throw it out if someone can use it. Someone please give this TV a new home!
Offer: terraniam/aquarium (pace) - custom made cabinet,glass has some scratches
Request: groceries and drink (Summerdale Alabama) - I am low income and had to use all of my money because I live off of disability to relate to relocate my mobile home so now I have nothing to eat or to drink I need help until I get paid on the 3rd of the month I can't drive I have no transportation so when need to be delivered and Summerdale Alabama