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Request: Working treadmill (Wilton NH) - Just need a treadmill that is in working order. Offer: metal folding podium (Milford NH) (Milford NH) - While cleaning out office storage found this old metal folding podium. Sorry don't have a better picture. Pickup in Milford NH.
Request: Needle Felting/Embellishing Machine (Manchester - Straw Smyth) - I've started a masters in textile surface design and am looking for a needle-felting / embellishing machine. I used a Babylock EMB7 at the class last week, so that's the only one I know. Anyone have a machine they no longer use/want/need that they're willing to part with? Request: Tray tables aka tv tables (Hudson, MA - Lakeview) - Looking for 2 wooden or metal folding tray tables in decent condition. Offer: Couch and Love Seat (West Townsend) - These are in fair condition. Pretty good shape considering they are over 20 years old. The couch opens up in to a bed. They are a matching set. They look a little different in the pictures due to lighting. These are located in an office building, second floor, no elevator. Couch is quite heavy. These MUST go NLT next Friday 2/28. You must be able to take without my help...
Offer: Penny Press word puzzle bookd (Exeter, N.H. off 101 West) - I work on word puzzles every day. But there are only certain ones I enjoy doing, which leaves all the others for someone else. I currently have 5 books to offer someone P/U at my home in Exeter, N.H. I will Email you a list of which ones I have already done if you want. There are plenty left!
Offer: kindling (Bellows Falls) - We have a large pile of lathe that we've removed from a house that we're renovating. It makes great kindling, but can also be used for things like garden stakes. Come take a little or a lot, however much you can use. Please phone Steve to make arrangements at 802-275-4646. Request: Women’s pants (Nashua) - My daughter is looking for size 9 or 10 women’s pants. She asked me to post it and see if someone had some that they may not need any longer Request: Plastic air plane parts (farmington, NH) - F4U CORSAIR 1:18 scale.Damaged is acceptable, even if back third or so is mangled/missing. A1D SKYRAIDER 1:32 scale. any condition. MIG-27 1:32 any condition. Request: Used printer ink/toner cartridges (Monadnock Region) - Any kind...will p/u promptly! Thanks!!! Request: Ski boots women's size 8 (Wilmington VT 05363) - Hoping for a pair of ladies size 8 Downhill SKI boots. Advanced level boot Would be preferred. (intermediate level would be fine too) Please; If you have a extra pair in good condition, please help me out... i Lost mine in irene & Really need to start skiing again - need the sunshine, exercise & the fresh air. IF you are reading this post i can come pickup. Thanks so much Offer: Piano Wurlitzer Spinet (Hampstead NH) - Wurlitzer Spinet console piano and bench in good shape.
Request: Student Desk (downtown Brattleboro) - My kiddo needs a desk for schoolwork. It can't be terribly large, due to space constraints, but something at which she may sit and do her work. Request: Treadmill (Greenwich) - Have you got a treadmill collecting dust? I need one for physical therapy. Just needs to work, be electric and fold up so I can fit it in my car. My budget is 60.00. Thank you Offer: Peny Press puzzle magazines (exit 12 101 east) - I frequently purchase Penny Press word puzzle books.I work with them daily.But,there are only certain ones that I like to solve, and that leaves several that are never worked on. I will send you a list of the ones already done if this interests you. I have 5 to give away now. P/u in Exeter
Offer: Magnets! (Hudson, MA - Lakeview) - Not just for refrigerators! Take one or a few or all.
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Offer: table top podium (Milford NH) (Mil (Milford NH) - While cleaning out office storage found this old folding tabletop podium with a carry case. Covering is leather or a leather-type fabric. Pickup in Milford NH.
Offer: table top podium (Milford NH) (Milford NH) - While cleaning out office storage found this old folding tabletop podium with a carry case. Covering is leather or a leather-type fabric. Pickup in Milford NH.
Request: Small chairs and tables (Sullivan) - Looking for small tables and chairs....furniture that is not being used...may need some repair or has scratches or dings....don’t trash them...I fix and refinish them. Thank you!,, Request: Portable shelter steel frame (NH, VT) - We're looking for a steel frame to use for storage and/or greenhouse. No need for cover! We can disassemble if helpful. Offer: Door draft stopper cover (Tyngsboro-East) - Brand new - never used with original packaging
Offer: Toilet golf game (Tyngsboro-East) - Brand new -never used
Offer: video/audio + sound system (Milford, NH) - Looks like a 5 (or 6?) channel sound system with built in multi-disc CD/DVD player. I got this at the Milford Still Good Shed but decided it wasn't for me. Guy who brought it in said it was working perfectly. I never had it hooked up. Date and time of pickup in first reply, please.
Request: kids books in Spanish (queensbury) - need children's books at all reading levels in Spanish to take to Guatemala on medical mission Request: Cat scratching post (Wilton NH) - Looking for one that has the rope type post and for it to be 3 ft or taller. Offer: Office chair (Close to Bentley) - Well loved office chair that just needs a cover for aesthetics. It’s still super soft and cushiony and doesn’t feel scratchy when you sit on it.
Offer: black tissue paper (Milford, NH) - This was packaging from a perfume shipment. They kind of overdid it and now we have a pretty large box of black tissue paper. There must be some kind of emo thing someone can do with this stuff.
Offer: Styrofoam Boards (Pelham, off Mammoth Rd) - Perhaps these can be used for a craft of some kind? I now have 12 pieces of hard styrofoam: 4 each of 20x14, 18x11, and 12x11 inches. All are 1.5" thick.
Offer: Hills Rx diet dog food (Pelham, off Mammoth Rd) - Two partial bags of dog food: I/D for gastrointestinal health C/D for urinary care to dissolve struvite bladder stones Hope someone can use them.
Offer: Leather furniture (New South Dr -> Old Mail Rd) - Well worn but structurally sound recliner and loveseat, reposting this offer since the chair (3rd item from original post) was picked up and no longer available.