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Free: Various plumbing articles (Robins) - Kitchen, toilet and shower parts. Take all Free: Plumbing parts (Robins) - Some used, some new. Toilet parts, kitchen sink parts, shower parts Take all
Photo of free Plumbing parts (Robins)
Free: 3 1/2” floppy drive (Robins)
Photo of free 3 1/2” floppy drive (Robins)
Photo of free 3 1/2” floppy drive (Robins)
Free: Chaplin sprayer (Robins) - 1 gallon Chaplin sprayer. Can’t figure out a small leak at the cap so it doesn’t hold pressure until this leak is resolved.
Photo of free Chaplin sprayer (Robins)
Photo of free Chaplin sprayer (Robins)
Free: Furniture Polish (Robins) - Old English furniture polish and Murphy’s oil soap. Almost all are full. Free: Bricks (Kalona) Promised - 55 bricks available for pick up in Kalona Size: 7 9/16 length x 2 1/4 width x 3 1/2 height
Photo of free Bricks (Kalona)
Free: New 15” computer monitor (Riverton/Spaulding) - My neighbor just bought this but then his computer broke so he got a laptop. It’s a 15” monitor that raises and swivels.
Photo of free New 15” computer monitor (Riverton/Spaulding)
Request: wigs and dresses (Monitcello) - Large size, love pink but anything cute. Thank you! Request: transportation (Northwest Davenport Iowa 52806) - I'm looking for something cheap but reliable and good on gas considering I'm poor and I live in a camper. No worries though I'm sure things are getting better every day. Thank you 😊 Request: Family (Springfield/Auburn, IL) - Good day I hope all is well I just move back from out of state recently moved in to be closer to my family because my mom is in critical health conditions I have my kids right now as well since I got back we're in need of school supplies for them they need shoes clothes and all necessities all things will be appreciated, I currently do not have a vehicle we are in Auburn Illinois right now but I can't get a ride to Springfield Illinois if you were able to help or any surrounding areas or if you'd like to mail anything I'll give you an address you can contact me at my phone number if you would like that is 217-860-2572 my name is Jeremiah I have two children.. anything would help including food school supplies shoes clothes necessities gift cards cash we just need to get stable again since I got back and God bless you and may God show you Grace thank you in advance! Request: Camper life (Northwest Davenport Iowa 52806) - Need to prepare for winter in a camper. Need wood and foam sheets to make skirting around the base and water supply line.Need large propane tanks and heaters of any kind. Could use heat tape or anything else that provides heat or insulation. My Wife and I are in our 50s and I'm recovering from a serious injury with no transportation so we could use a junkie vehicle. Thank you 😊 Request: Camper repair materials (Center of Davenport) - I’m homeless so I’m living in my camper this winter. The floor in one of my slides has water damage and so I need some plywood, TyVek Housewrap, aluminum seal tape, sheet metal screws, etc. to wrap the bottom of the camper, I’ll need some thick insulating foam sheets of insulation, more aluminum seal tape, thick plastic sheeting. Perhaps a spark free heat source to keep under the camper to keep plumbing from freezing. I could also use some heat tape also for my water intake hose. Request: living room furniture (Center of Davenport) - I am in need of a LazyBoy styled recliner and a loveseat. Preferably on the Iowa side. You may contact me through email . TIA Request: Girls clothes *Looking (West Kimberly road) - Hello, single mother looking for girls clothes size xs, and shoe sizes 1! Especially anything for winter would be helpful! Request: Electric roaster (NW Cedar Rapids) - I am in search of a working electric roaster that needs a new home. TY Request: Folding chairs (Davenport) - Collecting usable folding chairs for the non-profit Kinnas House of Love in Davenport. Will pick up with notice. Request: Plus size clothes/shoes (N.W cedar rapids Iowa) - Plus size 3x tops 24 jeans and bottoms 8.5 wide Request: Scrap metals for art (Near downtown) - Hobbyist looking for scrap metals (no chrome or galvanized) for making welded art pieces. Request: Excavator (Peoria) - Hi just looking for someone who might have an excavator I can borrow... I need to waterproof my brick basement... Request: Shed (Chillicothe, iowa) - Any size