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Offer: Bassinet (Blagg and bell vista area) - Almost new grey skirting
Offer: Baby swing runs great (Blagg and bell vista area) - Runs great
Request: Computers/Parts (North las vegas) Request: Apple adapters (Downtown) - Hello. I am in need of and willing to pick up any of your unutilized components/adapters/hubs for an ipad, i.e. HDMI, usb ports etc. for the ipad charging port. Thank You! Offer: Car parts metal scrap (Edge of Southern Highlands) - Car hood fender 5 rims
Request: Binder clips (all sizes) (Southeast Vegas) - I need binder clips of all sizes for my work environment. Thank you for reading and considering my request. God bless!
Offer: Old tvs (NorthLas Vegas) - I have these 2 old TV's both still work last I checked although I haven't turned them on in years . If no one wants them can you maybe tell me where I can take them that they can be of use to someone? Thank you
Offer: WeddingDress (NorthLas Vegas) - This was my wedding dress from 13 years ago, I've been divorced and remarried since then and would just like to get rid of it already and hoping it will go to someone in need of something nice or maybe use the fabric.
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Request: household items (Nellis & Cheyenne) - I want to start off by saying thank you in advance for just taking the time to read this I know that this time of year like many are going through a lot of a rough patches financially I know that my life isn't exclusive to these problems but I do want to reach out in hopes that someone anyone who is able and willing they could possibly help my family. So all I'm asking for this time is whatever anybody can do if you can I'm a mother 13 yes there is four of them that are adult age but the rest are underage and they're with me we're just asking for whatever you can possibly do this time I absolutely have nothing for them and I know that materialism and things are not important the quite frankly it's gotten to be where even the most minoot little meaningless thing we can't even afford to give them so we are appreciative for whatever anything and everything can be used weird in need of definitely beds for kids a bad for even ourselves and any other donations would be appreciated thank you God bless. The email address that you can reach me at is Robinson26Frances@gmail.com. I won't turn anything away anything that you have to donate whether it's household items or food Christmas items even a Christmas tree would be wonderful thank you so much for thinking of us and hearing my story