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Request: Washer (China Grove, NC) - My washes spin cycle has gone out. I'm in need of a new one that works. Color or brand does not matter. Only that it works matters. I am without a vehicle so it being delivered would be amazing. If not delivered, I may need a few days to try and arrange a ride to pick one up. Thank you. Offer: Crate of men's clothes (Huntersville,NC) - I have this plastic crate of men's clothes that I was going to try and sell but we forgot it when we went and we just can't be bothered so if anybody wants to come pick it up feel free to have it for free. It has some very nice pants in it,a few shirts, a hat, and a pair of shoes size 11.
Offer: Baby monitor (Durham) - I think it still works. It's yours if you wanna try it out
Offer: gift boxes (Durham, west side) - for shirts, clothing items Request: Portable Washer/dryer or washer (Hillsborough near McDonalds) - This would be a longshot! Would anyone happen to have a portable washer, or portable washer dryer combo to give away? This would be the type that you can hook up a hose to the kitchen sink. Often used in trailers or RVs. Thanks so much! Offer: Freezer burned meat (Chapel Hill near 54/Meadowmont) - When I used Freecycle, some members made their own pet food. I gave away freezer burned meat for this purpose. I have freezer burned meat in my freezer awaiting this purpose. Please contact me if you would like these cuts. Request: Drying rack (Raleigh) - Requesting a drying rack for clothes! Thank you! 919-665-9450 Offer: 2 Brown papasan chairs (Matthews, near Brace YMCA) - 2 brown papasan chairs. From pet free home. Free for first one to come get it.
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Offer: Two seater sofa bed (Sedwick Road, SD) - Green cover, cat has scratched the back and sides but otherwise fine. Comfortable as a seat but not a very comfortable bed. A new mattress or mattress topper would make all the difference.
Offer: Pallets X6 (Kannapolis off Centergrove) - I have 6 wooden pallets in very good overall shape - heavy duty used to deliver Lowes landscaping materials - rocks and blocks - this past spring. Pick up arrangements made via email only, No phone calls.
Offer: Couch Cushions (Inside Foam) (Winston Salem) - I have four total couch cushion inserts without any fabric on them. I don’t want to discard them if someone can use them. It’s foam and muslin. Meet at Speedway on Styers Ferry & Country Club Rd. Offer: Thick styrofoam shippers meat, wine (Cabarrus county) - Could double as extra coolers... Request: Christmas tree, blankets,comforters (Near Douglas Airport) - medium to small, not to large. Request: Bottle warmer (Chapel Hill, NC) - Looking for a bottle warmer or travel bottle Warmer, please. I really need that. Thanks for the help. Appreciated Request: Storage bin (Chapel Hill, NC) - In search of toys storage bin/organizer, Stackable drawer to store some baby stuff. Thanks a lot for any help. Request: Washer/Dryer (Oxford) - I have a rare genetic defect called Natural Killer Cell Deficiency and am prone to getting infections easily. I’m living in a two bedroom apartment, and only have a washer and dryer hookups. I am looking for a stacked washer/dryer that can be delivered to my apartment. This time of year I’m told to stay at home as much as possible and it’s very hard for me to get to the laundrymat. Request: Moving boxes (Near Duke) - Small ones especially Request: New house (raleigh nc) - I really need aqueen or king size bed sleeping on the air mattress is hurting my back Offer: Air hockey table (Cotswold) - air flow is still great!
Request: Curtains (Durham) - Needed for 3 rooms Offer: Electrodes for tens unit (Hillsborough near McDonalds) - I just found two unopened packages of Empi brand electrodes for a TENS unit. They are actually dated 2014 and 2015. (My mom passed away 2 1/2 years ago and she was the one that used them.) If you think you can use them, let me know!
Request: Horse Hay and/or Feed for W (Lancaster) - Hi, im in need of any Hay or feed suitable for horses to get me through the winter. Hay can be bailed round or square. Feed can be bag or I have containers to fill for silos. I can pick up or delivered. Thank you. * I would appreciate any help, I have 5 horses, a donkey, a sheep and 3 farm dogs, who all live happily together as one little family herd on about 35 acres. Half of it is wooded and half is normally great grazing seeded pastures. However, this last year I had health problems that enabled me to work and my old tractors motor has a cracked block, not allowing me to take care of the pastures. So there isnt enough good hay for winter and from missing alot of work I am too financially stressed to provide properly for them. I have been blessed by getting back my health, and I am quickly getting back on my feet. Im just concerned about the feed over the next few cold months and dont want to separate or give anyone up, because we'll be back on track come spring. Thank you. Offer: Leather Couches (Cary) - I have 2 flexsteel leather couches. One seat has a small rip in it. Nice wood frame and very comfortable.
Request: Microwave (White Cross in Chapel Hill) - Large family in need of clean and working microwave. Request: Dryer (Fouroaks\ smithfield) - Running Request: Christmas tree, rugs,crock pot (Hope Mills) - Artificial Christmas tree wanted. We live in an old mill house but it has high ceilings. If you have a Christmas tree you aren’t using, no matter the size, I would greatly appreciate it. And we lost everything and we’re starting over. And throw rugs or crockpot would be a blessing to us. Request: Plastic patio table (Newton, NC) - In search of 2 Round plastic patio tables or two card tables for a play. Request: Woman's clothes (Durham) - Size 14-16 medium large Request: Yarn (Durham) - Looking for yarn for crafting Request: Dorm burner and fridge (Durham) - Does anyone in the Durham area happen to have a burner to cook on like you would use in a dorm room? I'm in much need of one! I'm in a place that doesn't have a stove or fridge so a dorm fridge and cook burner would be so greatful.