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Request: Clothes and sheets (Salem Ohio) - Looking for sheets and blankets and clothes twin and queen size sheets and clothes looking for 3-4x tops for my grandma and 2-3x leggings for myself also my mom could use some leggings and shirt she take XL in both Offer: Oven mitts (Cuyahoga falls) - 3 different patterns,air fryer, Request: Food pantry (Cuyahoga falls) - Food pantry queen head board and frame kitchen table dresser Request: Silverware Drawer (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Looking for a wood silverware drawers that is lined. Offer: Shelf stable food (westside cleveland) - I have 4 boxes of shelf stable boxes of food. Westside, porch pickup. Offer: 2 large boxes of wine and wine rack (Ashland) - Mostly reds, some white. No guarantee on condition. Boxes are large and very heavy. You will need truck or SUV and moving dolly. Request: Hot dog roaster (West side) - Hi! In need of a hot dog roller/roaster for a local non profit animal shelter to use for fundraiser events. Offer: Cardboard Cat Carrier (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Used once. Great for temporary use although I don't know if it will hold cats or small dogs over 5lbs. Offer: Old laptop battery for DIY (Chippewa Lake) - This laptop battery no longer holds much of a charge. However, if you’re a DIYer who is interested in building a power wall, this battery is yours for the taking. It’ll get recycled if there are no takers - just wanted hobbyists to get a chance at it first. Available for curbside pickup.
Photo of free Old laptop battery for DIY (Chippewa Lake)
Offer: Refrigerator (Cranberry township) - Still works. Freezer just doesn’t get incredibly cold.
Photo of free Refrigerator (Cranberry township)
Photo of free Refrigerator (Cranberry township)
Request: Various Items (West Side Columbus) - Hi I am urgently needing the following items if anyone can help me out that would be awesome. I can pick up asap. Anything helps thank you so much in advance... *Infant Rear Facing Car seat *Forward Facing Car seat for a 19 Mon old *Baby Bottles *Size 3,4,&5 diapers *Curtains *Twin size Bed Sheets *totes with lids or boxes. *baby swing *bouncer *baby boy clothes nb an 0-3 months Request: Size xi / 2x women's clothing (westside cleveland) - Xl, 2xl women's cloths, near westside, very much appreciated Request: Old or broken electronics (Franklin Park 15237) - First to adhere to posting rules, pease note the following: **These items will be resold** BUT, reason being is I'm putting my money into repairs and that is what I'm selling them for. The cost will be no more than the cost of the parts and materials I put into fixing it and a $5 fee to help cover gas and wear and tear on the vehicle I drive around to get this stuff. Why? I'm trying to learn a new hobby and a new skill. This is not intended to make me money but be a more self sustaining hobby. I'm just looking to not loose any money is all. And if I can help some afford something nice that's even better. If I only put $3 (say just a few components on a board inside) into it, then I'm selling that HD TV for $8. What I want: HD TV's and monitors (no cracked screens and no CRT, the old bulky ones) Old game systems, handhelds, ipods Computers, laptops, phones Diagnostic equipment like oscilloscopes, handheld IR camera, variable bench power supplies and soldering equipment Old electronics from the vacuum tube era And vintage computer equipment Electric bikes and other one and two wheel electric conveyances. Almost anything really What I DO NOT want Anything large and bulky (think treadmill) Old CRT's TV's and displays with cracked screens (the screen is the bulk of the cost so it's outside the scope of my mission) Just to be sure I'm adhering to the rules on here I'll make full transparency available to anyone who actually wants to take it that far. I offer my internal tracking sheet for any item I have, sold or not, for your perusal so you can see where every cost came from, itemized. Just ask and I'll email you the spreadsheet. And if you really have that much time... Let me know I could use help... [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: Pool table (East Side) - My dad's birthday is Today and he is requesting a pool table. He is 76 yrs old today. Can you give him a pool table as a gift please. Thank you! Request: Yard sale leftovers (Mansfield Ohio) - Willing to pickup left over yard sale and garage sale stuff around Mansfield ohio area for free. We donate to people in need, we have been doing this for five years now,do have references if needed. Anything you don't need or use someone else can. Anything is greatly appreciated. 419-564-9544 Thank you sincerely 🙏 Offer: Piano (2 ½ miles south of Van Buren) - Excellent condition. Needs tuning
Photo of free Piano (2 ½ miles south of Van Buren)
Offer: Broken scrap wood (Maple Hts) - Recently broke down a full size bottom bunk frame. The head and foot are still in good condition, the rest is scrap. Request: Sewing Machine (Dublin) - My wife is looking for one that can do special stitches. If you have one, we would greatly appreciate it. Offer: New VIQUA replacement UV bulb (Sharon Township) - This is a genuine new VIQUA bulb and sleeve, worth $100+, for models C/D, C4/D4, D4 PLUS /D PLUS. Check your model carefully.
Photo of free New VIQUA replacement UV bulb (Sharon Township)
Photo of free New VIQUA replacement UV bulb (Sharon Township)
Request: Riding lawnmower (SOUTH Amherst) - In desperate need of riding lawnmower due to nerve damage on right side of body...I have a very difficult time using push mower...please help Request: bicycle for Adult male (Dublin) - It does not matter the colour. Just need a good bicycle if you have and can do withhout.. Request: Vehicle (car, suv, minivan, etc) (Randolph Twp) - In need of a good, reliable vehicle. Preferably with a back seat. I am a woman in my 50s, taking care of a husband on disability and an autistic adult child. I have been unable to work, due to my Lupus and Fibromyalgia. We all have alot of drs appts and live rurally but we don't have a reliable vehicle. We don't have much money. It needs to be very reliable, something I'm not worried to drive. Thank you and God Bless Request: Truck bed cover (Northcrest) - Cap or tonneau covers for a 96 Dodge Ram 1500 long bed Request: tivo (Beachwood OH) - Newer model for cable. Request: Queen size bed (Norwalk) - I'm in serious need of a bigger bed I've had this queen size bed for years and years and the springs are popping out of the mattress and it's so uncomfortable and painful to sleep in.I can't afford one.Im a single mom of four with no support of any kind.If anyone has a bigger bed wanting to get rid of, I'd be so greatful. Request: king size mattress/ sheets (Beaver county) - Mattress soft clean please. Sheets no rip stains tears holes Request: Boys bike and outdoor equipment (Maple Hts) - In search of a boys bike (26-28in) and any other outdoor play equipment. i.e. skates, rollerblades, balls of all kinds, hoop, anything my nephew can enjoy outdoors. Just recently got custody of him, and i have nothing kid friendly for him to do. Offer: 2 large boxes of wine and wine rack (Ashland) - Mostly reds, some white. No guarantee on condition Offer: Gently used motorcycle helmets (Ashland) - One full face white small, two half dome black- one small one large
Photo of free Gently used motorcycle helmets (Ashland)
Request: Vinyl Records (North/Schrock & Karl Rd. Area) - All sizes and most genres (not into hard rock/heavy metal). I am going through some health issues so I can't take my teen daughter diggin for records. We recently purchased an upgrade to my radio shack record player from when I was like 5, lol. Just want to make memories with her, music and art is our thing. I got overwhelmed trying to purchase them online. A random assortment, even a few would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
Photo of Vinyl Records (North/Schrock & Karl Rd. Area)