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Request: Filing Cabinet (West Bloomfield, NY) - Hi all. I am looking for a usable, new to me, two drawer filing cabinet. If you have anything and are not too far away, please let me know. Thank you. Offer: belt sander (13031) - Haven't used it in years, will probably need a new belt. Pickup in Camillus, Warners Rd near the park.
Request: a shower and sinks (Onondaga) - Looking for give aways for my home on a very very tight budget and I am in need of bathtubs and showers and sinks for my home my children can't move back home until I get the house up and in working order.please call with any kind of help 3152639583 Offer: Children's VHS tapes (Webster) - Various Disney & Sesame Street
Request: "odd" shaped chair (Memphis, Ny - Syracuse area) - Hi all, my name is Renee' and I'm looking for a chair like this. I had one over a decade ago and it got lost somewhere along the way. I've googled and binged and yahoo'd until my fingers were almost nubs, lol, all to no avail. I've checked craigslist (all NY regions), letgo, and various other sites....all with the same result -nada! I saw one on the facebook marketplace but I was "a day late and a dollar short" as the saying goes, as it had already been sold. I'm hoping someone may have one that they need to re-home or maybe knows someone that has one. The fabric doesn't need to be perfect, I can reupholster it, but it does have to be able to be sat in, lol. Thanks so much everyone!!!
Offer: Metal file cabinets (Baldwinsville , Radisson) - Beige, metal file cabinets, no key. Located in basement
Offer: Empty DVD cases (Driving Park Ave) - 100s of empty DVD and Blu-ray cases. Moved my movie collection to binders Offer: Fence (West Walworth) - Pressure treated. Old bit still useable
Offer: Cardboard Tubes (Near Cayuga Medical Center) - 10 tubes for creative minds, use for Halloween, school or a project you have! The tubes are 24-3/4" long, 2-7/8" outer diameter and have about a 1/8" wall. Offer: Velvet Plant (Ithaca, West Hill) - A wonderful plant, best admired for its fuzzy, purple foliage. Flowers are insignificant, small and yellow. Offer: Mirror (Fairport) - Free mirror approximately 28”x36”. Missing some mirroring on one edge.
Offer: Pane of Glass (Fairport) - 17.25”x17.75”x5/32 pane of glass. Has a slight green tint so it might be tempered.
Request: Icecream Maker (Ithaca, West Hill) - Even thought it's fall, I'd like to try making icecream. Offer: Large Dog Crate (Ithaca, West Hill) - In good condition- Offer: Himalayan salt block. (Dry Brook Rd & Roe Rd) - This is new in wrapper with metal holder. It is used to cook on. Adds important minerals to food. Offer: Pile of (historical) web books (City east: Park-Monroe Ave) - Good grief - the things we accumulate in the course of a career! :) Well, folks, I have this pile of paperbacks about various aspects of what we used to refer to as the World Wide Web (aka WWW, the Internet, the just "online" ;) - how to search it better (you can't, really, especially nowadays, since Google has anticipated your every thought), how to search for competitive intelligence, how to design and make web pages (back when we used HTML - sigh! the good old days! :), and so on. I think all the titles are clear in the photo. Yes, these are definitely Historical - probably not of much practical use now - but before I put them all in the recycling (ack), would anyone enjoy a trip down memory lane? :) (Note: all or none, please - I'd rather not get caught in the middle of this sort of situation: "oh, but THAT'S the one I wanted - what do you mean, the person before me got it?" Thanks for understanding!)
Offer: K'nex (Parish) - Bag of k'nex pieces. It used to be the roller coaster but not all the pieces are there. Offer: water dispenser/cooler/heater (West Hill, Ithaca) - Less than a year old, black, floor model, the hot works but the cold doesn't. Offer: Antique Highchair (Pittsford) - 44 year old highchair. No longer meets 2019 safety standards, but probably suitable for an older child or decor. Tray comes off. Solid wood.
Offer: Wallet - Nylon Trifold (Fayetteville, NY) - Nylon wallet, almost indestructible. Had about 20 years and decided it was time for a new nylon one. Finally found one in a camping store. Good for hiking, work or knock around. I hand washed it. It is tired and worn but functional. I loved it. Many pockets. If interested contact me. Pete Request: 2 benchs (Syracuse) - Looking for two rustic looking benches for a play about 4 ish feet long. Must be sturdy! Thanks Request: various items (Marathon) - Vases,odd dishes ,hand saws ,silver ware, cups and saucers ,tea pots,shovels ,rakes even if they are pices hoes anything like that Offer: Empty DVD cases (Driving Park Ave) - 100s of empty DVD and Blu-ray cases. Moved my movie collection tobinders Offer: Landline phone (City east: Park-Monroe Ave) - Does anyone (besides us Luddites ;) still use a landline? (I must admit, I find it more convenient to have extensions all over the house than to have to keep track of "what did I do with my phone?" - ha!) Anyhow: this delightful bit of nostalgia still works, and we'd be happy to give it to anyone who can use it. (It's very basic, as I hope you can see from the photos.)
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Offer: Coat hangers (Parish) - Box of assorted coat hangers. There are plastic and metal. I am only home in the mornings this week. Offer: Basketball hoop (Montrose)
Offer: Lovely Loveseats, in need of TLC (Danby) - These twin mini-couches are beautiful furniture in need of re-upholstery. I can't fit them.
Offer: Book Case (Triphammer Rd. south of Lansin) - very tall; five shelves; in good condition Request: Christmas decorations or crafts (Syracuse) - Looking for any type of anything to do with Xmas crafts or decorations. ..wanted them to start helping my son make his gifts cause mom is broke but gifts from the heart count so anything would help. .thanks for your time Offer: Faucet connector (Pittsford) - 3/8 inlet, 1/2 outlet, 16 inch length. Never used.