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Jackson County & Pendergrass Freecycle has 1,199 people giving and getting free stuff and there are many more people and groups all across Georgia.
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What people say

  • Jacqueline
    I have gotten so many great items from this site. A swimming pool, bow flex, treadmill, elliptical, shed, kids playhouse, patio cover and more - love it!
    This is so handy! I've been using freecycle for ages but this app makes it much easier.
    Brilliant!! Really easy to use, as a mother of 5 kids this has been very handy indeed with regards to doing up my house!
  • Brenda
    Works great! MUCH easier than using the freecycle website. Highly recommend it!
    I absolutely love this app! There is always someone nice to help a family in need!
    I've received a free 55" TV, some cleaning supplies, boots for my son who outgrows them every year, and more. Don't forget to post the things you no longer need! I do! Love it!
  • Tracey
    Really great app, helping to keep reusable/upcyclable "waste" out of landfill! :D
    People helping people - it doesn't get better than this!
    Wonderful service. I have found several items and always had a great experience. I also gave away several items and it was quick and easy.

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