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Offer: Washing Machine Rowlett (Rowlett) - Front load, high capacity washing machine. NOTE- this machine works, but started to throw a code on occasion. If I unplug and plug back in I was good to go. It did it twice in a 6 month period so not often. My brother was upgrading and gave me his washer. Again this machine does work as it is supposed to but may need some maintenance at some point. I believe code was for a belt, which when I looked up was easy enough fix but lucked out w my brothers. Offering here before I put on curb.
Photo of free Washing Machine Rowlett (Rowlett)
Photo of free Washing Machine Rowlett (Rowlett)
Photo of free Washing Machine Rowlett (Rowlett)
Request: a Vehicle (75126) - I am in need of a vehicle. If you need work done around the house, yard, barn, organization, Ect I would like to off my labor help to swap for a vehicle you may have sitting around not in use. If it has mechanical issues I may be able to fix myself. I have tools and I am mechanically able to repair some things. I figure it never hurts to ask. A small RV needing repair would work also. I am not picky. Piece Be With you 🤗
Photo of a Vehicle (75126)
Request: motorhome (Mesquite) - Looking for a new project. Need a motorhome to remodel into a tiny gypsy wagon Request: pool table (Mesquite) - 7 foot or less Request: Fake tree (West Shreveport) - I would be very grateful..seeking a Tall, fake tree Request: electric guitar and amp (71104, Shreveport, Louisiana) - Will be grateful for any electric guitar and small amp. Looking for it for a gift for my great-nephew who just turned thirteen. I can't afford one but he wants one so bad and with covid going around he can't do chore and earn pocket money much. Can pick up throughout Shreveport/bossier area. Request: Furniture and appliances (Longview tx) - In need of furniture and appliances Request: Building Supplies (Waskom Tx) - ISO....Plywood, sheetrock and insulation, Kitchen cabinets,flooring, bathroom window. Will travel Request: Clothes (Shreveport) - Pants Request: fixie bike or parts (rowlett) - any Request: dollhouse (Canton, Tx) - looking for a doll house that is no longer wanted. doesn’t matter the condition! Request: mowers etc motor (Canton) - Weedeaters mowers dirtbikes atvs ... Request: Mattresses (Rylie/Kleberg) - I'm looking for a non stained and bed bug free queen mattresses and box springs Request: Couch/sofa (Rylie/Kleberg) - I'm looking for a reclining or sofa bed in good shape Request: Recliners (Rylie/Kleberg) - I need some a couple of recliners in good condition Request: Old swing set frame (Wilmer) - In search of a old swing set frame with 2 sections to it (1 section for the swings, the other section is for the 2 seater swing). I don't need the swings, just need the frame. If anyone has a frame they need out of their way please send me a message. Thanks in advance. Offer: Calcium worms/bsf larva (Longview) - I have an over abundance of black soldier fly larvae in my compost.they are good for chickens,bearded dragons and other worm eating reptiles and also to start your own colony for your compost.they are capable of devouring compost material extremely fast. These are not meat maggots.the compost is organic matter consisting of household vegetable scraps in a controlled container.there are zero pesticides used.you will need to meet me in the longview area at a designated time between 9 am -2pm Monday-Friday to pick them up.
Photo of free Calcium worms/bsf larva (Longview)
Request: Swing set frame (Wilmer) - ISO old swingset frame with the 2seater section, no swings required. Just looking foot the frame.