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Offer: Alpha Phi T-shirt (McKnight Rd and Manchester Rd) - Any Alpha Phi sisters that would like to have this t-shirt? Size small. 18" from armpit to armpit. Letters sewn on. Grey shirt with red letters. Pick-up near Manchester Rd and McKnight Rd.
Photo of free Alpha Phi T-shirt (McKnight Rd and Manchester Rd)
Photo of free Alpha Phi T-shirt (McKnight Rd and Manchester Rd)
Offer: Toy Kitchen (Olivette, MO) - Fairly solid but some of the handles are missing and slightly beat up.
Photo of free Toy Kitchen (Olivette, MO)
Offer: Dresser, Chest, Mirror set (Maplewood/Richmond Heights) - Dresser: 35"Hx46"Wx22"D, Chest: 51"Hx 25"Wx 20 D. Mirror 28"W x 35 H. Solid wood, all drawers except one work well. Brass? hardware. Veneer chipped in a few places lots of surface scratches and damage. It's been in my family for decades. Has a lot of use left in it, needs refinishing or if you don't mind the surface scars of age and use, it's fine to use as is.
Photo of free Dresser, Chest, Mirror set (Maplewood/Richmond Heights)
Photo of free Dresser, Chest, Mirror set (Maplewood/Richmond Heights)
Photo of free Dresser, Chest, Mirror set (Maplewood/Richmond Heights)
Photo of free Dresser, Chest, Mirror set (Maplewood/Richmond Heights)
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Offer: Women's Water Shoes size 6 (63114) - decent condition, will be tossed if not claimed
Photo of free Women's Water Shoes size 6 (63114)
Request: cardboard boxes 20x17x10 (Chesterfield) - I am looking for 4-5 cardboard boxes for shipping a few items from my fathers estate. Size close to 20" x 17" x 10" (lwh) minimums would be ideal. Prefer in West County area. Thank you for your time! Request: Wood burning stove (Im. In overland area) - Its so cold out. ISO Don't need to be pretty but it has to be safe as for as a wood burning stove can be. Thank you. Request: Books (Edwardsville IL) - I am searching for any type of non fiction books. Mostly crime, mystery, thriller, psychological thriller, paranormal. Offer: framed Asian night scene (Webster Groves) - Framed in a 6 x 14" frame. It depicts a seaside or riverside village at night with the moon reflecting off the water. It is on silk and mortarboard. The background is black and the art seems to be wicker or some grass material that forms a collage. It was a gift to a parent 36 years ago. I don't have a spot for it, maybe you do?
Photo of free framed Asian night scene (Webster Groves)
Offer: Chinese tea set (Webster Groves) - teapot, two cups and stainless steel strainer that sits inside the pot. All collected in a wicker basket. Cute gift that was never used. Ready for you to try it out.
Photo of free Chinese tea set (Webster Groves)
Offer: funky bird house (Webster Groves) - about a foot tall. It is more art object than bird house, but the birds might like it too. Pink color, the perch is a paintbrush. Never used, just sitting at the ready in the basement for years.
Photo of free funky bird house (Webster Groves)
Offer: reusable tins for cookies and candy (Webster Groves) - Several different re-usable tins for giving or storing cookies or home-made candy. I got them with gifted goodies inside. Perhaps you can use them to share cookies or candies to friends and loved-ones? Offer: Decorative Chinese scroll (Webster Groves) - It is about 18" wide and twice as long. It comes in an elegant, latched, wooden box. It seems nice if you want an Asian flair to room decor. I can't use it and don't want to throw it away. Possibly you would enjoy this look? Offer: bulb planter (Webster Groves) - standard step-on bulb planter. I have used it a bunch and fixed it once. It works fine in the right soil. About 2.5 feet long, you step on it and it takes out a plug of soil or sod to create a hole for your bulb. I have used it for many hundreds of bulbs, but we upgraded to a drill/auger so this needs a new home. Offer: monogram hankerchief with "M" (Webster Groves) - Unopened, unused pack of three monogrammed hankerchiefs with a letter "M". They seem fine, but I never was much of a hankerchief user. If you are, or if you know someone who is, especially with a first or last name that begins with "M", here you go! Offer: goofy lobster sculpture (Webster Groves) - As depicted, it is a lobster that is rolled up into a ball. It is about the size of a bowling ball. The color is right, but what to do with it? It was a gift that never made it onto the shelf. Maybe you can give it a shot.
Photo of free goofy lobster sculpture (Webster Groves)
Offer: wrapping paper and doo-dads (Webster Groves) - Many rolls and packages of wrapping paper. No specific occasion. Also several packs of colored tissue paper for either wrapping or padding a gift inside the box. Also lots of sheets of labels and tags. They are all unused and useful, we have just accumulated more than we can reasonably use. Offer: blank DVDs for digital storage (Webster Groves) - one box of DVD RW re-writeable blank DVDs with individual cases for each one. Also, one "stack" of DVD-R blanks without cases. Suitable for use with any DVD writer, I suppose. I used a few of the DVD-R items but the other box is complete. Likely 20+ total. Offer: 700 Diabetes Testing Lancets Delica (63124, near STL Galleria) - 7 unopened boxes with 100 lancets in each, for the Delica OneTouch system. 33 extra fine gauge. If you inquire about this, please watch your "spam" mail folder for my response. I have replied to several people with location specifics, and then not heard back from them!
Photo of free 700 Diabetes Testing Lancets Delica (63124, near STL Galleria)
Offer: misc. parts for interMetro shelving (63119 Webster near Blackburn) - I reconfigured my interMetro wire shelving system and have these components left over. two 74.5" posts one 18" spacer one 48" spacer 4 pairs of the shelf sleeves (the spacers are used if you don't want to put a lower shelf in so you can leave it open for your knees and make a desk out of the lower part of the shelving unit)
Photo of free misc. parts for interMetro shelving (63119 Webster near Blackburn)
Offer: 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone (Crestwood) - 5.8 GHz cordless phone with digital answering machine. Belonged to my in-laws. Works fine.
Photo of free 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone (Crestwood)
Offer: lol omg dollhouse (Bellefontaine Neighbors) - used by kid condition. must pick up
Photo of free lol omg dollhouse (Bellefontaine Neighbors)
Offer: magazines (Creve Coeur area) - Special editions about Jackie Kennedy & John F Kennedy Jr. Porch pickup
Photo of free magazines (Creve Coeur area)
Photo of free magazines (Creve Coeur area)
Request: Toiletries, office supplies, charging cables (St. Louis , MO) - I am homeless and have come to this site a few times for help , and you wonderful people have always come through. But just recently, I had a bag stolen at one of the places I was staying. It had all my hygeine stuff. I.e. deordorant, toothbrush and paste, razor and shave cream, head clippers, nail clippers, cuticle remover, athlete's foot powder and spray, shoe insoles, and my very important prid, and bandaids. I also had my blue and blank ink pens, markers, notebook paper, envelopes, stamps, fountain pens, ink, scissors, and stapler for all my business needs and worst yet 3 c chargers for my govt. Phone and reg mini USB android chargers for my battery pack, and my 10000 nah battery pack itself. Thank you and God bless you. Offer: Womens pink t shirt (Skinker Debalivere) - Very soft, from target, pink, size medium very comfy
Photo of free Womens pink t shirt (Skinker Debalivere)
Photo of free Womens pink t shirt (Skinker Debalivere)
Offer: Metal loft bed (Clayton) - Book shelves and child desk under twin loft with ladder, mattress not included
Photo of free Metal loft bed (Clayton)
Offer: work bag (Skinker Debalivere) - Black work bag
Photo of free work bag (Skinker Debalivere)
Request: Furniture (Mascoutah) - Looking for old ( damaged ok) wood furniture ...end tables, chests, bookcase chairs for repair painting and reselling [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: Darts (St. Ann) - Looking for darts Request: Speakers (St. Ann) - Looking for car speakers for driver side of a Chevy Impala 2006 Request: litter box (63114) - Moving to a new home and looking for a litter box to use in the bigger space