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Offer: Tiller (Andersonville) Promised - This tiller has a good engine and is not very old, but has a gear problem that keeps the tones from turning. Bring help to load.
Photo of free Tiller (Andersonville)
Request: Caregiver -live in (Hendersonville) - Friend needs unskilled caregiver for her bed fast mom. Room,board, and pay. Live in or not. Full time or part time. Only serious inquiries of kind people . South end Henderson county. Offer: Drywall (Black Mountain) - Few sheets of drywall. Could possibly deliver if not too far from Black Mountain.
Photo of free Drywall (Black Mountain)
Offer: chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) - Lot of space (4 shelves) Good wood, some scratches......... Need to move it!
Photo of free chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Request: Musical Instruments (S. Hendersonville) - Any condition accepted. Will be used to teach anyone in the area who cannot afford to buy their own. We will pick them up, or you can drop them off at West Hendersonville Baptist Church, Willow Rd @ Hebron St. M - F 10AM - 2PM Offer: White 16" Toilet (West asheville) - Decided to buy a taller one for a complete bathroom reno...nothing wrong with the one I need to give away. It is uninstalled and sitting in my back yard. Offer: Wood Cabinet (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) - Good Quality wood. Has 4 shelves ... Doors close - Left side needs to be -realigned.....Some scratches (easy to repair) Needs picked up -------- ASAP
Photo of free Wood Cabinet (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Offer: low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) - Good wood, so,e scratches (easy to repair) two sections with 4 shelves. needs some light repair.. I used in my garage for storage. Need it moved ASAP
Photo of free low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Request: large trash compactor (west walnut 37604) - not under counter Offer: Like New Double Bed set (West Asheville off Haywood Rd) - Dbl Bed stored for past 3 years, mattress, box spring and frame...Cleaning out spare room at Mama's house. Offer: Double Bed & Box Spring & Frame (West Asheville off Haywood Rd) Promised - Cleaning out extra room in Mama's house...Dble bed not used for past 3 years, good condition w/ or w/o frame. Request: Ice Trays (Five Points) - Looking for ice trays! Thanks :) Offer: low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) - good wood, needs some light repair. need to have removed ASAP.. I used in my garage for storage.
Photo of free low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Offer: Moving boxes (Hendersonville) - 15-18 solid moving boxes or storage boxes. Used once. Many from Lowe’s. Front porch pick up.
Photo of free Moving boxes (Hendersonville)
Offer: Floor tiles (West Asheville) - Still have several piles of Ceramic/stone floor tiles of various colors, conditions, and sizes available. Must be able to pick up and transport. West Asheville near Vermont Avenue.
Photo of free Floor tiles (West Asheville)
Photo of free Floor tiles (West Asheville)
Photo of free Floor tiles (West Asheville)
Request: Twin bed (East Morristown TN) - Twin bed Offer: Bike tire pump (East Asheville) - Fair condition, has no pressure gauge Front porch pickup
Photo of free Bike tire pump (East Asheville)
Offer: 2 Air Force hats, late 60’s (East Asheville) - 6 7/8; dark blue Front porch pickup
Photo of free 2 Air Force hats, late 60’s (East Asheville)
Photo of free 2 Air Force hats, late 60’s (East Asheville)
Request: center hub cap (downtown Loudon) - We need a center hub cover for 2005 hyundai sonata was lost or stolen Request: Mini Blinds - wood or plastic (South East Asheville) - I am interested in old mini blinds, plastic or wood, for arts and crafts. I will pick up within a 30 mile radius. Request: wooden pallets or.wood (37748) - looking for.some.wood or pallets please. Request: Ski googles (West asheville) - Good condition Request: Cello (Leicester.) - Good condition Request: Dryer (Old Fort) - Any size or color Request: Atv,4wheeler,Golfcart,motorbike ect (Caton Chapel Sevierville tn) - Anyone of these, any style model or kind, broken or not I can fix minor problems. Respectfully Requesting a donation of any one or kind of these ATVs or similar that will climb steep hillside roads. I am a recently homeless Disabled Veteran starting a new life in a old house on top of an high up mountain. The coalition for homeless vets arranged this for me after several years of waiting patiently. I am now in need of some sort of transportation. For my everyday grocery and supply needs, I have a store down a private road around 4 miles round trip. It will need to be able to climb steep hills on the way back for it to be feasible transport. Preferably anything decent running if at all possible but beggars can't be chooser's and I am begging cause its a curvy high steep dang mountain I tell ya ;) Also Providing someone has something they might donate that runs well, that would be a True blessing. For instance, an ATV or something like that someone would or that someone knows would and isn't using it, might could and or would spare for a meaningful purpose. And or if someone needs it hauled off for any reason or can't use it because of a particular reason. I will be happy with any donation as long as it climbs hills. I am Truthfully and hopefully sees this request, I am also Praying and believing eventually my need will be met and someone will be able to help me out. In this, my time of need where as, i have done the same for others in need many times in my life till now and I have always been blessed beyond compare because I have listened and acted when others have requested a need I could meet. I am blessed and hopeful and look forward to hearing from you and God Bless everyone who reads this request. Thank You for your time :) I can be reached at or by phone 865 292 4814.
Photo of Atv,4wheeler,Golfcart,motorbike ect (Caton Chapel Sevierville tn)
Request: Men’s bicycle (Candler) - In need of 26/27 inch men’s bicycle. Request: wood or pallets (37748) Request: Couch love seat (East Morristown TN) Request: Women clothes/hygiene/cosmetics (West Asheville and Weaverville) - I am in desperate need of women's clothes size 10 pants medium shirts tops, need shoes size 6 and a half to a seven. Flats sneakers and heels are all needed. Also need all types of hygiene and cosmetics. I need any and everything! I will greatly appreciate any donations and they will be out to great use. I will forward the kindness on if the opportunity ever arises. Request: Car stereo and or car speakers (West Asheville and Weaverville) - I have a 03 Taurus and an 03 Windstar. I am looking 2 out in aftermarket stereo systems in both. I need a wiring harness for both the taurus and the Windstar. I have 1 stereo that can go in either vehicle but I'm looking for another. I also need sub woofer speakers 10', 12", or 15" speakers. In or out of the box is fine. I began the project of replacing my factory stereos before the pandemic caused me to lose my job and I have not had the money to invest in finishing the replacement. Am looking for any donations. Thanks.