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Offer: Stroller Maclaren (Woodside NY) - Very light, grey color, in very good condition
Photo of free Stroller Maclaren (Woodside NY)
Photo of free Stroller Maclaren (Woodside NY)
Photo of free Stroller Maclaren (Woodside NY)
Photo of free Stroller Maclaren (Woodside NY)
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Offer: Like-New, Full Mattress (East Village) - My roommate bought this mattress in March, 2020 but then only used it a few times before moving away. Mattress is like new.
Photo of free Like-New, Full Mattress (East Village)
Request: Bike accessories (NY) - Looking for the bike accessories - computer/speedometer, safety camera/radar, lights, CO2 adapter, small pump. I ride for pick in a radius of 30-50 miles from NYC. Thanks. Request: Samsung Galaxy S5 parts (NY) - I need the back cover and battery for my Samsung Galaxy S5. Can use any working AT&T smartphone instead. Anywhere in NYC and vicinities. Thanks. Offer: assorted items (10011) - a bag of mardi gras beads, magnets, souvenirs, coasters, etc. Offer: Christmas tree storage box (Wall, NJ) - Free Christmas tree storage box. No tree just box. Can fit up to 7.5’ if you take apart
Photo of free Christmas tree storage box (Wall, NJ)
Photo of free Christmas tree storage box (Wall, NJ)
Offer: Old game (North Plainfield) - Box is worn, but game is in good condition
Photo of free Old game (North Plainfield)
Offer: wire baskets (North Plainfield) - Larger one is about 10" across top. Take one or both.
Photo of free wire baskets (North Plainfield)
Offer: Easter decor items (North Plainfield) - Small basket, 2 hanging egg ornaments, wooden egg cup. Take any or all.
Photo of free Easter decor items (North Plainfield)
Offer: Croissant rolling pin (North Plainfield) - Cuts dough for making croissants.
Photo of free Croissant rolling pin (North Plainfield)
Offer: Small lampshade (North Plainfield) - Side 6", top 2 3/4" diameter, bottom 4 1/2" diameter
Photo of free Small lampshade (North Plainfield)
Offer: large basket (North Plainfield) - About 20" x 16".
Photo of free large basket (North Plainfield)
Offer: Misc. cooking tools (North Plainfield) - Plastic ice cream scoop, plastic tuna can-drainer, plastic measuring glasses (1/2-1 1/2 oz), 4 jello molds, 2 types pastry pans/molds (about 12 each), wooden mixing stick. Take any or all.
Photo of free Misc. cooking tools (North Plainfield)
Offer: chess/checkers set (North Plainfield) - Folding magnetic chess/checkers/backgammon set holds playing pieces (none missing) inside.
Photo of free chess/checkers set (North Plainfield)
Offer: coat hangers (North Plainfield) - 28 blue plastic coat hangers
Photo of free coat hangers (North Plainfield)
Offer: old electric chandelier (North Plainfield) - 18" diameter base. Painted black (paint peeling). Must be rewired. (Ancient wiring is disintegrating.) All hanging parts intact, though not visible in photo.
Photo of free old electric chandelier (North Plainfield)
Offer: Reusable storage bags (Red Bank) Promised - Set of four reusable 4 Cup storage bags with slide bar closures. Freezer safe.
Photo of free Reusable storage bags (Red Bank)
Offer: ewftrhyrr (union city) - dsefgtrhyrf
Photo of free ewftrhyrr (union city)
Photo of free ewftrhyrr (union city)
Offer: Tall ceramic vase (Turtle Bay) Promised - Purple and blue vase. approximately 33”Hx 8.5W” bottom. Hole is about .5”
Photo of free Tall ceramic vase (Turtle Bay)
Photo of free Tall ceramic vase (Turtle Bay)
Photo of free Tall ceramic vase (Turtle Bay)
Offer: Pocket tissue holder (Turtle Bay) - 5.75”x3”
Photo of free Pocket tissue holder (Turtle Bay)
Offer: Formica kitchen table (Chelsea) - Dates from the 60s. In decent condition. Assembles easily with the wingnuts included. It's heavy so you'd need a dolly and a car? Sorry, the chairs are long gone.
Photo of free Formica kitchen table (Chelsea)
Photo of free Formica kitchen table (Chelsea)
Offer: Tote bag with women authors (Chelsea) - I think from Barnes and Noble. Very light wear.
Photo of free Tote bag with women authors (Chelsea)
Photo of free Tote bag with women authors (Chelsea)
Offer: Wood chair (Chelsea) - I bought this some time in the 80s. Still in decent condition.
Photo of free Wood chair (Chelsea)
Offer: Girls Shoes Size 11.5 and 12 (Middletown, NJ) - Bag of used girls shoes. Includes boots, dress shoes and some sandals. Clean, smoke free home. Mostly size 12 but some 11.5 Offer: Dog Calming Coat L (Milltown, 08850) - American Kennel club anti-anxiety & calming coat. For 40-70lbs lists: French bulldog, spaniels, bull terrier, pointers Request: unused cans of Lysol (Manhattan) - Hi ! Its HARD to find Lysol these days and I live in a shelter with three kids !!! I REALLY need to stay safe. Will pick up..... Request: Wireless Speakers (Manhattan) - Seeking wireless speaker. Any brand is fine as long as it works. Will pick up... Offer: Book - Brand-New (Metuchen, NJ) - "How to Behave Dating and Sex - A Guide to Modern Manners for the Socially Challenged by Caroline Tiger Request: Shuffleboard pole (Metuchen, NJ) - Aluminum shuffleboard pole for outdoors. Someone stole one of mine so now I have 3 but need an extra so 4 of us can play. Offer: Book - Living the GI Diet (Metuchen, NJ) - Brand-new, Hard Cover. Book has 140 delicious recipes to help you lose weight and keep it off. Based on the glycemic index, the G.I. Diet is simple. Eat anything and everything you want from the green-light column, sample foods from the yllow, avoid the red. Book was The New York Times best-seller.