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Offer: Porcelain Tile and Vinyl Flooring (Near Hobson and Woodridge Dr.) - We have leftover porcelain tile and flooring that we hope someone could use in some way. Vinyl Plank Flooring (48" x 5") -- 1 full and one a bit more than half full equaling about 12 sq. ft. Wood look; oak color. Polished Porcelain Tile: 12" x 24" - one full box and another just a few pieces short of full. About 40 sq. ft. Shiny white with gray marbling. 4" x 8" porcelain tile (not shiny) White with gray marbling. Easy porch pick up!!
Request: Xmas decorations (aurora,il) - Looking for small Xmas tree, light,anything to make home look beautiful anything is appreciated thanks in advance Offer: christmas tree stand (25W 457 75th St Naperville) - Stroong, Green, attached to wood panel
Offer: Christmas decoration (Montgomery) - This is like new, was given to me, but the on/off button is missing. It is on base & could have fallen in. Suppose to light up & change color. If you are handy, could probably fix. 3 AA batteries are in it. Montgomery, easy porch pickup.
Offer: Snow fence (25W 457 75th St Naperville) - Wood and wire, 2 sections Offer: Salad spinner (Brookfield) - It works
Offer: Moving boxes (Brookfield) - Lots ofsolid egg and moving boxes
Offer: Entertainment Center (Old Historic Bolingbrook) - 34 inches wide, 22 inches deep, 6 feet tall. fit a 27 inch regular tv tightly. (Not sure about a flat screen). If you can haul it, it’s yours. First come first serve.
Offer: Corks (Jefferson Avenue Downers Grove) - A small bakery bag of corks, mixture of natural and synthetic. Offer: Samsung 46" DLP TV (Naperville) - 46" DLP rear projection TV (720P) in good working condition, however bulb is slightly dim. Increasing the brightness does help.
Offer: Mattress Pad - Double bed size (Crest Hill) - Great condition, just washed. Nothing wrong with it. Offer: Wild Mikes Pizza UPC (Midlothian..W 149th) - Person looking for Wild Mike's Pizza UPC...still interested? I have one...LMK Offer: Candy garland (Bolingbrook Promenade area) - Approx. 40 feet of plastic candy garland. Used indoors. Front door area pick up. Please indicate day and time you can pick up.
Offer: Vintage container (Woodridge) - Vintage round galvanized steel tub Offer: Wall mirror (Off 83rd st. near Rt 53) - 46" wide by 40" tall mirror. Was hanging over bathroom vanity. The kind that's glued to the wall. In good condition. We live off 83rd street between Woodridge Drive and Rt. 53.
Offer: of paint primer (Near Hobson and Woodridge Dr.) - We have an almost full gallon of primer we're hoping someone can use! Front porch pickup. Offer: Misc. cables and wires (Aurora- Eola and Liberty) - Shoe box full of old connectors: usbs of all varieties, old stereo wires and splitter, a pair of headphones (New ear covers included), coax and hdmi. Box not included.
Offer: Dozen-ish Glass Bricks (SW DG 60516) - I have a dozen-ish square glass bricks 6.75" x 6.75" x 2.75" to offer. Need to be cleaned off if you will be using as part of a display, but they are fine if you are using beneath the display. Easy in-front-of-garage pick up (even better than porch pick up!). Please share your name and date/time of pick up. Thanks for your consideration and freecycling! Holly
Offer: Wavlink 300Mbps (2.4 only) router (Boughton & Weber, Bolingbrook) - Works fine. Set it up once but found that we needed 2.4 & 5 for my project. WL-WN529N2 is the model number. It will push up to 300mbps - so it works pretty well. Also can be used as a bridge. Offer: 15” (old) Dell monitor (S Stewart Ave & E Ash St) - It works - I just don’t have any use for it. Flat screen with power plug and 15-pin input included.
Request: Wild Mikes UPC (Woodridge) - I'd like to order the T-shirts offered on the box of Wild Mike's pizza but do not have enough UPCs. Anyone willing to part with theirs? The pizza is in plastic in the box so you could safely cut if off if you're not ready to eat it yet Offer: Curio Cabinet (SW DG 60516) - This cabinet was generously freecycled to me about six or seven years ago when I really needed it. Now that I'm no longer able to use it, I have decided to share it in the same way. Offering a solid wood, glass, mirror, & lighted curio cabinet. Very good to excellent condition. It measures approximately 77" tall x 18.5" wide x 10" deep. It has approximately 5 - 6 glass shelves and all the doors/side panels are glass. The light works and lightbulb is included. There are just a few pieces missing hardware that keeps some of the front panels of glass in place, but I'm thinking that could be found at a hardware store. I've included everything the unit came with (its just old). You will need to provide at least two people to move this piece down three stairs to our entryway then down one stair out the front door. You will also need to provide ample padding (blankets, sheets, comforters, etc.) for transporting the glass pieces and protecting the cabinet. We are located about 4-5 blocks south of DGSHS. Please share your name, date/time of pick up for consideration. Thank you for your consideration & freecycling! Holly
Request: 55 Gallon Barrel (Chicago Ridge) - Looking for a metal barrel, preferably without a lid. Request: Art easel, art supplies (crest hill IL) - I would like to try painting after 40 years of working too may hours for a hobby. If someone would like to pass on art supplies I would enjoy the challenge. Thank you for your consideration. Offer: Bag of Misc Gift Bags (SW DG 60516) - I have a bag of a dozen-ish gift bags of different sizes and celebrations (birthday, kids, boy, girl, Christmas, etc.). We are on the southwest side of Downers Grove about 4-5 blocks from DGSHS. Please share your name and date/time of pickup from our front porch. Thanks for your consideration and freecycling! Holly Offer: Egg Cartons (Woodridge) - For 'chicken people' or crafts - 6 foam, 4 paperboard. Offer: CFL Bulbs (Woodridge) - Greenlite brand. They seem to need more warm up than other CFL's. (1 tried/all new in box) 1 each - .14w/800 lumens encased (glass bulb shape covers curliques) regular shape . 9w/450 lumens encased round shape (40w equivalent) . 11w/20w/26w 3-way non-encased/curlique (30w/70w/100w equiv.) . 15w/750 lumens encased 'high heat' floodlamp/heatlamp shape (65w equiv.) (No idea what high heat desc. means!) Take all. Offer: Air Pillows (Woodridge) - Med. size bag Offer: Garbage bag of Stuffed animals (Off 83rd st. near Rt 53) - Teddy Bears and some misc never played with. Request: Filing cabinet (Darien-Plainfield & Cass) - Any color, at least two drawers, lock is unimportant