Offers  and  Requests within
Request: Packing peanuts & bubblewrap (Plainwell) - Any size and as much as you have Offer: Vintage electric home organ (Near Walmart on OldUS 20/Ash) - H 33 W 17 x L 35-1/2 Good condition. Needs tuning. Chord key stuck. Pedal loose.
Offer: Samsung CLP600-650 Toner (Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Toner for the Samsung CLP600 or 650 color laser printer. Nearly new; unit mainboard died. All 4 cartridges. Request: Glass juice bottles (Scio Twp.) - I am needing glass juice bottles with lids, like Nantucket Nectars or Snapple. At least 3 or more for easy porch pickup. Thank you in advance! Offer: Yahoo shutting down groups: Thank you for participating, recycling, and caring - If you haven't heard, Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups. Before that happens I wanted to write a thank you to all of you who've been on this site through the years. We started this thing in July of 2004 as Van Buren Freecycle, somewhere along the line had to change the name, but that didn't stop us, and we've had wonderful participation through the years. We passed things along, kept useful things from just going in the landfill, and promoted a caring community. We kept it clean and family friendly. Special thanks to the moderators through the years for their service in making this all happen. I know the past few years we haven't been as active, i'm sure most folks have gone almost exclusively to Facebook, but i'm proud of what we've accomplished. Thank you again for participating, it's been wonderful being a part of this. Thank you for caring about your community. Thank you -Jim p.s. you can give things away for free on Facebook(and Craigslist) too, just post them as a post on your wall, or offer them up on Marketplace The spirit of our group doesn't have to end with the ending of Yahoo Groups. Thank you all again, Best to all of you!!! Offer: 4 x 8 strand board (N.E. A2 (Dixboro)) - 3/4 4 x 8 strand board Has some paint on one side. Used for a paint platform and set outside. Not cut up but one corner is delaminating. Pick up between house and garage. Request: Small apartment needs painting (Kalamazoo Northside) - Any color that looks decent for inside a home Request: Wi-Fi hotspot (Ann Arbor to Dearborn) - I need a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, the kind where you plug in a phone SIM card and it creates a Wi-Fi signal. I live southeast of Ann Arbor and work in Dearborn, so I can pick up anywhere in that corridor. Thanks! Offer: To give away (Horton, MI Mechanic Street) - 8 foot picnic table. Made with 2 inch x"s 10 inch boards. Boards are in good shape. Metal underneath needs replaced. Could sell metal I think. Could make a nice table or boards could be used for something else. It is heavy. Needs 2or 3 people to carry it off our deck. Call 517 750 8340 for directions. Offer: Storm windows (Geddes / East og US23) - Ten storm windows of various sizes. Some have both panes and screen some just one pane. Aluminum frames painted “shutter green”
Request: Vanilla Pediasure (Cedar Springs, Mi) - Cedar Springs to Grand Rapids pick up. Request: A washer (Union city, Michigan) - I am in need of a washer. I don't care what it looks like, as long as it's working. Please donate. Request: Cross stitching/Embroidery Supplies (Kendallville) - I know a lot of people start and stop hobbies a lot, so I was wondering if anyone had any embroidery supplies. Needles, threads (preferably if their DMC, or at least know the number), Aida cloth, embroidery hoops, kits, organizers, scissors, I could use it all Offer: small bag of raw fleece (Ann Arbor, West side) - about 3.5oz, but bulky raw fleece. Needs to be carded before spinning, great for special projects. The photo reflects only a small amount of fleece.
Offer: Knee Pillow and Inclined Leg Pillow (NE side of Ann Arbor) - I had hip replacement a couple years ago and bought an inclined pillow (foam block with removable cover) and a pillow that you can put between your knees if you lay on your side. Both are clean, in good shape and have removable/washable covers. Offer: Electrical Insulators (2 miles north of Chelsea) - These were left on our property a few years ago by Consumer's Energy. So I am assuming they no longer want them. They are yours if you want them!
Request: 11x17 document frames (Portage) - Looking for 11x17" document/poster frames. Black preferred, but will take any color. Request: Body Pillow (NW Ann Arbor) - Looking for one of those full body pillows to use to block off my sliding patio door, so that my cat can get out to the porch to use her litter box. Thank you. Offer: Speaker Foam (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Black, good quality. Leftover from redoing large speakers, pieces fine for bookshelf and floor sizes. Request: Pressure mount baby gate (Lodi Township) - Looking for a pressure mount baby gate. The kind that has the swinging door. Offer: Landscaping rock (Kalamazoo (near WMU)) - Red lava rock,estimated 8-10 bags. Offer: Samsung CLP600-650 Toner (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Toner for the Samsung CLP600 or 650 color laser printer. Nearly new; unit mainboard died. All 4 cartridges. Offer: cables for electronics (SE AA. Easy porch pick up) - See photo. I think one is for the telephone, one is for Data and the other I don’t know.
Offer: Firewood SE Ann Arbor (SE A2) - Help my friend get this crazy pile of firewood out of her back yard. Most of it is ash, so it’s hard and heavy. Some will need to split. Take as much or as little as you’d like. I’d like to set up a time when I can be there to help as she as some health challenges. This week I could do Saturday morning or late Sunday morning. Next week I could do Monday, Tuesday or Friday afternoon or evening and next weekend (Nov 9 & 10) is pretty flexible. Thanks much for looking. Abby She’s in the Bryant Community Center neighborhood, by Stone School and Ellsworth.
Offer: Queen-size oak futon frame (Ann Arbor near Pauline and 7th) - For repair or repurpose. This queen size futon frame is missing some pieces of hardware of the type pictured. The finish is in good shape except on top of the arms.
Offer: jigsaw puzzles (Pinckney) - Most are 1000 pcs, ppu as long as the weather's decent. Offer: Landscaping rock (Kalamazoo (near WMU)) - Volcano rock, reddish, for landscaping. It is in my driveway ready for easy pick-up. Offer: Old Schwin (Downtown Owosso) - old, dusty, flat tires.
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Offer: Widget (Brandywine) - good condition, needs cleaning PPU only Request: adult Jackets (Mentone, CA) - Adult jackets, any size, any kind. My Bible studies group and I are going out in November and giving away jackets to the homeless so they can be warm this winter. Please help us out by donating any jackets you might not need or use.