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Offer: Dining room table + chairs (North Capitol Hill) - Giving away dining room table with center leaf and 6 chairs (4 with fabric seat and2 leather)
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Request: Small shop vac (georgetown) - Small shop vac Offer: Window screen (Cap Hill/CD) - Never used window screen is yours for the taking. Open-- 37" across, 18" down, just under 1" deep. Closed-- 20" across
Offer: Green Zucchini Plant (Bitter Lake) - The plant is in a 4 inch pot. Please leave your phone number and when you can pick up. Offer: Costa Romansesco Zucchini Plant (Bitter Lake) - This zucchini plant is in a four inch pot. Please leave your phone number and when you can pick up. Offer: Felt Play Board (Northgate/Seattle) - Pirate themed.
Request: Old FAT Bike Tire (Lake Forest Park) - Volunteers restoring Burrows Island Light Station near Anacortes use a 16' aluminum boat to get out to the island. I'd like to make a tug-like tire bow piece to protect the rigid aluminum and an arc cut from a fat bike tire would probably do the job. Anybody got one?
Offer: Beer making equipment (U District) - Lightly used starter kit plus a couple five gallon kegs.
Request: Usb flash drive (georgetown) - Nothing specific. Request: Darning egg for socks (Ballard) - I'm hoping to mend more. Does anyone have a darning egg they don't need anymore? Offer: Dark Brown coffee table (West Bremerton) - Not in great condition, but it works and it’s free. 44x22x18
Request: composter & tomato cages (Bellevue Factoria) - Looking for a composter and tomato cages Request: sewing cabinet/table (Kitsap) - I’m in search of a sewing cabinet/table or crafting cabinet/table for my sewing machine. Willing to travel. Thanks for looking! Request: Large FoodGrade Clear-ish Container (White Center / West Seattle) - Hi. Does anyone have a large clear-ish (or semi-transparent white?) food grade container? Looking for something large enough to build into the bottom of a chicken coop, like about 20 gallons or so to hold feed. Thanks! Offer: metal bed frame (Boulevard Park) - Double-bed metal frame and rails, frame spray painted red. Received from another freecycler but not set up. Appears to have been lightly used, no additional hardware needed. Fit into a station wagon. One house over from the corner of 14th Ave S and S 101st St. It's pretty obvious which house has the red bed frame outside, so it's easy to locate. Offer: Assorted paint samples (Boulevard Park) - About two dozen paint samples, most unopened, gathered from recyclers. Beiges, greys and other light neutrals. Please take them all and give away the ones you don't want. One house over from the corner of 14th Ave S and S 101st St, on the parking strip, easy to find. Offer: Golf set (Kingston) - 8 clubs I know nothing about golf clubs. It says classic on the bottom of the clubs. #’s 1, 3, ,5,6, 7 putter. Probably good for beginners or kids.
Offer: Fish and frog foods (Broadview) - Fish and frog foods - Two containers of two different types of Koi food for koi or large goldfish; Omnivore pellet food for various mid to large size fish; Betta fish food and water conditioner. Please see attached photos. Let me know which you can use.
Offer: 20"x20" wool carpet sample/remnant (Capitol Hill) - Rescued this sample from work for my friend's cat but then she didn't need it. It's really soft, thick pile 1" shag. 100% wool loops, felt backing. Made in India.
Request: metal ring molds (Wallingford) - Jello type molds around 10 inches in diameter or larger . I use these in my garden and am short 3. Thanks for considering. Offer: Wood burl for turning (port orchard- view park rd .) - Thought this was a burl but may be a manzanita root. Thought a wood turner might be interested in it. Downed last year.
Offer: Two old ceramic lamps (Kenmore) - Two old style ceramic lamps tan/brownish color. One shade has a few dents but usable.
Offer: Moving boxes galore (In Vashon town) - Please come and get them! Re-using them is doing the earth a great favor, by using them one more time.... and maybe one more time? Offer: White CD labels (Mountlake Terrace) - White adhesive CD labels. Mostly full package. Perfect condition. Pick up curbside in mountlake terrace.
Offer: Sleeper Sofa, Queen Sz (Vashon Island) - Queen size sofa bed in very good condition. Very handsome, brown plaid. Special mattress is twice deeper than usual, so extra comfort. Give it a good home in your den or living room and have an extra bed for company.
Request: Dog kennel (Seattle) - Urgent need of a large dog kennel. 50 lbs up. Thank you! Offer: Jensen Speaker components (Northwest Seattle, phinney) - Components for a Jensen TF-3C loudspeaker, mounted on faceboard. In good working order as it’s been in storage for 20 years! Includes 10 inch woofer, horn midrange and cone tweeter. Includes crossover. Porch pickup.
Request: Self Healing Cutting Mat (Near Carkeek Park) - Figured I'd check and see if anyone has an old cutting mat they don't use anymore. Any size will do. I'm getting a rotary cutter for my birthday since I'm learning to sew but I can't afford the cutting mats and don't want to dull my blade on my table. I'd really appreciate the help, scissors are so much harder on my hands. Thanks! Offer: Assorted nail polishes (White Center) - Variety of colours and textures, includes some OPI, Essie, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, etc. No contact porch pickup.
Offer: Early Girl tomato start (Kent- Panther Lake) - Very healthy in small container. About 6"+ in size.