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Offer: Woolcool insulation (Presteigne LD8) - Small box containing two packages of insulation each about 18" by 10". A good substitute for a cool box. Offer: Cycle cape (Presteigne LD8) - Bright yellow, woman's size. Quite old, so the plastic is a bit stiff but it still keeps the rain out. Offer: Two basket separators for blanching etc (Presteigne LD8) - Both in good condition, one never used. Would fit 8" diameter saucepan or pressure cooker. Happy to give them together or separately.
Photo of free Two basket separators for blanching etc (Presteigne LD8)
Offer: Rubber clogs (Presteigne LD8) - Size 5, used but in good condition and keep the wet out. I can't wear them any more because my feet have changed shape!
Photo of free Rubber clogs (Presteigne LD8)
Offer: Mobile phone headset (Presteigne LD8) - Microphone and earpieces for old fashioned mobile phone. Not much used.
Photo of free Mobile phone headset (Presteigne LD8)
Offer: Locking wheel nuts (Presteigne LD8) - Set of four, used but still in original box.
Photo of free Locking wheel nuts (Presteigne LD8)
Offer: Black iron door handles (Presteigne LD8) - all complete with two handles and mounting plates Offer: Egg poacher (Presteigne LD8) - Frame and four pans for four eggs. Would fit a 9" diameter pan. Used but in good condition.
Photo of free Egg poacher (Presteigne LD8)
Request: Water barrels (Montgomery SY15) - Water barrels Offer: Plants (Rhayader LD6) - Three bags of plants Iris Foetida.....pale purple/brown flowers Green and yellow marjoram
Photo of free Plants (Rhayader LD6)
Photo of free Plants (Rhayader LD6)
Photo of free Plants (Rhayader LD6)
Offer: Two seater sofa - small (Broadward HR6) - Two seater small sofa. Pale green and off white. Clean. No tears or marks.
Photo of free Two seater sofa - small (Broadward HR6)
Request: Flag stoned (Prestiegne) - We are re-doing the hearth for our wood burner so could do with 3-4m of flat stones if anyone has some available. Thank you Request: Few things (Ashford Bowdler SY8) - Pod machine, white fridge, plants for Garden and fencing or bamboo type thank you Offer: Rug 180 x 120 cms (Hope, Minsterley SY5) - Colourful rug with animals and symbols round the border. Not worn out.
Photo of free Rug 180 x 120 cms (Hope, Minsterley SY5)
Offer: Radio tuner (Hope, Minsterley SY5) - Small hi-fi separate -Amstrad T101. Needs to be plugged into an amplifier. Has MW/LW and FM channels but the selector knob if missing, but otherwise in good condition and all working.
Photo of free Radio tuner (Hope, Minsterley SY5)
Offer: Broadband Router (Titley HR5) - Speedtouch 546 wired router in original box with all extras eg. Power pack, leads, instructions etc. Request: Children's scooters (Orleton SY8) - I am a primary school teacher and there is nothing our Nursery and Reception children like better than scooting around the playground which is fantastic for their motor and activity skills. Our current scooters are falling to bits and we wondered if anyone has any 3 or 2 wheeled scooters they not longer need. Thank you. Offer: Fencing (Bedstone SY7) - 4 rolls of white wire picket fencing. 2 sizes: 30cm & 40cm.
Photo of free Fencing (Bedstone SY7)
Offer: Office chair (Bedstone SY7) - Aubergine colour, not new but reasonable condition. Item picture
Photo of free Office chair (Bedstone SY7)
Request: wood stain etc (Newtown SY16) - Hello Freeglers. My lockdown project is something ive wanted to do for quite a while. I would like to build a pallet wall as a feature. The challenge i have set myself is to do it for free. I have got the wood and screws / nails. What i am looking for now is leftover coloured wood stain, varnish, wax, chalk paint, coloured gloss and maybe emulsion. So if anyone has had a clearout or is going to, please get in touch. Thanks in advance and please stay safe. Regards Steve Offer: Curtains (Newchurch HR5) - Two Pairs of Next Curtains. Matching. Same widths, two different lengths 135x229cm 135x137cm (53"x 90" 53"x 54") Brown, Red, Bronze Bands. Eyelet tops. Would recommend cleaning before use as have been stored in loft.
Photo of free Curtains (Newchurch HR5)
Offer: Modern novels (Presteigne LD8) - Three paperback books Freedom. Jonathan Frantzen Splendid. Julia Quinn Old Filth. Jane Gardam Request: Cardboard (Erwood LD2) - We are in need of Cardboard. Lots of it! In the first week of August. Ideally without Lots of sellotape/plastic. To act as Eco matting to ensure our trees survive! We will be strimming two sites and we need to then cut a slit in the cardboard and place it around the trees! We will then cover this with the grass and act as an Eco weed suppressant and nutrient feed. Ideally, we need about 700 boxes... enough to make 1375 squares of approx 500cm x 500cm. We will ask at local shops but if anyone has a stash or can recommend a big cardboard user that would be great! Regards Mike 9Trees Cunningham Unfortunately, Cereal boxes are too thin, also small amounts cannot be collected. A drop off point before August can be arranged. Ideally 10 people may reply who have a bundle! Offer: Large box of children books. (Upcott HR3) - Large story books, reading books, picture books. Suitable from age 2-12ish. Having a clear out. Some new, some vintage and well read. I have too many books!! Offer: Sofa cushion (Wigmore HR6) - 1 sofa cushion Please don’t ask for this unless you can collect it
Photo of free Sofa cushion (Wigmore HR6)
Offer: Plate rack (Wigmore HR6) - Metal plate rack, plastic coated Please don’t ask for this unless you can collect it
Photo of free Plate rack (Wigmore HR6)
Offer: Morphy richards steam iron (Wigmore HR6) - Well used but clean & working Please don’t ask for this unless you can collect it Offer: Small television (Llandrindod Wells LD1) - Good for kitchen or bedroom. Analogue set, but comes with digital set top box and i-link for Sky, if you want them.
Photo of free Small television (Llandrindod Wells LD1)
Offer: Bush DVD/Video player (Llandrindod Wells LD1) - Quite old, but has not been much used. Scart cable on offer with it if you need one.
Photo of free Bush DVD/Video player (Llandrindod Wells LD1)
Offer: Television aerial (Llandrindod Wells LD1) - Suitable for roof or indoors. Around three metres of coaxial cable attached. Needs a pole on which to mount it, but the bracket is there.
Photo of free Television aerial (Llandrindod Wells LD1)