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Request: Bumper -Pull Camper/Decent Shed (Louisville, TN) - Single mom starting college in a few weeks. looking for a quiet place away from the house to study and work. Nothing fancy as long as everything works as it should. Will be creating an Office / Living space with it. Request: High top sneakers red (Monterey Tennessee) - Size 9 Womens Request: Storage boxes (Asheville and surrounding) - Looking for plastic storage boxes. Thanks. Request: school supplies (Asheville and surrounding) - Back pack; wide ruled paper; pencil; pencil sharpener; scissors; stick glue; lunch box or bags. Thanks! Free: basic metal fire pit w/lid (West Asheville) - My fire pit looks more or less like this, but I don't have the metal hoop to raise the lid from bottom part. Available for pickup in West Asheville until Saturday morning. Then it's going to Goodwill.
Photo of free basic metal fire pit w/lid (West Asheville)
Free: Old Pallets (skids) (Maryville) - It's summer and time a fire in your backyard firepit. I've got about 20 seasoned pallets that can be torn apart for a small firepit or tossed in whole if you want to have host a bonfire. Take one or take them all. Contact me if interested and I'll point you to them. Best, Mark
Photo of free Old Pallets (skids) (Maryville)
Free: 7 ft white xmas tree (North Chattanooga) - White Xmas tree in perfect condition Free: RAM Classic Key Fob (Oak Ridge) - Works, will need to be programmed.
Photo of free RAM Classic Key Fob (Oak Ridge)
Request: Handicap Ramps (South Knoxville) - Could use usable handicap ramps for home. Also would take some materials to make my own. Thanks in advance. Request: Full size mirror (Knoxville) - I need a full size mirror. I’m looking for a free standing mirror, not the type that nails to the back of a door. Request: Camper/Outdoor office building (Louisville, TN) - Single mom starting college in a few weeks. looking for a quiet place away from the house to study and work. Request: dog clippers/buzzers (Sevierville) - Don’t care the color, brand or how new just as long as they don’t get hot, they cut fur and not pull. Request: full size bedframe (Halls Powell Area of) - Need a full size bedframe Request: Baby Girl Stuff (Rickman TN) - I am pregnant with a Baby Girl I am needing Baby Girl Items it will be greatly appreciated Free: Baby Boy Clothes (Rickman TN) - 12 Months -18 Months used Boy Clothing Free: Boxes and packing supplies (Knoxville, TN) - Used moving boxes and packing material
Photo of free Boxes and packing supplies (Knoxville, TN)
Photo of free Boxes and packing supplies (Knoxville, TN)
Photo of free Boxes and packing supplies (Knoxville, TN)
Request: Refrigerator (Afton Greene county) - Any size Request: double stroller (Ellijay) - Need affordable double stroller for my 2yo twin grandsons who are currently living with me due to an emergency situation Free: Broken Concrete (Woodfin) - Size is dust to football size pieces of broken concrete. I am remodeling a patio and the old concrete has to be removed. The concrete is very clean - no trash or debris. There are several tons of material available. The concrete is currently in the back yard and will have to be moved to the front/street. Request: Boys and girls clothes (Cleveland Tennessee) - For eight grandchildren... Boys ages 4, 7, 14, and 16 ...girls ages 2, 7, 8, and 12 Request: Car &/Or Home Audio (Rocky Top, TN) - ISO Car & Home Audio. Home Stereo Speakers, Receivers, Car Subwoofers, Subwoofer Boxes, Car Stereos, Component Speakers, Stereo Wiring, Amplifiers, Etc. Greatly Appreciate Any Offers. We Are A Family Of Extremely Hardcore Music Enthusiasts & Audio Hobbyists,😁
Photo of Car &/Or Home Audio (Rocky Top, TN)
Photo of Car &/Or Home Audio (Rocky Top, TN)
Photo of Car &/Or Home Audio (Rocky Top, TN)
Photo of Car &/Or Home Audio (Rocky Top, TN)
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Request: Stang GT/ Nissan Sentra Parts (Rocky Top, TN) - ISO Auto Parts, 09' Mustang Gt &/Or 01' Nissan Sentra. To Help Someone Clean Up Unwanted & Now Unused Parts Taking Up Space While Helping Us Be Prepared For Future Fixes Or Repairs Needed Now. The Help Would Go A Long Way & Would Be More Than Greatly Appreciated. Ty!!!
Photo of Stang GT/ Nissan Sentra Parts (Rocky Top, TN)
Request: Steel ring for outdoor firepit (Fairview, NC) - I'm looking for a steel ring to use as the insert in an outdoor firepit I hope to build. 36" diameter or larger; at least 12" deep, but 18" would be preferred. Also seeking the brick pavers to encircle it with. Free: Mens' slip-on shoes (Blaine, TN) - Size 12.5, Tan, brand new, worn once, new replacement insoles.
Photo of free Mens' slip-on shoes (Blaine, TN)
Request: Empty Containers (Lancing, TN) - Need empty collagen containers with lids, large size. Need as many as you have. Picture is example. Does not have to be this brand
Photo of Empty Containers (Lancing, TN)
Request: Swimming pool or slip-n-slide (Asbury) - Kids are dying to get a pool or something to play in the water.. please help.. Request: Pokemon cards (Knoxville) Request: Vehicle (Knoxville) - I need of vehicle bad Request: Flower pots (Jonesborough) - Looking for flower pots that you aren't using anymore. Don't care if there is stuff still in them. Will pick up. Thanks and have a blessed day!! Request: crib and/or matress (church hill tn) - my grandson who just turned 1 yr and my daughter has just returned home to live with us and have brought next to nothing with them. we have made it work and we will continue to do so but a seperate and safe sleeping area for my grandson is a must. and advise on how-to's, perhaps out of the box ideas or any such items that one may be considering letting go of would be most appreciated.