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Offer: Ceramic tiles (Old West End) - Large quantity of ceramic tiles. Various sizes and colors. Porch pick up.
Photo of free Ceramic tiles (Old West End)
Offer: Beanbag, sleeping bag, music stand (Milan) - A beanbag footstool/ottoman. It's old, made of grey "leather", and in decent condition. It needs new "beans". An adult sleeping bag, in good condition. No smell, maybe a bit of cat hair. A collapsible music stand with original case. All items from a non-smoking home with cats. Offer: TV (South side of Holland) - Works great, excellent for playing video games. I just no longer need it. Pick up is Holland area
Photo of free TV (South side of Holland)
Request: Kids toys (Fortwayne indiana) - I need kid books and I need toys asap please I would appreciate it. Offer: bubble wrap (Beverly Shores) - 1 box is near stairs at 368 E St Clair Offer: 38/30 men's pants (Milan) - I have a pair of taupe 38/30 relaxed fit Dockers yo give away, convenient contactless porch pickup in Milan. They are clean, but we have cats, do if you are sensitive to that, you'll want to wash them again. Fair Offer Policy in effect
Photo of free 38/30 men's pants (Milan)
Offer: Tent Cards in Milan (Milan) - I have a partial box (approximately 20 sheets) of tent cards to give away. They're about 20 years old, but have been in the original box the entire time. Also included is the directions for using the sheets with popular word processing programs of the time. Available for contact free porch pick up. I am following the Fair Offer Policy.
Photo of free Tent Cards in Milan (Milan)
Offer: Catnip plants (Ann Arbor, West side) - I need to thin my catnip and you can benefit. Offering you-dig catnip plants to please your cat. And if your cat is happy, it will cheer you up too! Request: Baritone horn (Milan) - baritone or euphonium for my son to record tryout for mi marching band. His instrument needs repair or replaced but if he doesn't make band he wont really need new Offer: Whisperlite camp stove & supplies (Ann Arbor off Washtenaw) - This is an old school (first gen?) MSR Whisperlite backpacking stove (runs on Coleman “white gas”), a can of Coleman fuel, two fuel bottles, and assorted jumble of camping cookware. Easy driveway pickup. Offer: Bed board for double/full size bed (NE Ann Arbor) - Is your bed saggy or too soft? This sturdy bed board for a double/full size bed will solve your problems. Wood frame, fabric covered. 75" x 53" x 1.5" Easy porch pick-up, not too heavy for one person to carry. Request: Chords for Iphones (Ann Arbor, South West Central) - I’m looking for chords for IPhones. Request: ASK: small wood tables (Northeast Ann Arbor) - I decorate wood tables. I would like to make some for some friends who live out of town who I will fly to visit again someday. So I need tiny tables where one would fit in a carry-on suitcase. I found one where the tabletop was about 16 inches square and the legs were about 20 inches but were removeable, so that one could fit in a suitcase! I'm hoping to find more like that but they ideally must be wood so I can decorate. I live in Northeast Ann Arbor. Thanks Offer: Tool holder (SE Ann Arbor) - Plastic molded holder for tools, as pictured..
Photo of free Tool holder (SE Ann Arbor)
Photo of free Tool holder (SE Ann Arbor)
Offer: 3 baskets (SE Ann Arbor) - 3 baskets, as pictured. Please take all. Porch pick up. Thanks!
Photo of free 3 baskets (SE Ann Arbor)
Offer: 1997 Honda Odessey (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Silver 4-Door. Good tires, brakes, engine 160K miles (timing belt not due for replacement till 220K miles), other mechanical parts all good. Exhaust system less than a year old, heat shield rattles (common with this vehicle). Some body corrosion, passenger side second door was hit by hit-and-run driver, but the frame and all safety elements are fine. A/C works (needs charge every 3 + years, done this year), excellent mileage. Door could be replaced, or just better taped off. Front passenger side door does not open at present, rear hatch must be opened with the key. A serviceable vehicle but not pretty. We have replaced with Nissan Leaf—we keep cars forever, and we are the original owners. We will transfer title for the minimum required. This is 1 US (robot would not allow posting of an amount).l It has served us very well, and is not likely to cost a new owner anything for quite some time unless they want to buy a door or fix the cosmetic body defects.
Photo of free 1997 Honda Odessey (Ann Arbor (Scio))
Photo of free 1997 Honda Odessey (Ann Arbor (Scio))
Photo of free 1997 Honda Odessey (Ann Arbor (Scio))
Photo of free 1997 Honda Odessey (Ann Arbor (Scio))
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Request: Working refrigerator (Milan) - My sister-in-law’s fridge and needs one for her and her two kids. Drop off would be nice but I can pick up too. Thank you. Request: Boxing bag and/or stand (La Porte) - WANTED: Boxing bag and/or stand for a heavy bag. Willing to purchase. Request: Stepping stones (FW/46805) - I'm looking for landscaping stepping stones similar to what's in the picture. Doesn't have to be exactly like that.
Photo of Stepping stones (FW/46805)
Request: Compost bin (FW/46805) - I'm looking for a barrel style composter for my back yard. Preferably the kind that rotates and churns the compost material. Offer: Solid oak entertainment center (Texas Township) - this is the top only, no base decent condition, could be utilized for shelving or just wood ;)
Photo of free Solid oak entertainment center (Texas Township)
Request: household (south east side) - air conditioner, rugs, washer , dryer Offer: Couch (East Ann Arbor) - Pottery Barn couch-80" long, 40" deep. Tan, suede-like upholstery. Down wrapped cushions.
Photo of free Couch (East Ann Arbor)
Request: pizza stone (central Ann Arbor) - I've been making a lot of pizza lately, pretty much every day. And why not? There's so much potential variety. Looking to improve my pizza crusts though, and I think a pizza stone is the next thing to try. Anyone try theirs and hate it? I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Thanks Andy Offer: Scrap booking magzines and books (Lansing eastside) - Hundreds of dollars new, in very good condition.
Photo of free Scrap booking magzines and books (Lansing eastside)
Request: Dollhouse furniture (Fowlerville) - Looking for dollhouse furniture for little kids to use. My grand-daughters would love it! Request: Any tools (Gregory,mi) - ISO hand tools, power tools any condition as long as they work and building materials. Offer: Zimgermans cheese making kit (Southwest Ann Arbor) - Used once, easy porch pick up
Photo of free Zimgermans cheese making kit (Southwest Ann Arbor)
Offer: 4 drawer file cabinet (1840 Burns Ypsilsnti) - Ok condition. Outside near the street. Request: WCC MATH 125 textbook (SE Ann Arbor & vicinity) - Doesn't have to be latest edition