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Request: Unused Postcards or notecards / South Berkeley - Have extra unused postcards or notecards? We're interested in them for a project. Offer: Metal swing frame (East end near high st) - Brown. I have material to make a new sling for someone who can sew.
Offer: Treadmill (Kensington - near circle) - Used Pro-Form LM Crosswalk. Works!
Request: Plastic pallet (Alameda, west end) - Greetings, I'm looking for a plastic pallet that will be my base for a bee hive. I have a truck for the pick up. Many thanks, Tamara Request: Compostable Garbage Bags (Oakland-can travel to pick up) - Seeking large compostable garbage bags. Can pick up most East Bay locations on weekends. Offer: Lounge chqur (UC Berkeley Campus) - Just doesn’t fit in my room anymore. I put a nice cover over to hide the markings!
Offer: Accessories for Radion Diono Carsea (Farrelly Dr & E 14th St) - I have a travel carrier case, cup attachment, and cushion cover (for spills and accidents) for the Radion Diono car seat.
Request: Dresser (Lake Merritt) - Hi! Im looking for a dresser, preferably the tall and narrow style, four drawers and up...have a great day!😃 Offer: Arm chair and hassock (Kensington) - Old (antique?)
Offer: Graco soother swing (Kensington) - Clean
Offer: 4" PVC pipe - Unused, black, 10’ long West Berkeley No hurry, but state day and approximate time you would pick up. SR Request: Bunk beds (Central) - Recently went through a divorce and need bunk beds for my kids room. Please and thank you! Offer: Bonus room furniture (Walnut Creek.) - Hooker cherry entertainment and office furniture. Old but working order dresser. Queen bed frame. 2 Scandinavian Design Navy leather chairs and 1 loveseat.
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Offer: Tools, etc. (Berkeley North) - 5gal gas can, jig saw, soldering iron, tsp, storage bins, etc. Can deliver to Castro Valley Offer: Lawnmower (Berkeley North) - Craftsman 4.25 HP mower. Stopped working, don't know why. Can deliver to Castro Valley
Offer: Hiking Maps (Eastlake, Oakland) - I have 2 maps: The Walker's Map of San Francisco (trails, bike paths, dog parks, stairs) and California's State Parks Map. Greta condition. Available for pick up on Ivy Hill. Offer: Drywall 1/2" (Alameda East End) (Alameda East End) - Full sheet of 1/2" drywall plus partial sheet with some screw holes in it. Please provide pick up window. Offer: Queen Boxspring (Alameda east end) (Alameda East End) - Offering Serta boxspring. Good condition. Clean. Just don't need it anymore. Please provide pick up window. Request: glass beads/gems for a craft project - North Berkeley Thanks! Offer: Plants - FREE SEEDLINGS - deadline next Sunday noon. SEEDLINGS 1. Viola tricolor, Johnny Jump Up 2. Cerinthe purpurea - 3. Linaria purpurea - despite the name, the flower isn't purple - it could be pink, lavender or white 4. Impatiens balfouri - 5. Tanacetum partenium aureum Prepare before you come. 1. They're TINY. Most less than an inch in diameter and height. That means you'll have to treat a plant like the baby it is. 2. I know you're busy, but I'm busy too, too busy to describe the plants or the kind of care they need. So please, do some research so you know which species you want, how many you want, and how to care for it. . 3. Bring your own pot and soil. A 2" pot is best. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO FREE - NO DEADLINE Plants: 1. Viola hederacea - this is a very drought tolerant Australian native - perhaps 4" in diameter. Only a few. Bring a larger pot and soil. 2. Alocasia sp. 3. Tiny (less than 1/2" diameter) bulbs of Amaryllis belladona 4. Bearded iris - I think it's blue and fragrant. 5. Clivia miniata - it comes in at least 2 forms. Mine has tangerine colored flowers with white throats and narrow strap like leaves; the other form which has orange flowers and wider leaves. It'll take some work to dig them up, but you can have a lot. 6. Choisya ternata 7. Helleborus I think the species is argutifolius, 8. Ornithogalum caudatum 9. Zantedeschia (Calla lily) 2. CUTTINGS OF a. Euonymous fortunei - this is a variegated green and yellow shrub which is now 4' tall, prefers full sun. b. Vinca major variegata Please prepare before you come. Bring pot - you'll need your own soil. I'll provide the digging tools Offer: Newspaper plastic bags (South Berkeley) - I have many of those plastic bags that newspapers get delivered in. They are great to carry with you when you walk your dog. Lori Offer: Masonite (Lake Merritt) - 2 sheets 1/4" hardboarder masonite — used for protecting our floors while we did project; other than a little tape residue it's still in good condition Offer: Thermoply structural sheathing (Lake Merritt) - 6 sheets leftover from our construction project
Offer: Vintage wooden doors (Lake Merritt) - 3 5-panel doors, 30"each 2 single-panel doors, 28" and 30" door frame for 28" door These are original doors from our 1908 house that no longer have a place. They're painted and not in perfect shape, but could be cleaned and painted (or refinished) and used either as doors or for another project (a work table?) If we don't find a home for them they're off to the dump, but we'd rather have someone use them than send them to the landfill!
Offer: Bonus room furniture (Walnut Creek.) - Cherry entertainment and office furniture. Old but working order dresser. Queen bed frame. Excellent condition 8x10 area rug and pad
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Offer: Razor scooter (Berkeley) - Despite years of use it still works and the back wheel still lights up.
Offer: Children’s starter bike (Berkeley) - Our kids learned to play in this bike...the chain needs grease. Request: Stand mixer (Old San ramon) - I’m looking for a stand mixer. Anybody has one they are not using anymore let me know. Thank you Request: ceramics banding wheel requested (Pleasant Hill, CA) - Looking for a functional, ceramics banding wheel Offer: Full size bed: mattress & frame (E Oakland- Maxwell Park) - Mattress (full) & frame in good condition in East Oakland You’ll need a vehicle that can hold a large mattress!