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Offer: popsicle sticks (Kaneohe) - Thoroughly washed. Good for crafts, garden, garage uses. See pic. Mahalo.
Offer: Moving boxes (Kaneohe) - About 20 boxes Offer: appox 3 ft square mirror (Hawaii Kai) - I have a large mirror, that was left at my home by a former roommate. It has to frame or mounting just a big mirror Request: Folding mattress (Honolulu) - A small sized memory foam mattress or any sized folding mattress. Request: Large storage bins with lids (Honolulu, HI) - Large not clear storage bins with lids. I need to pack and store me and my sons things til we find a place to move to. I don’t drive so If you can deliver please 🙏🏽🙏🏽 😊 Request: Red-Tinted Goggles / Glasses (Kaimuki) - Red-tinted goggles or glasses. The frame doesn't need to be good. I just need the part that is see-through, so that part should be transparent enough to still read a book, distant street signs, etc. Request: MicroSD Card 128 GB or Larger (Kaimuki) - Clean and functional, please. :) A MicroSD-card-to-USB converter would be very helpful as well. Offer: Scion XB 2008 Exterior Window Trim (Kaimuki) - My old Scion XB 2008 Exterior Window Trim for the front driver-side window. The hard plastic part is old and faded, but still feels solid and functional. The rubber part needs to be replaced. If you know how to replace the rubber and don't mind the faded color or are going to custom-color it, then this is for you. When I have time, I'll post the picture; however, if you are interested, you can respond to this post and request for me to post it sooner. Thank you fellow caretakers of our universe! Request: Scion XB 2008 Exterior Window Trim (Kaimuki) - Need trim for passenger side back and front. Need trim for driver side back. Belt Molding - Toyota (75720-12820) Belt Molding - Toyota (75740-12430) Belt Molding - Toyota (75730-12340)