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Request: 1 or 2 patio chair cushions (San Anselmo near the hub) - I'm looking for a seat cushion and a back cushion for a patio chair. It doesn't matter what the covers look like as I can re-cover. The inside cannot be moldy, though. The seat cushion needs to be apx 22" wide and apx 24 " deep. The back cushion needs to be apx 22" wide and up to 19" high. They can't be very thick. If you have one or both that would work, please let me know. Request: Hunger Game books (San Rafael downtown) - My teenager would like to read this series of books. If you have one or two of the series, we will pick up within a day or two. Request: Cookbook: Great Chefs of Marin (San Rafael Oak Ave Martens blv) - Looking for a cookbook “Food and Wine of the Great Chefs of Marin”. If I could just borrow a week to find a couple recipes from the book, that will be great too. Anywhere in Marin county will be great. Request: Lava lamp (Lagunitas) - Old school classic lava lamp (aqua or red preferred) for our Redwood Lounge in our church. Request: 2 books (San Anselmo on Butterfield) - I am looking to read: The Water Dancer, a novel by Ta-Nahisi Coates Circe, a novel by Madeline Miller Request: IPhone 7 case (Sausalito) - I got a new Used phone!!! Now for that iPhone 7 case! Will pick up today! Request: Re: Tax Forms (Sausalito) - I am looking for 1099 tax forms. Does anyone have some to spare? Thanks. Offer: Nitrile gloves size S (San Rafael) - Small, purple with extended cuff. About 12 inches long. I have about 1.5 boxes so about 75 gloves. Offer: Porch Pickup Household & Kids Stuff (Terra Linda- by NorthGate Mall) - Bunch of household and kids items in good condition. Please see photos. Porch Pick Up: 233 El Faisan Drive in San Rafael - Terra Linda - right behind the NorthGate Mall. PM me for Gate Code.
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Offer: Carhartt cargo shorts 32 distressed (Mill valley) - Size 32 stone cargo shorts by Carhartt. Pre-distressed with holes, a little bike stain. Soft and comfy.
Request: Boy Scout uniform (Marinwood (San Rafael)) - I'm looking for a Boy Scout Uniform that my daughter can use as a costume in her high school play. If you have an old uniform or part of one that your scout has grown out of I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Gary Request: Vehicle Ramps (Fairfax) - I’m looking for the small ramps you put under the wheels and drive up to raise the car to change the oil etc. if you have some you haven’t used in a while I’d be happy to have them. Thanks very much! Offer: 2 cat shelves (Loma Verde area of Novato) - 2 cat shelves and metal mounts.You'll need some molybolts from the hardware store. Had some double sided tape on the shelves so you might need some GooGone but otherwise in really good shape.
Offer: Memory foam cooling pillow (San Anselmo) - Only used a couple of times and has been in storage. Just a little too big for me. Memory foam with a gel cooling top.
Offer: Wooden crutches (Loma Verde area of Novato) - In pretty good shape. Solid wood with rubber feet and pads.Thepads are a bit old and cracked.
Offer: Metal folding ironing board (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It's green. It's metal.It's an ironing board. I'mnot sure what else to say.
Offer: Cuisinart toaster (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It needs some cleaning but I believe it works.It's big, about a foot wide. You can definitely fit a sliced bagel into the slots. It's a cool toaster fit for all your toasting needs.
Offer: Anti-snoring chin strap (Larkspur) - EasySleep Pro chin strap, in good condition. See: Offer: Tall shelving unit (Loma Verde area of Novato) - 48"w x 72"h x 19.5"d Wood laminate. In good shape. The shelves detach from the lower cabinet for easy moving It's a good looking unit
Offer: Portable Air Conditioner (San Anselmo) - This is a Whynter Elite 12000 BTU Dual Hose Digital Portable Air Conditioner, model ARC-122DS. We used it to cool our home office (about 15'x25') during the summer, and it did a great job. It still works fine, but we just had central air conditioning installed, and don't need it any more. You can find details at / Offer: 2 pieces foam insulation for walls (San Anselmo) - These are the same size as sheetrock, 4'x8', but are 1" thick rigid foam with shiny foil on both sides. Offer: 5 pieces sheetrock (San Anselmo) - Four of these are standard 1/2" thick 4x8 sheets. The fifth is the same size, but has a grey covering, and I think it's for water areas like bathrooms. Offer: LCD Computer monitor (Novato) - I have an viewsonic VA912b LCD 19" computer monitor to give away Offer: Queen Size Foam Bed Topper (Novato) - Queen sized foam bed topper. Could be cut for a smaller bed. Offer: Wicker laundry basket (Novato) - Wicker laundry basket Offer: Chart of brewing (Loma Verde area of Novato) - 19" x 23" in frame. A graphical chart of the beer brewing process. Excellent for the homebrewery.
Offer: Firewood bin (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Metal firewood carrier. Sturdy. Used. Gets the job done.
Offer: Survey of graphic design (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Print of A Stylistic Survey of Graphic Design 1820 - Present 19.5" x 25.5"
Offer: Wood book case (Loma Verde area of Novato) - I haveno idea as to the type of wood. 3 adjustable shelves. 36"w x 12"d x 48"h
Offer: Desk lamp (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Works, in good condition. Adjustable goose neck. Metal!