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Offer: Well-composted Horse Manure (2 miles north of Chelsea) - We have lots of well-composted horse manure available. This is a good time to add it to your vegetable gardens or perennial or shrub borders. No contact necessary! We can dump it in a pile on our driveway for you to shovel into your bags or bins OR my husband can load it into your trailer or pickup with the tractor. Let me know if you are interested. Offer: Bedding and drapes (Rochester area) - Sheets, mattress protector for double bed. Sheer white drapes ( several panels) 50x81. Comforter with matching bed skirt and shams. Large round table cloths. King size bed skirt. Jars of misc screws. Request: Baby Crib (West Toledo) - I am looking for a crib for my 7 month niece who is climbing out of her pack n play. Please and Thank You! Offer: Weber Gas Grill (Downtown Chelsea) - Although it's about 20 years old and needs some TLC, it works fine. Model is Genesis 1000 and includes a cover and one 20-lb. tank. Cooking area is about 24" x 17". Offer: diabetic supplies (Detroit BRUSH PARK) - i have a surplus of diabetic supplies. unopened insulin, needles, test strips and lancets. please if anyone is in need... Request: Wood fencing wanted (Toledo Ohio area) - 6'x8' wood fence panels wanted. Thank you Offer: The Babysitters Club books (Berkley) - I have a small random collection of The Babysitters Club books and The Boxcar Children Books if anyone is interested.
Offer: Cereal (Southfield/ Farmington Hills) - Gleaners bag of Cocoa Puffs
Offer: Canned Pork (Southfield/ Farmington Hills) - Four 24oz cans of Lakeside Pork with Juices.
Offer: Boxed Macaroni and Cheese (Southfield/ Farmington Hills) - Seven boxes
Offer: Prepared mash potatoes (Southfield/ Farmington Hills) - Just left a Gleaners Food Bank and recieved 6 already prepared Large VACUUM sealed bags of mashed potatoes. I have them refridgerated.
Request: 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick steel (Fennville) - steel plate Offer: Bottles of Aspirin (farmington) - 1. Top Care Aspirin 325 mg 100 coated tablets. exp 06/21 2. Smart Sense Aspirin 325 mg 500 coated tablets exp 05/18 (perhaps these are no longer any good) Porch pick up. 13 mile and farmington rds Request: Balance Bicycle for 4-year old Boy (Near Commerce and Duck Lake Rd) - If you have a balance bicycle (a small two-wheeled bicycle with no pedals) that you no longer need, it would be most appreciated by a little boy and his parents. Thanks. Offer: Homeschooling Math book gr 7 (Westland) - A Abeka 7th grade Basic Math, slightly used , 1-2 pages written on.
Offer: Toilet (Farmington Hills) (Farmington Hills) - Light brown toilet from the 70's. Still works, although seat could probably be replaced (we already replaced it once). Porch pickup 13 Mile and Drake area.
Offer: Pine-sol (Canton) - About 1/4 to 1/3 full of a big 1.35 gallon jug. In case anyone is still having trouble finding disinfecting products.
Request: Homemade masks (SE Ann Arbor & vicinity) - For going to grocery, etc. Need to fit men's x-l head size so hair ties ones don't work, at least with hair ties I have. Thanks Offer: Weider 9300 Pro-exercise equipment (Canton (south west side)) - I no longer use the above mentioned exercise equipment and would like to give it away to someone in need. You will need the following instructions to put it back together. I disassembled it somewhat so I could bring up from my basement to the curb. Offer: Moving Boxes (Crescent Lake Rd/Hatchery Rd) - I moved recently and have a big stack of boxes, both Uhaul moving boxes and misc Amazon and Chewy boxes. I'll put them in the driveway for you. Request: Clothes (Osceola) - Hello I am looking for girl clothes 6 and up and boys clothes size 9 and up and Also looking for household items. If u know anyone please let me know thanks and god bless Offer: Third grade brain quest book (Southwest Ann Arbor) - Third grade brain quest book (not new, many unfinished pages!) Offer: Basketball hoop and portable stand (Brighton twp) - Used. Could use a new net, everything else is fine. I believe the pole is 9 ft tall and the backboard is adjustable Request: Spiralizer (Plymouth) - Would love to make veggie pasta Request: Phone (Plymouth-but will come to you!) - An unlocked phone that I could use with ATT that takes decent photos Request: Old Skis/Poles (old west side) - We're looking for any size/color of new or used or very old skis and poles. My husband makes wind chimes out of them. Request: Computer chair (Delta Ohio) - Looking for a computer/desk/gaming chair for my 14 yr old daughter so she can sit and do her schoolwork comfortably Offer: Opinions on COVID-19 policy (SE of Ann Arbor) - > Freecycle ... asked local moderators to refocus local groups on crisis... > and to only allow items which are essential/basic necessities I disagree with this policy. Clearly people need to take precautions like maintaining social distance and sanitizing gifted items. But one size does not fit all, and it is not appropriate for moderators to mandate what can be given away! Items which may seem non-essential can play a significant role in allowing people to maintain their physical and emotional well-being during these difficult times. Picking up an item from someone's porch is probably lower risk than buying it from a store which requires waiting in line and interacting with a cashier. I hope others will speak up about this too, and that moderators will not try to restrict which items are allowed. Request: Adult diaper booster pads (Hazelpark) - Adult diaper booster pads size large Offer: misc House hold goods (Livonia) - Easter baskets, mantle clock, hooked on Phonics and Math. Party hats. At the curb if you’re interested. Linda