McKinleyville Freecycle

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Free: Recumbent Bike (Eureka near Zane) - Old Schwinn recumbent bike still works, just not being used anymore.
Photo of free Recumbent Bike (Eureka near Zane)
Free: Oak rocking chair (McKinleyville off School Road) Promised - in excellent condition. Cushion not included.
Photo of free Oak rocking chair (McKinleyville off School Road)
Free: Fisher Price high chair (Eureka/Cooper Gulch) - (In Eureka). Fisher Price high chair. I’ve cleaned it well but the cover and straps (both laundered) are stained from garage storage; replacements for both are available. (Cross-posted)
Photo of free Fisher Price high chair (Eureka/Cooper Gulch)
Photo of free Fisher Price high chair (Eureka/Cooper Gulch)
Request: CD & magazines (Eureka) - ISO free CD s female singers, religious, soul,pop, country. Also magazines: tabloid, Hollywood, entertainment. Call kind senior lady 707 267 3053 Request: 18 Days Clean / ISO Clothes & Boots (Old Town/ Downtown Eureka) - I am clean and sober 18 days (attending daily 6:15am NA meetings in Old Town) and am recently homeless. This weather has found me with one pair of running shoes, a pair of jeans, and a hoodie that have been soaked or damp for the past 4 days. It would be amazing to get a rain jacket or a big coat, some boots or basically any dry clothing. I am a size L or XL in shirts and Jackets, size 12-13 in shoes and 32/32 - 34/34 in pants. I'd be happy to talk to you about my sobriety or take a drug test if that meant receiving some clothing that I could feel comfortable enough in to go out and apply for work in. Im also willing to work for anything out there. I have experience in in most things manual labor but specifically tree and landscape work. Feel free to contact me at 707-298-1359. Text is best even if its to ask me to give you a call as I rarely hear my phone ring. Request: Kid swim stuff -waterwings, goggles (Any Humboldt porch pick up) - 3 year old and 7 year old need inflatable water wings and swim goggles! 🙏 Request: Any bookshelves cubbies organizers (Any Humboldt porch pick up) - Trying to organize our kids rumpus space, could use any kind of free standing book cases, shelving units, organizer cubbies…All their books and toys will be do much happier or in big floor piles! Thank you! Request: Good sleeping cot (Arcata bottoms) - I am in need of a good, collapsible sleeping cot. It needs to be able to fit a six-foot-long me. Thank you. Request: Moving boxes (Kneeland) - Sadly, we need to leave Humboldt County after 13 years, and need a lot of sturdy moving boxes. We'd be happy to come pick them up in Eureka, Arcata, or anywhere in between; we live about 2 1/2 miles up Greenwood Heights but come into town quite regularly. Thanks so much! Free: Small internet satellite dish (Petrolia area but can deliver) - I pulled this satellite dish (for internet service) off the side of my house. It had been on there since about 2015. When we figured out how expensive Exede was, we quit using them, but they said (so kindly!) "You can keep the dish, no problem!" But i have no use for this dish. I don't want to trash it. It's actually pretty cool... scientist/inventor/handy/tinkerer types, heads up! Look how you can arrange it so that the dish points anywhere... right, left, up, down... even has the protractor built in! How cool is that! It could be used for any sort of device you wanted to rearrange occasionally. Or maybe a shallow frog pond or a snow saucer, or a heat-reflecting solar cooker--?! I have the 10 big bolts that attached it to the building, and there are more small ones holding the wires onto the side of the house, which i could take off and give you, too, if you meant to use it for something like its original purpose. The dish is about 30" diameter. Please let me know if you want this and i will even deliver it to a reasonable location (that is, likely, after driving some distance from home in the Mattole Valley).
Photo of free Small internet satellite dish (Petrolia area but can deliver)
Photo of free Small internet satellite dish (Petrolia area but can deliver)
Photo of free Small internet satellite dish (Petrolia area but can deliver)
Request: Carpet, vinyl, ? flooring remnants (Anywhere in Humboldt) - Re-doing a trailer for an elder to retire in and looking for a fresh floor option for her, anything 10’ by 10’ or larger would work! Doesn’t have to be brand new as long as no odors or scary stains. Thank you!!! Request: old pot soil SoHm only (Redway (SoHum)) - Give me your tired, your poor, your unwanted soil! I could use a pickup truck's worth. SoHum ONLY, not worth the gas otherwise. I'm in downtown Redway, very easy unload in driveway. If anyone has any old soil they are throwing out anyway that isn't chock full of mites, fungal wilt, floramite or other very persistent chemical insecticide, I'll take it. Old Avid use OK (like a month ago), others not OK. Avid breaks down, floramite and the mildew-icide "cheif" or something like that don't as much and would make me very very sick. Will help with gas & also reimburse for contractor bags or you could stop by and get some. In bags prefered, preferably 1/3 to 1/2 full- I have very limited space. Unfortunately I can't help load it (bad back) but can help unload. I could also use any old pots a gallon size or any size bigger, if your wanting to clean up your yard and just get rid of them. I could help with gathering that if your not up a 4WD or steep dirt road. My car is a wimp on gravel hills. Free: Candle Holders (Eureka, near Fort Humboldt) - These are small candle holders, total of 16. Must take all.
Photo of free Candle Holders (Eureka, near Fort Humboldt)
Request: Women’s warm clothes (Eureka, CA) - A lovely senior lady who is homebound is in need of some items. Please do not buy, only give if you already have to donate. She would really appreciate it! She is really in need of warm clothes for the wintertime. She needs the items dropped off if possible. -Thermal set size L -T-shirts L (men or womens) -Warm winter tops size L-XL -Warm winter pants size L (Womens 12-14) Long -Women's flats or gym shoes (size 11 wide) -Warm nightgown XL -Dangling or hoop clip-on earrings -Headbands -Spring or summer hats Other Misc: -Unused greeting cards (no Christmas and no birthday) -TV trays -Christian/Gospel music on CD or tape -TV trays -Nail polish -Toaster oven Request: Baked Goods (Eureka, CA) - A homebound senior with a broken oven is in need of cheer and would like baked goods (desserts/bread) brought to her if there is a volunteer out there willing to do so. Request: boxes (Kneeland) - I'm moving, and need a bunch of sturdy boxes in pretty good shape. I can pick them up. Thanks! Free: Spiderettes (North of HSU) - It's time for the spider plant mother to let her grown babies go and be beautiful plants on their own.
Photo of free Spiderettes (North of HSU)
Request: bike helmet (Arcata) - Doesn't need to be in great condition but not awful? Request: Dresser for little girl (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) - Looking for solid wood, functional dresser to repaint and hold two little sisters worth of clothing. 🙏 Request: Outdoor shower diy items (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) - Trying to create an outdoor shower… looking for on demand water heater, plumbing, shower head etc! 🙏 Request: Composting toilet (Anywhere in humboldt or Mendo) - Looking for a composting toilet, any style. Can pick up! Free: Old digital camera (Sunny Brae (Arcata)) - Olympus C-50 Zoom, circa 2004. 5 megapixels! :-) Worked fine last time used, many years ago. W/memory cards, battery charger, old batteries, manual.
Photo of free Old digital camera (Sunny Brae (Arcata))
Request: 6 inch foam camping mat (Arcata) - I'm looking for a 6 inch foam mat that can be used for occasional sleeping (guests, camping, etc). If it folds in half, even better! I'm happy to pitch in a few bucks for your trouble. I would just really like to avoid buying new! Free: Canon 2700 printer (Eureka) - I have been using this printer for a couple of years. One day it quit printing. I'm sure it can be repaired. I was gifted from my son another printer that I am currently using. I also have spare ink cartridges for the Canon 2700. Request: One Ping Pong Ball (Myrtletown) - I need one (or more) ping pong ball. any color. not dented. thanks!