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Request: Canning jars (Klamath Falls) - Any sizes, especially looking for pints. Thank you! Request: Yellow egg crate foam (Medford -- grants pass) - Needing large piece of yellow egg crate foam. Needed for Halloween costume. 4ft long x 5 ft Request: Gloss spray paint (Grants Pass) - Any color just preferably gloss, all mine got lost tossed destroyed in move Offer: 2 Plywood sheets (Ashland near library) - We have two plywood sheets we are not using. They are approx. 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. Please let me know if you want them, and when you can pick them up. Thanks! Offer: Glass bottles (Grants pass) - Several 2 oz. bottles with droppers
Request: small dog - I'm looking for a small dog, not a puppy. I have a small dog that needs a playmate. Preferably, I would like a Yorkie mix, but any itty-bitty is fine. If you have a dog for me, send email to Thanks Offer: piano (Grants Pass) - fair, probably need tuning, no one has played this piano for over 10 years. Thank you, Paul
Request: Gaming laptop (1523Daytonst) - Looking for a semi used gaming laptop Request: Labtop (1523Daytonst) - Looking for a gaming laptop Offer: 2 Plywood sheets (Ashland near library) - We have two plywood sheets we are not using. They are approx. 6 feet long and 4 feet wide, and quite thin. Please let me know if you want them, and when you can pick them up. Thanks! Offer: Area rug (emigrant lake area) - It is approximately 7 by 9 feet. Light blue pattern. Needs a good cleaning but it is wool and is a lovely rug. It has been in our garage for a couple of years, rolled up, and just needs some love! No photo available. Request: dresser (Grants Pass) (Grants Pass) - Need a dresser in Grants Pass Request: Barometer (Gold Beach, Oregon) - Looking for an old school barometer/barametric pressure gauge Request: Freezer/electric ice box (Ashland) - Any size just not huge.Any condition that works. Hopefully clean.. Just really need a freezer Offer: Houseplants (Ashland Railroad District) - 3 small house plants: coleus, spider plant, succulent
Request: Fencing materials (Klamath Falls) - Need chain link fencing, minimum 4' high and gate, posts, etc. Request: Excess Fruits and Vegetables (Klamath Falls) - Would love to pick excess fruit and vegetables. Thank you! Request: piano lamp - Anyone have one that they no longer need....? Offer: 5 month old Silky Bantam rooster - Got some chicks a while ago, this one's a boy... can't keep him within city limits, so looking for an alternate destination. Offer: 6-gallon gas can (SE Ashland) - Basic red plastic container with standard inverted poring spout screw top. Offer: pleated window shades (Ashland) - Two pleated window shades, both in good condition: #1) Brand name: Crystal Pleat Size: 45 7/8" wide, 33 5/8" long Color: verdigris (grayish teal) #2) Brand name: Bali Size: 72" wide,80.5" long (had been used on a patio door) Color: light green If interested, please call 541-488-8225. Offer: Candle ends/pieces (SE Ashland) - I have a good collection of candle ends and pieces which are great for making new candles. There are videos online about how to do it. I hate to throw them out. Apparently my nephew is too old & busy to make candles anymore. ;-) Offer: Depends undergarments, Poise pads, wipes - Depends undergarments: I have about 20 left over from my mom. (Female size Large) They each have a Poise pad inserted (by me) to provide extra protection. Have been kept clean and neatly stored, though not in original package Poise pads: an almost full package - Long / Overnight Wipes: 3 barely used packages of wipes with aloe from the hospital - large size, fragrance free, hypoallergenic Request: dry wood shavings a/k/a excelsior - I need dry wood shavings to pack hyacinth bulbs in storage. Offer: Depends Undergarments, Poise Pads, Bed Pads - Leftover stuff my mom is no longer using - open packages. Depends undergarments - Women's, size Large - these each have a Poise "overnight" pad inserted for maximum protection. Kept very neat and clean. Offer: Lavendar Orpington Rooster - I have a spring 2019 Lavendar Orpington Rooster. I bought 5 hens, ended up with 4 hens and roo, and I already have another rooster. The Orpington is not aggressive with people or the hens. I can catch him at night. Thanks! Request: TV tray - WANTED: a TV tray, Ashland, thanks, Offer: Very old large working TV (Corner of 8th and M streets) - Need someone to remove old and very heavy TV from my home. It's been sitting there unused forever because I can't move it. Needs to go to either a new home or the dumpster.
Offer: Slide Projector (Ashland) - Anscomatic 680 Slide Projector and two carousels (each holds 100 slides). In original box, with manual and remote control.
Request: Pop-up shade cover (Ashland) - Looking for a pop-up shade cover- I have a small garden that is getting fried in the hot sun, so thought that might be an easy solution. Thank you in advance!