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Offer: Sledge (Corsham) - Yes, it's completely the wrong time of year, but get ahead of the snow and have the sledge ready! One of the plastic moulded ones that you sit in.
Photo of free Sledge (Corsham)
Offer: Birthday gift wrap - Langley Burrell (Chippenham SN15) - An unopened 3m roll of birthday gift wrap which, I would say, is best used on youngsters. It is emblazoned with Happy Birthday, Celebrate, Party, Have fun and Hip Hip Hooray slogans on a background of a greeny blue colour. Could probably be used for either sex but tending slightly more towards female. Request: Guinea pig run/hutch (Ashley) - Looking for a large hutch and wire for possibly a walk in run! Offer: Bosch Drill (University of Bath) - Bosch GSR 14,4V Professional Complete with 2 battery packs and charging unit. I have another one so no room to store it.
Photo of free Bosch Drill (University of Bath)
Photo of free Bosch Drill (University of Bath)
Offer: Pottery jug/flagons, broken handles (Corsham) - Might be of interest to someone, but they are old and damaged having been dug up out of a garden. Probably most interesting for decorative purposes. If no interest will be going to the tip at the end if the week!
Photo of free Pottery jug/flagons, broken handles (Corsham)
Offer: Pair of old fashioned bike lights (Corsham) - They're big, not very bright, but they work and people will be able to see you in the dark. Would be perfect for a retro bicycle!
Photo of free Pair of old fashioned bike lights (Corsham)
Offer: Small non-woven indoor car cover (Corsham) - Found while clearing out the garage, I don't even remember what car it came from! Labelled as a Small, I tested it on my car and I think it's for very small hatchbacks. Take it and try on your car, use it as a dust cover for something else or just use it as a supply of non-woven interfacing for sewing - it's clean if a little dusty. Unfortunately I'm in a deadline to clear out so can't store - this will go to whoever can pick up first so please let me know when you can collect.
Photo of free Small non-woven indoor car cover (Corsham)
Offer: Plastic toolbox with tray (Corsham) - Basic plastic toolbox, approx 40x20cm. Comes with an inner tray that has a handy ruler on it - yes I used it to measure the box! At the moment priority will go to whoever can pick up first as I'm on a time constraint clearing out and can't hold on to things, so please let me know when you can collect.
Photo of free Plastic toolbox with tray (Corsham)
Request: Wooden pallets and patio slabs (Trowbridge) - Looks for wooden pallets and patio slabs. Many thanks. Offer: Chairs (Melksham Forest SN12) - Metal framed, padded material seat/back Chairs. Stackable. 7 availiable. Ex-meeting room chairs but make very comfy dining chairs. (no fire label). Good condition, just a little dusty as been stored in garage.
Photo of free Chairs (Melksham Forest SN12)
Offer: Mensa puzzle alarm clock - Langley Burrell (Chippenham SN15) - Don't have the instructions to hand (have seen them previously but not going to go through all the packed stuff to find them!) but basically, the alarm will only switch off when the puzzle is solved. It also has a radio, and I've just noticed a "wimp out" button!!!!! Works off the mains. Offer: Triple nesting box (Camden) - Used but in good condition, needs a new home. Offer: Carmen Facial Sauna - Langley Burrell (Chippenham SN15) - I suspect this has never been used (belongs to daughter, never seen her use it) Offer: Workshop light (Devizes SN10) - Good working order. On a European plug which could be changed.
Photo of free Workshop light (Devizes SN10)
Offer: Electric sander (Devizes SN10) - Good working order. Has a European plug which could be changed.
Photo of free Electric sander (Devizes SN10)
Offer: Floor lights (Devizes SN10) - A pair of floor lights from Ikea. Perfect working order.
Photo of free Floor lights (Devizes SN10)
Offer: Office stool (Devizes SN10) - Black adjustable height office stool. Very comfortable, seat is a little worn (see photo).
Photo of free Office stool (Devizes SN10)
Photo of free Office stool (Devizes SN10)
Offer: Tv table (Bowerhill Melksham) - Few paint marks on top but cannot see when tv is on there.
Photo of free Tv table (Bowerhill Melksham)
Offer: Shed (Chippenham SN15) - 8’x6’ shed with glass window, dismantled into 7 panels the largest of which is 8’x6’. Generally in good condition but one corner has rotted and needs repair, the roof felt also needs replacing. Panels are heavy and will need a van or truck to remove. I’m sorry I can’t help lift the panels onto a vehicle but they are accessible on the driveway.
Photo of free Shed (Chippenham SN15)
Request: Slimline water butt and/or stand (BA14) - Looking for a slimline water butt and/or a stand for a slimline one.
Photo of Slimline water butt and/or stand (BA14)
Offer: Christening set - Langley Burrell (Chippenham SN15) - Teddy bear money box, egg cup and spoon. Still in original box but has tarnished so will need a good clean. Offer: Bath stone (Bath) - Broken up wall. Various sized pieces
Photo of free Bath stone (Bath)
Offer: Iron fence (Bath) - L3.70m x H70cm
Photo of free Iron fence (Bath)
Offer: Shelving (Larkhall) - One large open backed IKEA shelf unit. 206cm high x 40cm wide x 28cm deep, with 4 adjustable shelves. It is quite heavy and will need a large car/van. It can be dismantled for transporting but ideally not.
Photo of free Shelving (Larkhall)
Offer: Large curtains (Larkhall) - Two curtains, each measuring 210cm long, and around 160cm at the top, and 230cm at the bottom. They are good quality, lined, but are faded at the edges. Nice as curtains, or lots of decent quality material for another project.
Photo of free Large curtains (Larkhall)
Photo of free Large curtains (Larkhall)
Request: Double bed frame wooden (Chippenham or bath) - Looking for a double wooden bed frame can collect Offer: 15inch LCD monitor (Westwood) - 15 inch LCD monitor with 15 pin cable
Photo of free 15inch LCD monitor (Westwood)
Photo of free 15inch LCD monitor (Westwood)
Offer: Motorcycle helmet (Widcombe, Bath) Promised - Worn twice and in excellent condition Size: medium Offer: Child’s Metal bed frame (Bathampton) Promised - Ikea Minnen white bed frame (And slats). This bed is extendable and has some scrapes on the sides from that action, otherwise It is in good condition.
Photo of free Child’s Metal bed frame (Bathampton)
Offer: Leather armchair (Bathampton) - Very comfy but large chair from Indigo Furniture (100cm across and 90cm deep). This has been well used and the soft leather has a lot of marks from the sun, Scrapes and scratches but it is still sturdy.
Photo of free Leather armchair (Bathampton)
Photo of free Leather armchair (Bathampton)
Photo of free Leather armchair (Bathampton)
Photo of free Leather armchair (Bathampton)
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