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Offer: Electric Radiator (Ubley) - Electric radiator, don’t know if it works because we removed it before we used it. It’s been stored in our garage since we took it out, but we are emptying that out now. Collection only from Ubley. Have a look at our other offers too. Thanks
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Offer: Electric Towel Rail (Ubley) - Electric towel rail, left in our house from the previous owners. We uninstalled it from the property and put it in the garage which we’re now emptying. I think it works, but can’t guarantee it. Collection only from Ubley. Have a look at our other offers too. Thanks
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Offer: Grape Hyacinths (Bradford on Avon) - I have a lot of Muscari Grape Hyacinth bulbs, colour blue, which I no longer need. I would like to find a new home for them if you would like some, please email me or call on 01225 865633. Look forward to hearing from you. Michael Offer: Large piece of wood board (Ubley) - Sorry the picture is so silly. I’ll actually take one of the whole piece tomorrow - that would be helpful. It’s in good condition. It’s made from the wood chip type board. Needs a new home ASAP Have a look at my other offers too. Thanks
Offer: Large Oxo salad spinner (Bear Flat) - Big oxo salad spinner. Collection from Bear Flat
Offer: Blood Pressure Monitor - wrist type (Warminster BA12) - Offer: Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. In working order. Instructions included. Needs TWO AAA batteries I have lots of other things listed in separate listings. Please feel free to collect any. PLEASE SAY WHEN YOU CAN COLLECT and I will leave items in the porch. Social Distancing in place. Thank you Offer: Garage / Shed shelving (Ubley) - 2 sets of wooden shelves from our garage. 1 set is ready to be used again straight away. The smaller set would need to have its shelves replaced, but, Good News. . . we have plenty of pieces of wood that could be used to replace the flimsy existing shelves. There are woodwork holes present, that’s why I’ve said they’re only suitable for shed use. Any questions please ask. Have a look at my other offers too. Will be complying with social distancing when collection is arranged. Thanks
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Request: Half Pint Dimple Glasses (BA11) - Seeking please if anyone has any of these hidden away in their cupboards. I have Osteoarthritis and this type of glass is easier for me to hold. Thanks for reading.😀
Offer: Kitchen Door Fronts (beech) (Westbury) - Beech kitchen door fronts (we have replaced ours) in reasonable condition. Sizes are: 720x396 8-off 720x596 2-off 450x596 1-off 720x296 1-off 1230x596 1-off
Offer: Laptop case (Devizes SN10) - Grey felt laptop case, never used. Size 27 x 37 cms
Request: House magazine / the simple life (Combe Down) - asking for house magazines to try and get child to read and relax. Ba2 please Offer: Wall hanging (Devizes SN10) - Colourful Ecuador hanging. Size 38 x 102 cms
Request: Train set (Westbury) - Hello,does anyone have any trainsets that is collecting dust, that they wouldn't mind being collected? Many thanks Offer: Projector screen - good condition (Bowerhill SN12) - Matt white with black border (creates visual frame to image). Width: 70" 186cm. Height: 48" 122cm. Screen rolls up into cylindrical black metal casing. Attached black metal tripod support offers height adjustment. Compact and portable for storage and mobility. I can leave it in our front porch for collection - so no human contact needed! Offer: Clark’s foot measure (Bradford-on-Avon) - So that you can measure your kids feet at home and order the right size online, or shop without the kids.
Offer: Bookshelf (Odd Down) - This is a pretty old bookshelf but still solid if not pretty. I've hacked part of the backing (as seen in photo) as there was a wall socket behind where we kept it. I think this is covered by books or can be dealt with. I'll leave it on the drive so no need to arrange particular pick up times.
Offer: Angel wings (Saltford) - Brand new. Never opened. White feather angel wings
Offer: Towel radiator (Fairfield Park) - White curved towel radiator. 1200mm high x 550mm wide. Some rust at the base, but could easily be touched up. Will leave on the drive for collection to adhere to social distancing.
Offer: Light fitting / candelabra (Bradford-on-Avon) - Brass colour, 3 arms, assume it would still work but can’t guarantee, needs cleaning up.
Offer: Lamp shade (Bradford-on-Avon) - Has got a bit damaged in storage unfortunately but it doesn’t really show on the outside.
Offer: Under desk Foot rest (Bradford-on-Avon) - Perfect condition. Never really used it.
Offer: Childrens BOOKS + Medical Books +Shells (Warminster BA12) - 1. Enid Blyton, Brer Rabbit Again Enid Blyton, Tales of Toyland and other Stories THESE TWO TO GO TOGETHER 2. A Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis - paperback 3. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine Large papreback - 1036 pages 4. Small collection of SHELLS, including an American Sand Dollar Please say what you would like. I can leave in the porch for collection if you say when you can come. I have several books and other items listed in separate listings. Please feel free to collect any. Thank you Offer: BOOKS, Golf: Yachting: Acting: Photography. Vision (Warminster BA12) - 1. GOLF:- The Power of Golf The Golf Secret 2. Yachting and Boating book of Navigation 3. The Art of Coarse Acting 4. Teach Yourself Photography 5. Lecture Notes on Ophthalmology. (Lots of pencilled additions by someone). All paperbacks. Would prefer to go as ONE LOT if possible. Pass on what you don't need on Freegle. Please say what you want. I can leave in the porch for collection if you say when you can collect. Thank you. Offer: Hanging metal quote thing (Bradford-on-Avon) - See the photo. It’s about 22 inches / 55cm from top to bottom. Good condition.
Offer: Bush hand held vacuum cleaner (Bradford-on-Avon) - Only a year old, works fine, just no longer needed.
Offer: Kitchen sink and tap (Weston Village Bath) - Stainless steel sink 48x93.5cm, with monoblock tap and tails. Might be ok for a utility room or garage. I can leave on driveway for contact-free collection.
Offer: Dyson V6 cord free vacuum cleaner (Bradford-on-Avon) - Is stopping and starting, google search suggested cleaning the filter which I did but it’s still doing it. Someone more patient could probably fix it.
Offer: Gas and electric use monitor (Bradford-on-Avon) - One of those little things you plug in and it tells you how much gas and electric you’re using. needs to connect to a smart meter.
Offer: Mini kids skateboard (Bradford-on-Avon) - Mini skateboard no longer used. Pretty good condition , plenty of life left in it!
Offer: Spare Freezer (Ridgeway Farm (Ridgeway Farm (Near Peatmoor)) - Old, spare freezer. Good for use in the shed / garage. Was given to me last year and is in the same condition that it was given to me (see seals). Will need a good scrub / wash to get the marks off the seals. Would prefer collection ASAP as it’s in the toilet for now until collected. Social Distancing collection.