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Offer: Pallets (3) (07652) - 3 pallets. Good for Winter storage i.e. Firewood. Offer: Leftovers from garage sale. (11 hillcrest terr verona nj) - Anything left over from garage sale will be out until 4pm for Free pick up
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Request: Audio equipment (Wayne) - Looking for any type of microphones, speakers, turntables etc, starting a podcast from scratch and anything would help. Thank you. Request: Trumpet or other brass instrument (North Jersey) - Any kind of brass, looking to sponsor children to learn to play musical instruments. Preferably brass like the trumpet trombone or sax. Request: VHS tapes/vintage media (North Jersey) - Looking for any VHS/betamax/laserdisc/records/8 tracks you have that you'd like gone. Will take all. No DVDs, no cassette tapes. Will even take old magazines, video games, tube TV's, or toys. #vintage #retro Request: Vr headset (Union) - I'm looking for a vr headset, but they aren't too easy to come by. I've also heard some people have tried to use it before and felt nauseous, so I'm reluctant to spend 4 to 5 hundred dollars on one. If you or anyone you know tried one and didn't like it and can't use it, or just doesn't want it anymore, please let me know! Note: Not the kind of vr where you put a phone inside a plastic shell, rather one that has a built in screen. Offer: bonded Leather Sectional (365 Rockledge Pl. Teaneck NJ) - Grey Bonded Leather Sectional great condition except for one seat that needs TLC Must come with either van or pickup truck (large SUV will also do).
Request: Card table(s) (elmwood park) - Standard size Square card table For seniors to play cards thank you in advance. Quick pick up Offer: A World out of time (07825) - Used sci-fi book
Offer: Dell Speakers (07825) - I used these with my computer.
Offer: Nail lamp (07825) - Used nail lamp.
Offer: 2002 Sebring Convertible Boot Cover (Ossining) - For 2002 Sebring convertible. It covers the folding stuff when you have the top down. Found in garage, and don't have the car any more. Part number 0UP46XT5AA. Color: Sandstone.
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Offer: Pallets 3 total (07652) - Full size pallets good for firewood storage or winter storage.. Offer: Vinyl Phonograph Record Mailers (Ossining) - This is a stack of approximately 60 cardboard mailers used to ship vinyl phonograph records. They can also be used as book mailers.
Offer: 11x13 Photo Mailers (Ossining) - This is a stack of 26 stiff cardboard 11x13 photo mailers.
Offer: Wood shed (07876) - Lean-to, firewood shed, horizontal storage shed, utility shed Approximately 7.5' wide x 4' deep x 6' tall In good shape. We replaced the wood burning fireplace with gas so we no longer need this, and we are looking to reclaim the space. It still has a lot of life in it, would be nice for somebody to use it. Details: This is constructed with wood, not plastic, so it is heavy. As accurately as I could measure it: 88" wide x 51" deep x 70" tall. Due to lower back issues, I cannot help you move it. There seems to be three options to move and transport it: 1 (Quickest) - At least six strong people with lifting straps to pick it up and load onto a 5' x 8' utility trailer. 2 At least four people to roll it (you can YouTube it) and load onto a 5' x 8' utility trailer. 3 (Slowest) - At least two people - Dissemble it and load into a pickup or trailer. I believe U-Haul rents 5' x 8' utility trailers. Your vehicle could be parked nearby on my lawn in dry weather. Sorry, messages asking if it's still available will not be replied to, there is just too many of them. In your first message, please indicate what option you intend to use to remove it. Thanks
Request: Square card tables (elmwood park) - Square card tableslooking for good decent condition squareCard tables for seniors. Thank you in advance. Quick pick up Request: New toaster (elmwood park) - New toaster Looking for a new toaster that someone may have extra laying around to donate to some were the seniors. Quick pick up local 207407 within 10 miles thank you in advance Offer: Stiffel lamp (Bloomfield) - Solid brass Stiffel lamp. These things are ridiculously expensive. Perfect as a lighting accessory or a weapon. Whatever.
Offer: 3 TV's for recycler. --Gone! (near Easton Hospital) - Recycler came as promised. I've met some incredible and brave people through Trash Nothing! Offer: shop vac filer (west orange) - new shop vac filter #90304 type U Offer: Pallet (1) (07652) - Clean pallet good for firewood and storage.. 1st come 1st serve. Offer: Metropolitan Opera Programs (Ossining) - This is a collection of a couple decades' worth of Metropolitan Opera and other NYC opera programs, packed in a nice box.
Offer: Toilet and sink (Blakeslee PA) - Round, pink, used
Request: boxes, crates, bins (behind Mt. Horrib School) - hi nabors, im in a bit of an emergency situation tonight, i have to move and be out of my apt. sooner than expected... as in, midnight tonight / 12:01 a.m. tues. 15 2019 - that kind of soonerrr!!! im desperate, i need boxes, bags, crates, plastic bins, anything any sort of boxes i can pack up with asap tonight to move out of here! please help id appreciate anyones good will im not in a good way via the sudden vacate change!! i will appreciate any and all help ifyou’re able to, anyone !?!?!?! .... thank you. so much !!!! · 👩‍👧‍👦❣️ · ~ xo - jaedyn, jaelyn, &, mommy! ~ ☮️ 💟 🤲🏽 ♻️ . Offer: Calico critters camper (Ridgewood) - Used Many years of play left. Door doesn’t close all the way. Comes with a patio table. Also an extra chair from another cc play set. Pickup only.
Offer: 4 Plastic CD storage boxes (Lebanon nj) - One is cracked
Offer: Bag of Christmas boxes (Lebanon nj) - Good condition.
Offer: Truck bed rail (Lebanon nj) - Barely used
Offer: Basket (Lebanon nj) - Large basket