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Offer: RCA LCD TV with remote (Concord near Pavilion) - This is a 39” (diagonal measure) LCD TV with remote. Model #39LB45RQ No problems last time we used it about a year ago. Here are the specs: /
Photo of free RCA LCD TV with remote (Concord near Pavilion)
Request: SBC-350 chevy short block (East Petaluma) - rebuilding relatives truck. need 1967 to 1997 block. preferably a 1990-1992 block. do not need the accessories, but will take if you want me to. thank you. Offer: Calendar Art (West Petaluma) - 12 calendar pages of charming English villages. Fine for framing.
Photo of free Calendar Art (West Petaluma)
Request: Rowing machine that folds (Napa near Harvest Middle) - We are needing a rowing machine that is in good working condition. Due to our limited space, we also need one that folds for storage, unless it’s small enough to store easily. Thanks so much! Offer: Bathroom light fixture (West petaluma) - New bathroom light fixture. It is A Silver Base with 3 dome lights. See picture for details. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
Photo of free Bathroom light fixture (West petaluma)
Photo of free Bathroom light fixture (West petaluma)
Request: Mini Fridge needed for 2 weeks (Marin,Sonoma or Solano C) - Any Offer: HP Printer Ink (Sonoma, Town of Sonoma) - 950 XL 2 Pack of Black Printer Ink 951 1 1 Pack of Color Ink Hewlett Packard Office Jet Offer: vintage staples collection (West Petaluma) - Large collection of staples in their original packages and a couple of staplers in a toolbox.
Photo of free vintage staples collection (West Petaluma)
Offer: Memory Foam Mattress King (Suisun City) - Light Blue in good condition. 3 inches thick
Photo of free Memory Foam Mattress King (Suisun City)
Offer: Bag of Socks (Penngrove) - My quadriplegic daughter's socks were too small so we replaced them with a larger size. These socks are about a women's size 5 or so, a "Small". Obviously they are like new. I have a 12" diameter bag of washed socks in good condition that have sat for a month undisturbed so no virus concerns inside the bag. Offer: Several packing and moving boxes (Hercules) - Various sizes Offer: Large Moving Boxes (Eastside Petaluma) - Two mobile scooter boxes. Very sturdy with 4 closing flaps. Includes lots of bubble wrap if wanted.
Photo of free Large Moving Boxes (Eastside Petaluma)
Photo of free Large Moving Boxes (Eastside Petaluma)
Offer: Water heater Straps (Benicia) - I have water heater strapping with hardware that we no longer need. Free to anyone who may need it.
Photo of free Water heater Straps (Benicia)
Offer: Electric rotisserie (Terra Linda) - Great for juicy chickens and roasts. Lightly used. With really great gloves and manual.
Photo of free Electric rotisserie (Terra Linda)
Offer: Chair (East Side - near Southpoint) - Nice chair, needs work.
Photo of free Chair (East Side - near Southpoint)
Request: keyboard (piano type) (Pinole shores) - Does anyone have a piano type keyboard that they no longer use? I have been wanting one for years, and now with this pandemic, I figured it would be a good time to start learning to play. Offer: Moving Boxes (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi I just moved from North Penngrove to Coffey Park in Santa Rosa so I have moving boxes available that are medium sized right now. But I will have a lot more available in the next week or two. Please text or call Cate at 707-480-3207 for the location to pick these up. Offer: Lots of moving boxes (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi I’ve moved from north Penngrove to Santa Rosa in Coffey park. I have a good amount of medium in various size boxes to give away. I will be making more boxes available in the next week or two. Please text or call Care at 707-480-3207 for pick up location. Also anyone know how to change my location with Trash and Freecycle? Offer: Floor tiles (Novato) - See pic for details.
Photo of free Floor tiles (Novato)
Offer: unused packaged vacuum cleaner bags (Southern Novato) - We have 16 brand new vacuum cleaner bags that we no longer need. These fit Sears/Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners (the bags are model 50688 and are good with many products including vacuum models #32380, 32490, 32590, 32595, 32690. 33694 and 33794. Hate to toss these in the trash. Offer: assorted stuff (Napa/Petaluma) - big pieces of foam insulation 5-6 gallon wine jugs push mower Can be picked up in Napa or Petaluma text 707-225-1895
Photo of free assorted stuff (Napa/Petaluma)
Photo of free assorted stuff (Napa/Petaluma)
Offer: Decorations, recycling bins, MISC (Terra linda) - New decorations from Michael's, to recycling bins, mylar bags, air compressor, cardboard cat scratcher no, paper bags, and more.
Photo of free Decorations, recycling bins, MISC (Terra linda)
Photo of free Decorations, recycling bins, MISC (Terra linda)
Offer: Technics digital piano (Terra Linda) - Model SX-PC8; full 88 key keyboard plus base with damper and soft pedals. Music stand mounts on keyboard. Operates off 120 VAC. Excellent condition! Request: old iphone (sonoma county) - hopefully the speaker works since mine is broken and can’t make phone calls. looking for one that is compatible with T-mobile. Thank you!! Request: Recliner/Lounge chair (Vallejo) - Just moved and am looking for a brown Lazy Boy or standard recliner. Request: pallets (sonoma county) - Need to build greenhouse tables. Thank you! Will accept anything but grade C or broken. Offer: Door Draft Stopper (Saint Helena, CA) - Black, New, Never Used
Photo of free Door Draft Stopper (Saint Helena, CA)
Request: Maps of California (Marinwood) - Looking specifically for USGS maps, Topo maps, Geology maps and hiking maps, any area of California, prefer they are not mildewed, smoke impacted or torn, THANKS Request: old or broken computers (Martinez, Ca) - will pick up and dispose of properly your old or broken computers, and computer accessories ... Thankyou~! Offer: Water service regulator (West Petaluma) - Water service pressure regulator with pressure indicator attached.
Photo of free Water service regulator (West Petaluma)