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Request: Sectional couch, chairs, beds (Boswell Ave) - Have a small 1 bedroom and no furniture Offer: Shear pins (Simsbury Ct.) - Ariens shear pins, PN# 51001500 Offer: Ab roller (Beekman NY) - Needs a cleaning
Photo of free Ab roller (Beekman NY)
Request: Hot glue sticks for mini glue guns (Glastonbury Center) - I’m looking for glue sticks for mini glue guns. Let me know if you have any that you want to give away. Offer: Coffee table (Florence) - Solid and not rickety. That’s a plastic veneer top you see, but it’s not peeling and is totally serviceable
Photo of free Coffee table (Florence)
Offer: Cookie Press (Poughquag, NY) - Use this tool to make those Old Fashioned press cookies at Christmas! Just needs a good cleaning.
Photo of free Cookie Press (Poughquag, NY)
Photo of free Cookie Press (Poughquag, NY)
Offer: Wall lighting (Longmeadow) - Used. Think brushed nickel. Works perfectly fine. Just remodeling.
Photo of free Wall lighting (Longmeadow)
Request: Garden stuff (South Hamden) - Just getting ready for gardening season... in need of trellises stakes seeds transplants or indoor plants of any kind thanks Offer: Shower curtain hangers (Beekman NY) - Chrome
Photo of free Shower curtain hangers (Beekman NY)
Request: local artist (North Haven) - Looking for colored plastic bags,lots, and, or where to find them . Also looking for lots of purple yarn or any bulky yarn. Offer: Learn Access & Visio (New Miford, near Bridgewater) - I’d like to offer to whomever is interested to learn Microsoft Visual Basic, Access, and Visio. I have the software and the training manual for access only. I have used it and it takes you step by step. The only catch is that these are not the latest release but it will allow you to lear the basics. Today’s versions make use of the icons more that show you the logic. With these you get to use it and Learn how it works. Anyway, hope you can make use of it. All you get is in the picture.
Photo of free Learn Access & Visio (New Miford, near Bridgewater)
Offer: Chair (Florence) - Ok the fake leather on this chair is peeling but it is actually very comfortable.
Photo of free Chair (Florence)
Offer: Side table (Florence) - Not quite sure what this was built for- it’s pretty large. But totally solid piece of furniture that could use a paint or refinish.
Photo of free Side table (Florence)
Offer: Couch (Florence) - No rips, stains or that much wear. Just a used, comfy couch. Ask for details
Photo of free Couch (Florence)
Request: Square folding table (West lake Middletown) - For building puzzles Offer: PhotoGuard Storage Pages (Brewster) - Archival quality polypropylene storage pages. Two packs: one is for 4x5 format prints or negatives, the other is for 35 mm negative strips. At least 30-40 never used pages in each. Pages will fit in a 3-ring binder. Offer: Glass plate (Groton) - Clear glass plate
Photo of free Glass plate (Groton)
Request: glass bottles or canning jars (Norwich) - any color or size Offer: Floor Lamps (Elmwood (West Hartford)) - I have 2 floor lamps, one with a lamp shade, one without. They stand about 68” tall (not measuring the lamp shade). You can have one or both!
Photo of free Floor Lamps (Elmwood (West Hartford))
Offer: Pottery barn armchair (Poughquag, NY) Promised - Needs a new slipcover (you can get a knock off online), but otherwise in good shape!
Photo of free Pottery barn armchair (Poughquag, NY)
Photo of free Pottery barn armchair (Poughquag, NY)
Offer: 3 Kid's DVD's (West side of Danbury) - Cinderella, Ice Age, & Ice Age - The Meltdown
Photo of free 3 Kid's DVD's (West side of Danbury)
Offer: Trumpet/Cornet Lesson Book (West side of Danbury) - Standard of Excellence Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method lesson book for Trumpet/Cornet by Bruce Pearson. Includes 2 CD's.
Photo of free Trumpet/Cornet Lesson Book (West side of Danbury)
Offer: Water bottles (North Granby, CT) - 2 Mist n Sip water bottles. Unused.
Photo of free Water bottles (North Granby, CT)
Offer: Corner fan (North Granby, CT) - Used for circulating air. 7 inches by 7 inches on flat sides.
Photo of free Corner fan (North Granby, CT)
Offer: Recessed light bulbs (North Granby, CT) - 12 65 watt GE light bulbs. 2 CFL bulbs. All work.
Photo of free Recessed light bulbs (North Granby, CT)
Offer: Kitchen faucet (North Granby, CT) - Price Pfister faucet. Sprayer included. Removed for remodel.
Photo of free Kitchen faucet (North Granby, CT)
Offer: Rolling file cart (North Granby, CT) - Plastic file cart. 14” wide. 20” long. 23” tall.
Photo of free Rolling file cart (North Granby, CT)
Photo of free Rolling file cart (North Granby, CT)
Offer: Duck food (By DHS) - Baby duck starter pellets. A 30 gallon metal garbage can, half full. Was going to feed to chickens but google search says it is harmful to adult chickens. Easy driveway pickup(but heavy) Request: She Shed (Waterbury) - Looking for materials to make a She shed pls. Windows, doors, solar panels, wood & framing please. Request: Metal trash can (Hamden) - I'm looking for a big/medium size metal trash can like you see homeless people lighting fires keeping warm in movies. It's for a music video so any condition is perfectly fine with me. Needed asap.
Photo of Metal trash can (Hamden)
Photo of Metal trash can (Hamden)