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Request: Electronic keyboard (piano) (Glen Head) - Seeking a keyboard (piano) with MIDI connection. thank you. Request: MIDI cable (Glen Head) - Looking for a set of MIDI cables to connect electronic piano to computer. Thank you. Request: Fire pit (Judith Ln & Perkins Ave) - Looking for a Fire pit thank you in advance. Offer: Kenmore Microwave 1100 watts (Rocky Hill) - Works well, just some rust under the carousel plate.
Request: Kayak/canoe (Blue Point) - Anything similar to kayaks or canoes works! Thank you. Distance does not matter Offer: Playhut - Folding Playhouse (Mahopac) - in very good condition. porch pickup. this is very similar if not the exact item: Request: Chicken/Homesteading Magazines (Oxford) - Hi! I would love any back issues of chicken/farming/homesteading/gardening type magazines that you are looking to part with. Also any magazine that have nice pictures (like Country magazine) that would be kid friendly, for a project with my little ones. Thank you so much! Offer: Working old electric stove (Carmel) - This is the stove that came with the house and we replaced it. The stove works.
Offer: Near Infrared Bulb (Mahopac off of Taconic) - New. Used about 10 times for 20 minutes each time. Fits standard light socket. Bought as a therapeutic light. I ended up buying an LED light because LED doesn’t warm up. Simple non-contact yard pick up. If you’re interested pls lmk in general when you’d like to pick up.
Request: Bed frame (Waterbury) - Twin bed frame Request: Twin bed (Waterbury) - Looking for a twin size bed please. Will pick up promptly Request: Exercise Bosu Ball (New Haven, CT.) - In need of Bosu Ball at least in fair condition please.Tried to buy one but too expensive for me now. Thanks. Offer: Baby Mobile (Scarsdale) - Great condition...kept 2 kids happy...attaches to crib no touch pick-up
Offer: breast milk bottles, bags and pads (Scarsdale) - breast milk bottles, bags and pads bottles are reusable and very clean. bags and pads unused and in retail boxes no-touch pick-up Request: Boxing bag (Westchester) - In searchof a boxing or punching/kicking bag. Alsoa maxi climber. Offer: Pogo stick (North Branford) - Some wear, basically new
Offer: Treated wood (11706 Mackey o p ks) - Four 5’ 4 x 4
Offer: bed pocket caddy -Milford - I have a purple Hello Kitty bed pocket caddy. Gives you storage pockets for on the side of your bed. Slips in between / held in place by mattress and box spring. Just wrinkled and couple probably stand a washing. It’s been up in my attic. Pick up in Milford Offer: youth basketball shoes - Milford - I have a pair of navy blue and white Nike basketball shoes size 7Y. Excellent condition Pickup in Milford Offer: men’s track shoes - Milford - I have a red pair of Adidas men’s size 8 track shoes (I think that’s what they are called. They are lightweight & have rubber soles and the 4 holes on each bottom for where the metal spikes can be inserted, but I don’t have those. Shoes in great condition. Must have been worn for 1 season of high school cross country. Pickup in Milford Offer: Sewing patterns with photo (Fairfield) - 2 sewing patterns for toddlers. Used once, good condition
Offer: Girls gymnastics leotard - Milford - Probably only worn a few times at best. Needs to be washed as it’s been up in the attic .. Says 12/14 in tag. Handmade for a shown during our days at Polly’s. Pickup in Milford Offer: Number 4 house number (Brookfield Connecticut) - Not the prettiest, but it gets the job done. Easy porch pick up.
Offer: Men's size 9 baseball shoes (Brookfield Connecticut) - They could use some cleaning, but my son only used them for one season before he out grew them. Easy porch pick up.
Request: Wooden clothspins & large burlap (Bethany, CT) - Large burlap cloth and wooden clothspins Request: Teacher Needs Boxes (Bristol) - Hi, I am in need of moving boxes to pack up my classroom. Thank you. Offer: digital doorbell (Henry James area, Simsbury Ct.) - Digital Mount Doorbell Motion Sensors Alarms Infrared Wireless Alarm Systems I have used these (2) for many years and I loved the alarm when someone was at my doors. There is a volume control. Sorry I do not have the paperwork for this. Offer: medela breast pump, etc (Scarsdale) - medela breast pump and parts + paraphernalia (medela bottles, etc) no-touch pick-up Offer: Baby Mobile (Scarsdale) - Great condition...kept 2 kids happy...attaches to crib
Request: Videogames (Pine Street, Bristol) - I’ll take anything: old, new, broken. My kids get a kick out of older games and like newer stuff as well. Just hate to see things thrown out when my kids will use them.