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Request: Wood stool (E. Ventura) - Looking for a wooden stool or very narrow end table. Thanks Offer: Children's CDs (Tujunga, Ca) - 12 CDs, mix of music and books on tape. Many stil shrink-wrapped. Others are newish and in great condition. Include Stellaluna, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dr. Seuss, They Might Be Giants, Putumayo collections.
Request: Batting / Stuffing (South Gardena) - Does anyone have some leftover batting or stuffing? I have a small pillow to stuff, but don't need much. Anyone have a partial bag to spare? Request: Fishing (Westminster at Newland/Hazard) - I’m looking for someone who has a boat and goes fishing that my retired husband could go with. I realize this is not a time that it would be happening with the virus but maybe we could just know it’s a possibility when things get better. Offer: Car cassette deck adapter (S. Torr) - Adapter to convert your car's cassette deck into a cd or other media player, plugs into your headphone jack. also includes a cigarette power adapter cord Offer: Leather flip phone belt holster (S. Torr) - brown leather flip phone holder Offer: Decorative plate (S. Torr) - 6" across, black with gold relief of the Badshahi Mosque on Lahore, Pakistan
Offer: Pole-less tent (S. Torr) - I have a North Face Tadpole 23 tent with no poles, stakes or bag. Just the tent and the rainfly. The tent is in perfect shape but the rainfly's lamination is starting to flake at the seams. Its a 2 man tent. here's a link to the specifics. Fabric might make for a good quarantine project Offer: Leather sofa (Chino hills) - I do have 2 leather sofa free Offer: baby swing, no batteries included (West Hollywood) - can use a quick wipe down but in great condition otherwise. 5 point harness
Offer: Bed (Gardena) - Twin mattress plus bed frame, slight discoloration on mattress, good condition
Request: a mask! (Central) - Anyone have any masks for free/ cheap? I need to send one to my mom back home , she is an essential worker. Thank you ❤️ Request: Furniture/household it! (Central) - Hello! I just moved to Los Angeles and I am in desperate need of furniture and other household items . I am looking for a bed , sofa, kitchenware , etc. If you know of anyone that is getting rid of any furniture , or moving out , or is cleaning out their homes and is trying to get rid of anything just text me please ‪213-471-7525‬ is my number . Any help is appreciated:), thank you so much ! Request: Fabric or elastic (Moorpark) - Hey all, looking for any fabric (preferably cotton) or elastic that anyone has laying around. I'm a nusrsing student who would like to make masks for my aunt and co workers who work at children's hospital of los angeles. Willing to pick up. Thank you for your support 😊 Offer: Car cassette deck adapter (S. Torr) - Adapter to convert your car's cassette deck into a cd or other media player. also includes a cigarette power adapter cord Request: Bunkbeds (Long beach) - Looking for bunkbeds if anyone can help it's for two kids small ages 4 and 2 thank you so much Offer: cellphone antenna booster (S. Torr) - Used with my old flip phone when I lived in a place with poor reception. The current adapter on it doesn't fit my android phone. Great if you live somewhere that doesn't get a strong signal and keeps dropping calls or find yourself out in the wilderness a lot. Not sure if it can be adapted for the newer smart phones or not, haven't tried. Request: skate wheels, bearings (Huntington beach,ca) - my car was broken into and they took half my car. including my brand new skates that i spent way too much time putting wheels on and I'm super bummed. (got to skate in them one and a half times. ) if anyone has any skate stuff lying around I'll trade or buy from you! Offer: Guardian angel (Simi valley mid) - Ornate frame 22 x 22
Request: schools closed but not my kids educ (Garden Grove) - Need a laptop to be able to keep my kids learning with the schools closed. My kids education is always going to be my main priority. Currently I have them both doing what they can with activity books, but ABC mouse is what I need them on. Request: of wellness &selfcare items (El Monte, Ca) - I am asking for items for medical staff on the frontlines -wellness items, immunity boosters, supplements, teas, oranges, self care items, big baskets to arrange items. if can help support my mission please. Request: Games and puzzles (Oak park) - Looking for games & puzzles To keep my two sons and I occupied during this pandemic. Lost everything we did have in the woolsey Fire & now need them more than ever. Thanks! Request: Books (Carson near Harbor UCLA MedCtr) - I have a friend recovering from a heart attack and he is looking for books to read. He likes war novels, mystery, action adventure. Does anyone have extra of these kinds of books that you would recommend and be willing to part with? Thank you in advance. Offer: wire hangers (Monrovia) - Free wire hangers
Request: Musical equipment and gere (Norwalk) - A musician who doesn't have a gutair electric or acustic I was robbed and attaced so now I have nothing left they took it all people if u know anyone given away an actual base gutair and drums or backline with speaker amps andMike stands plus cords. I also ame in dire need of repair to my Dodge Stratus 2012 needs a rear window and driver's door window fixed and timing belt change and time up please help 🙏 alsoif u come across a dvd portebul player or laptop I have no charge cord and it's very outdated. I'm resently disabled and am in judgeneed of a hearingaid and anything that can be replaced from mybrutally attack and home invasion I have nothing left please send me all your old thingsthak you Offer: Tree stand! Free! (Sunland) - Use this bucket filled with cement to hold your tree upright! Or for some other clever use!
Offer: Sofa (Woodbridge) - Light beige, micro suede. L-shape, 2 pieces. 98” wide with arms, 39” deep overall. L attachment flips to either side. Good condition. Note that there are cats in the home (no sofa damage from cats) Request: Backyard compost bin (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Old backyard compost bin broke- anyone have one they don’t want anymore? Doesn’t matter if it’s dirty! Offer: Hp laptop (Santa Ana) - 15 inch black HP laptop
Offer: Old laptop (Santa Ana) - 15 inch, gray/black Toshiba laptop