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Offer: King Sized Water Bet Frame - This is just the frame and two heaters but no bladder. I think it's called a pedistal frame. It has 6 drawers (3 on each side) under it. It is located by Marshall High School on Rice Lake Rd. Request: 6 ft foldaway table (Lakeside) - good condition, dining/banquet 6 ft rectangle with folding legs. Offer: Toilet (Rhinelander) - I have a Kohler toilet that works great but I had a brand new toilet for a rental of mine but it wouldn’t fit so I replaced the Kohler that I had used for several years with the new one. The Kohler that I am giving away when I bought it was able to flush a dozen golfs balls down at one time and it only uses 1 Gallon of water. If no one wants it it will go to the land fill.
Offer: Gas grill igniter (Lakeside) - I have two brand new igniters for Charbroil grill.
Request: high back wooden chair (Anywhere duluth-ish) - I need something along the lines of the 2 chairs on the left, so I can convert it into the prop-chair on the right. If the original needs work/broken, that's fine as this is a complete do-over.
Request: KING sized water bed bladder - My 40 year-old water bed bladder pooped it's pants and now has a small leak that I can't find. If someone has one that they're not going to use and it's just taking up space, I'd like to take it off your hands. I live by Marshall High School but I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance to retrieve same. Request: Lamps (Duluth) - We're in the dark - literally! My daughter's cat knocked down the last working lamp in the house. If you have any gathering dust we could definitely put them to good use. Thank you! :) Offer: Gas grill igniter (Lakeside) - I have two brand new igniters for Charbroil grill. Request: Electric Piano (Duluth) - Hi! Our middle school choir needs an electric piano. If you have an old one you don't want anymore, our kids would be happy to put it to good use. Thank you :) Offer: 1981 27ft Hunter Sail Boat (Bayfield) - 27 foot Hunter free for you. We got a motor boat and aren't using this. Tired of paying storage. Doesn't have a full sail set. Boat is sea worthy we just don't have the time and energy to use it anymore. Offer: R: C/PAP Machine - Older model C/PAP machine, good working condition. Carrying case is included. Pickup is in Proctor, MN. Request: Curtains and rods. Paint (duluth) - Lmk Request: Storage containers (duluth) - Totes with lids multiple sizes Request: TV Digital-to-Analog Converter - I have an old 36" analogue TV that needs a converter to watch local stations. I live by Marshall High School but willing to travel a reasonable distance to fetch. Offer: Gas Grill (Woodland) - Good condition - includes gas tank Request: Air Conditioner (Duluth/Hermantown) - I’m in desperate need of a A/C. Had to move unexpectedly and where I’m living now has no A/C. I struggle with migraines from the Heat and humidity. If anyone can help me out I would be so thankful. Request: Microwave (Downtown) - Looking for a free microwave. Thanks! :) Offer: "Enlarged Screen Magnifier" - I love gadgets, but this one doesn't work for me. It magnifies the screen of your phone so the picture appears larger, and so you don't have to hold the phone so close. (I guess I like to hold the phone close.) --Sue in West Duluth. Offer: Gas Grill (Woodland) - Good condition - includes gas cylinder. Request: wall letter holder (downtown duluth) - looking for a wall letter holder to put on kitchen wall Request: Dressers or storage units (Superior wi) - I am looking for dresser or storage unit to but cloths in I can haul