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Request: Mountain Bike Protection Pads (L5C 2C2) - If you have no more use for your mountain biking equipment, specifically legs, hands and shoulders protection pads, I’d be happy to take them. Please email me the size and a few pictures. Thank you for reading. Offer: patio table (Milton (derry/Thompson)) - Black and sturdy. A little bit rusted at the top. Pick-up Milton. Please indicate day/time of pick-up
Offer: Folding Metal Table Legs (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Use a piece of plywood or an old door and make yourself a new table. Leaning against the big tree on our driveway. Check your junk mail for my response, if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: 3 grape tomato plants (L5L 5P5) - Please bring your own pots to transplant them. Please let us know if you want 1,2 or all. Provide a phone number so we can makeProvide a phone number so we can make arrangements for pick up
Offer: Dried herbs (L5L 5P5) - Parsley, oregano Porch pick up Offer: Bean Plant (L5L 5P5) - Please provide a time when you can pick it up… Porch pick up
Offer: Adorable Pooh umbrella stroller (Burloak & New) - In good condition. Who doesn't like Whinney the Pooh? PPU.
Request: Car booster seat (Burloak & New) - Our little girl has nearly outgrown her baby car seat and so we're hoping to find a booster someone else's child has outgrown! Not fussy about colour but clean would of course be preferred. Thanks! Offer: Suit Carry Bag 1 (L5C 2C2 (Mississauga)) - See pic, as Is. Porch pickup. Email me for address. Preference to those that specify a time and date.
Request: white plastic lattice (Streetsville) - Need a piece of white plastic lattice (the kind you use for fencing) or something similarly lightweight for a display project. One piece approximately 4’ x 6’, or a couple that could be put together to those dimensions would be awesome. Thanks in advance! Request: Apartment Size Refrigerator/Freezer (Mississauga Central) - Looking for medium sized refrigerator with freezer (7 -10 cu ft) Will pick up. Offer: Couch on Lindenlea (L5C 2C2 (Mississauga)) - See the pic. It’s there now, Oct 20, 2019. @ 6:45 pm. Seems to be in decent shape. Don’t ask me anything, I am just delivering the info.
Offer: Pool toys (Erin Mills) - Various toys such as sinkers, squirters, paddle game, floating board plus blue bin Porch pick up Offer: Screen protector for pixel 3 (Meadowvale, Mississauga) - Simply Carbon Fiber brand, pack of 2 Porch pick-up
Offer: Perennials (L5L 5P5) - Perennials I forgot what these are called they come up every year. We have 2 sets of these. If you want any you’ll have to dig them up and have a container to put them in… Please provide phone number so we can arrange pick up time
Offer: Good News For Modern Man (L6M 1H8) - The new testament in today's English version. Paperback Pick up only
Request: Puffer jacket (Erin Mills Pkwy/Dundas) - Hello all, I am looking for puffer jacket for my son. His was just stolen and we are trying to replace it. He is about 6' tall, he needs Medium or Large size. If you have at home and don't need it anymore please let me know. I will pick it up. Thanks, Renata Offer: Crochet Magazines (Meadowvale Town Centre area) - Fourteen issues of Interweave Crochet magazine. There is almost all of the issues from 2015 to 2018. Pick up time and phone number must be included. Rude requests will be ignored. Battleford Rd. and Glen Erin Dr., near the Meadowvale Town Centre, Mississauga.
Offer: White hanging Lightfixture (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) - Large light fixture. White, but the photo had a very dim light inside it
Offer: Hanging light fixture (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) - 2 bulbs on a ceiling mounted fixture.we were having flickering on one light. We don't know if it was the fixture or the bulb, but were replacing it anyways
Offer: Lamps (South West Mississauga) - Dusty, working lamps, may need a slight repair.
Offer: Cutting board (Erin Mills Pkwy/Dundas) - Very heavy, square cutting board (13"×13"). It has rubbers on the bottom to prevent sliding on the counter. Renata
Offer: Spinning wheel (South West Mississauga) - Dusty as it has been in storage
Offer: Wire basket (South West Mississauga) - Porch pick up
Request: Yarn (Clarkson) - ISO any yarn that you may have Request: Laptop (Clarkson) - ISO good condition working laptop. Probably a long shot but if someone has upgraded theirs and have one to pass on I would greatly appreciate it Offer: Grape tomatoes (L5L 5P5) - Grape Tomatoes Please bring pots to transfer this into. Please let us know when you’re coming so we can arrange a time for pick up
Offer: Herbs chives etc (L5L 5P5) - Chives and green onions I’m not sure what else… Bring containers to transfer into your pots… Let me know when you’re coming so we can arrange a time…
Offer: Herbs (L5L 5P5) - Basil, thyme or oregano? Please bring some pots to put them in… Porch pick up let me know when you’re coming
Offer: Go Pro accessories (L5L 5P5) - Porch pick up