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Offer: Window glass (Cove Rd) - 7 pieces of 24"x24" window pane plate glass Request: Sheet Vinyl Flooring (Capitol Hill) - Looking for unused sheet vinyl flooring. Only looking for rolls with colors. I've been looking for the "faux tiles" look with some white hexagonal tiles and some colorful tiles too. But, I'd probably be interested in anything with colors. Only need a 6ft x 6ft roll. THANKS! Offer: Cat Tower (Renton near Lindbergh HIgh Sch) - Base 24 x 20 inches. 45 inches high. There is some mold on the base piece, where a cat water dish leaked, so that should probaby be replaced.The carpeting is discolored in places. Pretty solid overall.
Offer: Calcium Chloride Ice Melt (Capitol Hill) - 2 unopened bags of Calcium Chloride Ice Melt. Easy porch pick up.
Offer: Ubbi Diaper Pail (Capitol Hill) - Barely used. Easy porch pick up! Request: large rice cooker 14 cup or (Just off 90th and Aurora) - Hi I cook for the Homeless and my rice cooker just died so if you have a large rice cooker 14 cup or more and don't use I can use it if there's more than one out there ill take them all I go through them Thank You and God Bless Al Offer: Padded mailing envelopes (Capitol Hill) - About one shopping bag full of padded mailing envelopes Offer: Many clean paper grocery bags (Capitol Hill) - About one bag full of bags.
Offer: DVD containers (Manchester) - Couple hundred empty dvd containers. Have tried to find recycling but unsuccessful. Anyone want them before I have to ad them to the landfill : Offer: Cat tower for parts (Fairwood Renton near Lindbergh) - This cat tower is about 45" tall. The bottom board has some mold on it where the cat drinking water leaked, and the carpet is stained. If you need parts for a cat tower, this comes apart easily. The poles are in good shape.
Request: items for Les Miserable barric (Gig Harbor) - Older looking furniture (think French Revolution), wooden ladders, shelving, chairs, benches, chests, shutters, etc. We are building the set for our production of Les Miserables and are in desperate need of more items for the barricade scenes. Offer: Incandescent Light Bulbs (East Olympia) - Numerous styles and wattages. A7 (regular light bulbs), R20,R30 and R40 (spotlight bulbs) and others. We're converting to LED so have these bulbs to give away. All must go together, no parsing out. Offer: 3 Broken Pasta Bowls (Near Thriftway) - I had wonderful pasta bowls that cracked & broke one by one. I tried to glue them back together, but I never used them again. I couldn’t bear to toss them; they are just too beautiful, but I’m tired of giving them space. Would anyone like them for mosaic pieces or any non food use? Beautiful Fig Design, blue, green, cream colored . These have all broken completely thru and have been glued together, not for food use.
Request: Nest or other branded home monitori (Maple valley) - Hello my name is Megan I'm looking for a home monitoring system for our home. Ours was severely damage Offer: Twin boxspring (Seattle) - Sealy twin boxspring. Good condition.
Offer: Glass panes (Cove Rd) (Cove Rd) - 7 panes of plate glass, 24x24" each. Offer: Plastic jars (Cove Rd) (Cove Rd) - 6 plastic jars w/ lids, 16 fl.oz. each. Maybe useful for art projects or storage or ???
Offer: Stone scraps (downtown Oly) - Stone scraps available. Ricolyte ( green) bottom right in photo. Red marble bottom left in photo. Soapstone (various colors) top right in photo. Pink alabaster top left in photo. Second photo has a Swiss Army knife in front for scale. Great for carving, bead making, crafting or garden decorations.
Offer: Fluorescent Shop Lights (Ballard) - 3 – 4" fixures with bulbs. Offer: Marmoleum Cleaner and Treatment (Ballard) - 1 gallon each Forbo Industries Marmoleum floor cleaner and treatment. Both are open but mostly full. Request: Working cell phone (Seattle) Offer: King size bed mattress (Beacon Hill, Seattle) - King size bed mattress, white with some light blue and pink floral designs, approximately 76"x76"x11", in very good condition. Includes mattress cover.
Offer: Mentoring resource materials (Burton Peninsula, Vashon) - Mentor's and Mentee's guides (by Linda Phillips-Jones, PhD), Mentee's Navigator (by Jim Perrone and Larry Ambrose). Also have reference guides on Analytic Thinking and Trust and Betrayal Model. Offer: Tuft & Needle New Mattress (Tukwila, Wa) - Just used, in 100 day trial. Only slept on for two days. Great for anyone in need or in need of a new mattress. Must be picked up with truck and mover or help. Item is on a high floor level and will need to be taken out.
Offer: 20+ egg cartons (Wax Orchard/Vashon) - I would love to see these used by someone -- free egg cartons! Offer: girls size 8-10 (Ballard) - I have a collection of mostly used girls' clothing, mainly in sizes 8-10, but some smaller sized things as well (especially smaller sized skirts that a thinner kid can wear beyond the stated size). Includes jacket, poncho, jeans, tops, sweaters in condition ranging from new looking to worn but usable. Prefer asap porch pickup. Please give day and time range you would pick up in your reply. Thank you! Located in north part of Ballard. Offer: Red Leather Bench (West Seattle) - Full sized Red Leather Bench Scuffed leather. Can be recovered
Offer: Brown Leather Dania Couch (West Seattle) - Full size Brown Leather Dania Couch Seat has leather rubbed off but I cover with a blanket
Offer: Moving Boxes (West Seattle) - Around 15 boxes indifferent sizes. Most of them Home Depot/Lowe's medium size. Must take all.
Request: In need; YOGA MAT (Fremont, Seattle WA.) - Hello, I'm currently searching for a yoga mat that someone is either willing to let me borrow for a good chunk of time, or be so very kind and gift it to a stranger who's much in need?Maybe yoga just wasn't for you and you have one you'd be willing to pass it down the line, rather then continuing to tell yourself you're still going to "give it another shot one of these days!" despite the dust constantly needing to be wiped off the poor thing...or maybe you like to hoard yoga mats but are willing to let go of one so that a disabled female can begin to do the everyday stretching and light exercising she needs to be doing but can't because the straight floor is much too uncomfortable due to her physical ailment...ok, enough with the sarcasm and semi-sob story...help a sister out! I'll bake you cookies in return for your epic generosity and you'll have a clear conscience for a bit knowing you were able to assist in this nice ladies want to physically get better (Since I'm asking for a hand out, I don't care about color but would love a larger more thicker one, if possible but obviously not required because beggars can't be choosers, as they say) So please get back to me if you can assist in this situation and we'll go from there! SIDENOTE; I reside in the Fremont area but can come to you to pick it up, all within reasonable distance, that is. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from someone soon, or atleast someone that could point me in the direction of someone who can.Thanks again and have a great day! Best, Charlotte L.