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Request: couch/loveseat (Mattydale, ny) - Looking for something nice for the living room Offer: Fiberglass ceiling tiles (West Hill) - Does anyone have any use for old fiberglass ceiling tiles? Most are 2x4 feet.
Photo of free Fiberglass ceiling tiles (West Hill)
Offer: 3 ring binders (strathcona park) - Assorted 3 ring binders Offer: Empty photo albums s (strathcona park) - These are complete with the glassine envelopes Offer: Padded envelopes (strathcona park) - Various sizes. These have been used but are usable. If not claimed they have to be garbaged as the cannot br recycled Offer: sparkliest (strathcona park) - Sparklets for soda water maker NOT sea stream. We freecycled the soda maker and did not realize that we had spare sparklets Offer: Large clean white buckets (strathcona park) - 4 x 11kg white buckets which had pool chemicals in them headed for recycling if not claimed Request: Carafe and cake stand to Borrow (Spencer) - Would like to borrow beverage carafes (clear glass or plastic) 33 - 50oz and white/clear glass cake stands for upcoming bridal shower on Sept 6th. Will return in tip top shape! Offer: HP Photosmart D7160 (broken) (Etna) - I have had this inkjet printer for 10+ years, and it stopped working a couple weeks ago when I tried to prevent it from feeding multiple pages at a time... it jammed, and claims to still be jammed, even though I can find no obstruction. I've given up on it, replacing with a laser printer. (I never used the photo printing of the HP enough to justify the hassle of maintaining multiple expensive color cartridges (it has 5 individual colors, plus black). It comes with several partially-used and a few new color cartridges (that might be expired by date). Take all. Offer: Sparklets (strathcona park) - Sparklets for soda making flask Request: Queen or king mattress (Solvay) - Good condition, no rips or stains Offer: Box Spring - Queen size (Snyder Hill) - Queen size box spring split (2 pieces) for ease of transport. Great condition. No bed bugs ever. Request: Betty luken Bible story felt set (North of Syracuse.) - I need a set of Bible story felts for a kindergarten Bible class for little people. Hoping to locate one for our church. Thanks. Offer: Comfy Couch (west side) - A very comfy couch, just needs a throw cover (missing cushion slipcover). No broken spribgs/lumps, smells, smoke & from a healthy cat owning household. Come & get it! You move it, its yours :) I've been gifted another.
Photo of free Comfy Couch (west side)
Offer: 5gallon planters pots (512 county Road 3...) - Black, 12 large and a few others.. At the roadway
Photo of free 5gallon planters pots (512 county Road 3...)
Request: Stove grate (Ithaca, Trumansburg, Watkins) - I am looking for a grate (or two) from a gas stove top, any size. I am building a brick rocket stove, and the grate would support the pots over the fire. I can travel for contact-free pickup. Thanks! Request: Treadmill Desk/Bicycle Desk (Ithaca Area) - I'm looking to exercise as I work on my computer. Offer: Padded envelopes (strathcona park) - Assorted padded envelopes, good for reusing I do not want to garbage them but cannot recycle them Offer: Repost White buckets (strathcona park) - 4 Large pool chemical buckets. Headed for recycling if no one wants them Request: Aerobic step (Chili but willing to travel) - Full sized needed. Offer: Roller skates women's 11 (Odessa, NY ROUTE 224) - White, ladies roller skates, size 10 or 11 Offer: Ice skates men's 10 (Odessa, NY ROUTE 224) - Men's size 10 figure skates Offer: 2 Baskets (West Walworth/Penfield) - one is red enamel with handle, and Christmas fabric inside, the other is red, green, tan
Photo of free 2 Baskets (West Walworth/Penfield)
Offer: Football related things (West Walworth/Penfield) - small melamine 2 cup bowl and 2 tiny football helmets (Barbie/Ken doll size)
Photo of free Football related things (West Walworth/Penfield)
Offer: footbal related things (West Walworth/Penfield) - small bowl (about 2 cups) and 2 tiny football helmets (Barbie doll size) Offer: Love my Carpet powder (West Walworth/Penfield) - almost full except for a few shakes! 30oz container Request: desktop computer (Ithaca) - Looking for desktop computer for school work thank you Offer: Basket (East Irondequoit) - There is a small loop piece on that has broke but the basket is still functional
Photo of free Basket (East Irondequoit)
Offer: Growing pile of free stuff (Brooktondale) - Kids desks books movies house wears kitchen stuff Offer: ceramic flooring tiles (Groton) - Offering a couple of truckloads of light green ceramic tiles 2 inches thick by 8 inches wide by 16 inches long. These have a green smooth glaze over ceramic. You haul them away and they're yours.