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Request: Adult tricycle (Littlemore OX4) - Looking for an adult tricycle. Request: Craft items (Littlemore OX4) - I am looking for wool, yarn,small loom. Rug making items hooks etc all material scraps useful. Request: Camcorder, tapes cables (Littlemore OX4) - Looking for camcorder and all that goes with it. Offer: Pine cabinet (Grandpont OX1) - Lovely little cabinet. Please say when you could pick up.
Offer: Towel rail (Wootton OX1) - Pull out towel rail
Offer: Mistletoe (Caldecott OX14) - We will be cutting back some of the clumps of mistletoe on our apple trees soon. Too late for Christmas but would anyone with apple trees like to have some of the berried cuttings to see if a new growth can be struck? Berries need to be rubbed onto branches, ideally older growth. Just like the birds cleaning their beaks after eating and leaving seeds behind. Request: Kitchen Worktop (OX14) - Looking for a piece of worktop - needs to be at least 1m by 50cm. Many thanks Offer: Norway Spruce 2-3ft (80-100cm) Real Potted Christmas Tree (Grandpont OX4) - Hello, I have a potted Christmas tree (live with roots) in need of a new home. Thanks for reading. Sylvain
Offer: Loft Insulation (Grandpont OX1) - Loft insulation - over half a roll left. Please say when you could collect.
Request: Guitars. Working non-working (Temple Cowley OX4) - Looking for any guitars that are unwanted working or not. Offer: Old radio (Jericho OX1) - Toshiba RP-F11L, 11-band receiver. Complete with case & instructions. Much loved for 30 years but tuning does not work (perhaps I overwound it). Offer: Church choir music (Jericho OX1) - 1. Stainer's 'Crucifixion' 4 copies, probably too worn-looking for a charity shop. 2. Miss Brevis II by Dénis Bédard (French Canadian), S.A.T.B. a cappella (2002), 11 clean photocopies. Offer: Chair (Grandpont OX1) - Ikea chair with visible repair. Please say when you could collect.
Offer: Dylon cold water dye (Headington OX3) - Colours Sahara sun and Radiant pink, do not have any instructions for them, but available on line. Offer: Household white candles (Headington OX3) - Eight none decorative candles, the type you have for power cuts Offer: Bosch Dishwasher (Yarnton) - White, used but working fine, too tray shelf for cutlery.
Request: Packing boxes (OX4) - Hi. Does anyone have any spare large packing boxes they have finished with ? Thanks in advance Offer: Sewing Machine (Northcourt OX14) - 'Brother' portable electric sewing machine. Was given to me with no connection lead, so have not used it myself, but was assured it was in full working order. Offer: Hauck travel cot and mothercare mattress (Bartlemas OX4) - Travel cot 120x60cm and a mattress that fits if desired.
Offer: Red kettle (Bartlemas OX4) - Red cookworks kettle only a year or so old, completely functional, needs a clean (the usual limescale)
Offer: I love lamp (Bartlemas OX4) - Lamp only a year or so old, white shade in pristine condition
Offer: Chicken coop + large run -PLEASE RE (OX4 Temple Cowley) - Homemade wooden chicken coop with large run (11 ft 5 x 11 ft 5) to collect from Temple Cowley area. Please note, ideally we want these to go TOGETHER - run + coop. One side of the run is adapted to take the coop. The large run panels (2m high by 3.4m long, or about 6ft high by 11ft 5 long) do not break down any smaller, *so you will either need a flatbed truck, or be close enough to Temple Cowley to be able to walk them to your location* (Manageable with two strong people and some coffee :) ) They won't fit in our transit van, but if you walk with the panels, we should be able to deliver the coop, locally. This would be a great setup for an allotment. If you surround the run with paving slabs, or mesh, and top the run with barbed wire, the setup will be about as fox-proof as it could possibly be, enough to defeat even the most determined urban foxes! (We live near a fox den, so the coop and run were built from years of fox experience!) The coop could probably do with quick coat of non-toxic wood preservative, but should last a good few years, yet.
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Offer: Laundry basket (Bartlemas OX4) - Small to medium plastic laundry basket
Offer: Rug with flowers (red) (Bartlemas OX4) - Rug only a year or so old, needs a vacuum but otherwise very good condition.
Offer: Small bagless vacuum cleaner (Bartlemas OX4) - Working order, handle has seen better days but still functional
Offer: Gloves/fingerless mittens (Cutteslowe OX2) - Dear All, I shrank my beloved fingerless mittens in the wash! They are woollen - more functional now, than anything special. They will now fit a child - my 11 year old cam wear them. If you would like them, for a child, or if you have abnormally tiny hands, let me know when you can collect from Cutteslowe.
Request: Hyundai Getz car manual (Littlemore OX4) - I recently purchased a second hand hyundai getz (2005 reg) and didn't realise until I had an issue with the alarm that the manual was missing. Does anyone have a manual they no longer need? Thank you Offer: White paint for wood/metal (Florence Park OX4) - Dulux Satinwood white paint for wood/metal Half a tin
Request: Greenhouse (Kidlington) - Hi! I was wondering if anyone has an old greenhouse they don't use anymore? I've been granted an allotment and am trying to use all pre-loved items on it! Thanks! Request: Crockery and Glassware (Caldecott OX14) - Looking for 2 lots of Plates, bowls, forks knifes spoons Ceramic dishes Saucepans Oven trays Delivery if possible as don't drive Thank you