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Offer: Stove (Cynthiana ky) - Black standard stove pick up for free Offer: Space heater (Red Mile) - Small but works great in bathrooms.
Offer: Couch (Fall Creek. Kingsport) - A well loved couch. You could cover the stain on the back with a throw or buy a couch cover.
Request: Paint (Hurricane) - Looking for left over floor and wall paint. Must be in good usable condition. I would rather make use of unwanted leftovers than to get new. I hate for things to get thrown out that can still serve a purpose. Thanks!! Offer: Futon/Sofa Bed (Hamburg) - Red upholstery. Removable Velcro arm rests. Some stains, needs a deep cleaning from Cat hair.
Request: clothes for women (Lexington Kentucky) - Small or medium. I am 22 year old and have two kids. I am looking for clothes to wear for my self or for my kids. One is 3 year or and the one is 1 and half year Request: Desktop PC that works (West side near Piggly Wiggly) - Working condition please using for simple games and file transferring. Offer: One Free Contact Lens (Lexington Clays Mill/Monticelo) - Accuvue Vita package state BC 8.4 DIA 14.0 D-1.50 Expires 5/2024 If this is your prescription you are welcome to it. No longer need. Request: Deep freezer (Lexington ky.) - I am in search of working deepfreezer Request: Compost Tumbler (Nicholasville) - compost tumbler Request: mattress (Eastland and new circle) - Hi I recently moved here from up north originally from Wisconsin and when I came here I moved just with my clothes i’ve been sleeping on my sofa because I believe that the mattresses are so outrageous all I need is a single mattress that I can just lay on the floor and be able to sleep without having to sleep on the sofa if Anyone has an extra mattress laying around it is not being used or perhaps you’rejust wants to upgrade I would like to help you get rid of it I appreciate all of your help and evenanyone has an extra mattress laying around that is not being used or perhaps you just want to upgrade I would like to help you get rid of it I appreciate all of your help even your thoughts are appreciated Request: home improvement (East end near capital Char WV) - off white paint wolf gray plush carpet silver and blue self sticking tile white and blue self sticking tile 3D red brick wall paper Request: compost tumbler (Nicholasville) - Any size Request: new or used pantyhose (Kingsport near down twn) - wanted Any size, wanted any color, new or used either one is fine as long as in good condition. As many as you can give. I make dolls for unfortunate children. I Can pick up in Kingsport area
Request: Household items ,any and all (Dante va) - Any Request: Furniture (home and baby) (Lexington, KY) - Desperately seeking livingroom furniture formy apartment. I am also a single mom expecting a boy in April. I literally have NOTHING! ANYTHING AT ALL WILL HELP.