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Request: Security camera system (Vernon fl) - Looking for a security camera system, with or without cameras, and a hard drive to record. Please and thank you. My phone number is 8503260145 Request: Copper tubing / water pump / cooler (N from 9 Mile RD & Chemstrand) - I'm trying to convert my standing fan so that it produces colder air since I will not turn on the AC in the house I'm staying in due to due the owner allowing me to stay in her home while she is out of town. (Trying to reduce the electric bill for owner). Just want to run something to cool off the room that me and my dog sleep in. I'm needing copper tubing to flow water in, zip ties to hold the copper tubing, a cooler to hold large bricks of ice and a small electric water pump to push the water through the copper . Any items available would be greatly appreciated! My dog and I Thank you :-) Request: Plastic storage tote (East Panama City beach area) - I need a plastic storage tote. Thanks. Request: Baby gate/ pet gate/ pet fence (East Panama City beach area) - Looking for a baby gate or pet gate. Also curious if there are any pet fences available out there. Open to picking up the Panama City Beach, Panama City, callaway or Lynn haven. Thank you! Request: Home security system (Niceville) - Looking for a home security system with at least 4 cameras. Request: 3 Resin Lawn Chairs (Tallahassee) - Any color, style. Looking for 3 functional lawn chairs for volunteers use. Thanks! Offer: Curb Alert - Moving Boxes (Havana Florida near Stones) - All sizes of moving boxes at the curb against the trash cans. On 5th Street SW behind Stone's in Havana. Come get them before it rains or the trash man gets them. I'm sorry but I will not be available to answer emails. When I find they are gone, I will mark them as gifted. Thank you. Offer: hospital bed (Tallahassee) - hospital bed, no mattress. Tallahassee. Call Tina Jones at 850-251-1409 Request: Utility trailer (Silver springs fl) - Am looking for a utility trailer close buy it don’t matter condition would need help transporting don’t have a hitch ty in afvance Offer: Small styrofoam coolers (Waverly Hills) Promised - We have 5 small styrofoam coolers with freezer packs that will hold a six pack of 12 ounce cans along with the freezer pack. These might be good for camping, long drives, holding fish bait or whatever else you can think of. Want one or two? Let me know. Request: Electronics gaming systems ect (West pensacola) - Any Offer: Another Hospital Bed (Tallahassee) - Elder care Services has been offered a hospital bed we have no room for. If you need one, please contact me for referral to donor. -Linda ECS Offer: Decorative marbles (NE near Thomasville and I10) - Blue, a few red, and three varieties of clear. Purchased for decorative use. Clean.
Photo of free Decorative marbles (NE near Thomasville and I10)
Request: lawn mower (Pensacola) - Any condition Request: 5 gallon bucket with lid (South by fairgrounds) - I’m looking for something to make wine in with the lid having it’s own screw-on lid Offer: Twin air mattress (East Tallahassee) - Standard twin size air mattress. Can’t guarantee that there isn’t a leak but I don’t believe there is. Located near Capital Circle and Apalachee Pkwy
Photo of free Twin air mattress (East Tallahassee)
Offer: Lighted Tree Topper Stars (East Tallahassee) - Both work but may need some bulbs replaced. Located near Capital Circle and Apalachee Pwy
Photo of free Lighted Tree Topper Stars (East Tallahassee)
Photo of free Lighted Tree Topper Stars (East Tallahassee)
Request: Old Computers (Pensacola) - Looking for older computers, especially windows 98 era machines and/or older apple macintosh computers. Desktops or laptops. Working or not, any condition. I am a collector of vintage computers and like to restore computers. I do not sell or scrap them. I can put that old computer to good use so please don't throw it away! Request: Treadmill or exercise bike (1922 Sika Deer Dr) - Looking for exercise equipment for senior disabled Vet, needed for therapy following surgery. Will have to arrange for transportation. Request: Pop Up Camper (Front Beach Road) - ISO new/Gently used Dutchman Flipper folding tent pop up camper parts/wooden pallets/camping accessories/general camping gear/supplies. Please email or call 850-405-5663. My husband and I are renovating our camper, turning it into a permanent home. We've hit a few speed bumps & will greatly appreciate any items. Thanks Offer: spinet piano (near Headland) - Dark wood. Tuned . Sounds good. To good to set out for the trash or the weather. Request: furniture (South by fairgrounds) - Need two chest of drawers, a bookshelf, an entertainment center and a bed frame for queen bed [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: twin size beds (Jackson Bluff HWY 20) - Iso any twin size beds, dressers, couch, tables. And kind of furniture. Single mother of 3 teenage boys just moved here from Tennessee. Out of a abusive relationship. Anything will help. Thanks Request: Used/not working fire extinguisher (West Pensacola) - Looking for a used fire extinguisher. Don't need the chemicals or the hose on the front. I would prefer them to be empty with the nozzle and trigger working and free of rust. Needed for a science project. Offer: CD jewel boxes (NE near Thomasville and I10) - Ten, good condition.
Photo of free CD jewel boxes (NE near Thomasville and I10)
Request: Handicap ramp (Tallahassee) - Looking for a handicap ramp for a home, 2in hitch and ramp to transport motorized scooter on vehicle Request: Running vehicle (Vernon fl) - Looking for a vehicle. I just broke my foot and my car got used my a family member and they blew my engine. & I'm able to return to work part time but now I don't have any transportation. Offer: Aquarium gravel (NE near Thomasville and I10) - White and black gravel; clean (purchased for use in flower arrangements or other decorative pursuits)
Photo of free Aquarium gravel (NE near Thomasville and I10)
Request: Potting supplies (Laurel Hill, FL) - Would like old clay pots, ceramic pots or any variety of pots and potting supplies. Plants appreciated too.