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Offer: hoover upright vacuum (pace) - hoover upright wind tunnel vacuum vacuum works, self propel does not Offer: Unopened high quality supplements (West Garden District) - We came into a bunch of high quality unopened nutritional supplements that we cannot use. We'd love for them to go to someone who can use them. We don't know alot about them but they report to be good for immune system health, cardiovascular health, brain function, muscle maintenance, skin hydration, etc.
Request: Basketball goal (Tallahassee) - I’m looking for a basketball goal no one is using anymore. Thanks Request: RV, Med. - small (Tallahassee) - Please help, Iam almost 62 and in a few weeks I will be without a place to live. Iam disabled and on a fixed income. please! I don't want to be on the streets, cold and homeless. I can fix up an old one to make it liveable. Bless you, and thank you for your interest and concern. Offer: CURB ALERT: Toddler mattress (8227 Charrington Forest Blvd) - I'm offering a kids mattress, size Length 51" X Width 27" X Thickness 5". It's a Pediatric crib and toddler mattress: Extra Firm, Waterproof, Non-Toxic. The out material is plastic and has two rips so it's tapped up. If you use a bed sheet to cover the mattress, it would be fine. Other than the rips, it's in good condition. If the ad is up it's still available. My address is 8227 Charrington Forest Blvd.
Request: Christmas tree and deco (Woodville) - Looking for artificial Xmas tree. Would like to do a 6ft or more and decorations for inside and out to do for my grand children please thank you for bless Offer: Shoes (Wausau,fl just off of 77.) - 6/1/2 b Request: A heater electric (Woodville) - Electric heater needed we have no heat at this time Request: I'm looking for a Christmas tree (Woodville) - I'm looking for and artificial Christmas tree. 6 ft or taller and Decorations it will be fiest tree in 4 yrs Request: Rebar (Tallahassee, FL) - Looking for 4ft pieces of rebar. Thanks! Offer: Supplements (Downtown Pensacola) - Multiple supplements, unopened. My friend didn't need them anymore. I don't know much about them, except the brands are really high quality. Feel free to just take one type or all of them. I'm hoping someone will save some money by not having to buy them.
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Request: Android Phone (Paul Russell Rd @ Meridian St) - I need an old Android phone for my tween-age son to use around the house to play games. It can have a cracked screen as long as the touch screen works and it is readable. Version of Android we need is 5.0 and up for some of the games to work properly. Request: anysize RV (Tallahassee) - Hi, Iam in dying need of an RV, Iam 62 soon and in a couple of months Ihave to leave my present location. I have been renting, I am disabled, and ondisability. Please let me know if you have something, to fix , please, help me. Request: Victim of house fire (LakeTalquinHWY20BLOXHAMCUTOFF) - My Father (built it in 1973) and my home of 32 years was recently burned completely to the ground..Thewoodstoves chimney pipe collapsed . We lost everything...My father who once was one of the BEST mastercarpenters was In a car wreck when I was 8, pronounced dead on arrival, he was revived, surviving but leaving home brain injured and permanently disabled,we are unfortunately in need of just about any and everything for a home... We are currently living in a shop/shedthat isnt enclosed...Theres no doors,there is a foundation, it isn't framed, insulated, and no where near ready for the winter weather that is about to come we are in need of any building materials (sheet rock, insulation, handy helper, cable wiring for electricity, we are in definite need of heaters, blankets, winter clothes men's medium sweaters shirts 30/32 pants socks and woman's medium-large t-shirts sweaters jackets size 1012 jeans medium-large sweats socks and any and all warm clothing and materials... thank you and God bless Request: Mattress sets needed (Downtown Dothan area) - 2 Queen size or larger mattress sets needed for disabled couple. Offer: China Cabinet (Near Pensacola and Ocala) - Was gifted a newer China cabinet. Giving this one away. Has some water damage from roof leaking. But still has life left in it. Shelves are glass. Missing shelf in bottom but a 1x8 would do the trick.
Request: new home items (Near see dnknmom fb) - Just starting out in my own home. I need everything! Laundry detergent dishwasher liquid dawn soap body wash toilet paper paper towels lightbulbs blankets king size sheets pillowcases books DVD’s shower curtain shower curtain liner pots and pans plates bowls silverware vacuum mop bucket decorations would be nice like Amirrors wall decorations like pictures indoor and uoutdoor plants pictures paintings any little knickknacks couch pillows couch cover loveseat cover reclinmhll-size fridge g lol cooking utensils silverware ovenware laundry basket dog toys dog treats dog shampoo flea stuff for dogs some raicd garden hose. And anything that would you seeby was a Request: Rebar (Tallahassee, FL) - Looking for 5-10 4ft pieces of rebar. Thanks! Request: Lawnmower (Crawfordville) - Any working mower would be appreciated Offer: Agapanthus or Lily is the Nile (1025 parkview dr in piney-z) - Free. Just dug from the ground
Offer: Lille of the Nile or Agapanthus (1025 parkview dr in piney-z) - Just removed from the ground. Off the street beside the mailbox. Free for the talking.
Offer: loquat seedlings (east side of Tallahassee) - I have given away a lot of these seedlings, but still have many more! These seedlings will quickly grow into great shade trees with wonderful fruits. I recently heard you can also use the leaves to make tea! I have lots of volunteer seedlings and would like to share the wealth. PM me for directions to my east side house, and to arrange a time to come. Bring a shovel or trowel, and pots or other containers with soil.
Offer: Sailboat (3810 W 17th Street) - No trailer no sails. Needs netting, rope replaced. Not sure the size 14-16 ft