Pekin Freecycle

Offers  and  Requests
Free: Packing materials (Near Champaign Country Club) - I have several clear large plastic bags of clean bubble wrap and styrofoam “peanuts”. If anyone is interested, I’ll put them out at the curb to be picked up, but I won’t do that if there’s no interest. So let me know. Free: Makeupset (Nokomis il) Promised - Makeupset
Photo of free Makeupset (Nokomis il)
Free: Ungaged slate tiles (Between Philo and Urbana) - I have about 200 ungaged slate tiles that were removed from my dining room floor. They are in decent shape if someone wants to use them for an outdoor project (I don’t think they would work for re-use indoors).
Photo of free Ungaged slate tiles (Between Philo and Urbana)
Request: Baby girl clothes (Colchester il) - Just had twin girls. Looking for baby girl clothes Request: Washing machine (Colchester il) - Any size color etc just had twins and I cannot haul kids back and forth to the laundry mat by myself any more Request: Exercise bike or elliptical (1976 S Orchard St, Urbana) - Working condition Free: Upright piano (Near Champaign Country Club) - Stuyvesant upright piano. It has a good sound when it’s in tune and we’ve had it and used it for more than 40 years but now mostly use an electronic keyboard instead. It needs tuned and certainly will even moreso after it’s moved. It’s free but you’ll have to take on moving expenses.
Photo of free Upright piano (Near Champaign Country Club)
Free: Bathroom Countertop with Sink (Bloomington off Clearwater) - Bathroom countertop with sink (cabinets not included) 59” x 22” x 4 3/4”
Photo of free Bathroom Countertop with Sink (Bloomington off Clearwater)
Free: Piano (Just off Tanglefoot and 18th) - Four kids have learned to play the piano on this piano. They are grown now. It is a Wurlitzer piano. The "e" key one octave above middle "e" is not working. I have had someone fix it but has resurfaced - maybe you can get it to hold a fix. It does need tuning. Plays wonderfully otherwise. Includes piano bench with flip up seat to store piano books. Free: Queen size bed frame (Behind Casey's gas station) - White, alittle scratched but good condition, available for pickup now
Photo of free Queen size bed frame (Behind Casey's gas station)
Request: Women's clothing (Southeast side) - As my health is getting better, I have gained a healthy amount of weight. I am now in desperate need of clothes size 8-10 women's Request: scrap metal in Decatur area (Southeast side) - Will haul away for you. Will consider making the trip for anything substantial. Appliances welcome. If it's metal, I will take it away for you. These items will be taken to scrap yard to be sold [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: Supplies for making fairy gardens (Southeast side) - New to gently used preferred but some items would stand out wonderfully if worn out.