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Offer: CVS Eye Allergy Relief (SE AA easy porch pickup) - I bought a two pack of this eye allergy relief and after using it several times I reacted to it. I won’t use the second bottle. It expires on 11/20 and is still sealed and ready for use. I am already sad that I have to throw out a nearly full bottle and would like the other bottle to be used. The bottle is 0.5 oz. Offer: Chimes (Lake Orion - M-24 N of Scripps) - Chimes just need to be re-strung. Old string is still there to guide you. A little TLC. Very pretty sound. Request: Umbrella (All) - Looking for cantilever umbrella. Ok if it's just top, like if pole broken. Don't need base.
Photo of Umbrella (All)
Offer: Last Call: neck pillows (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, I have three U shaped neck pillows, the kind you use on the plane. I use them to keep my feet (technically) off the coffee table, and in bed to read. They have been used all of once, so they are warm, fuzzy, and new. Like kittens, they're great, but it's time for them to go. Easy PPU. Stay safe, everybody, This thing ain't over yet. emceemk Offer: 3 Coca-Cola Cups (Inkster & Schoolcraft) - Three 16oz glass Coca-Cola brand drinking ware. Porch pickup.
Photo of free 3 Coca-Cola Cups (Inkster & Schoolcraft)
Photo of free 3 Coca-Cola Cups (Inkster & Schoolcraft)
Request: Hot plate (Maple Hts) - My stove isn't working, I have a family of 4, if anyone has a hot plate or other electric cooking devices, it would be highly appreciated Offer: last call: Black Asian Tea Set (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hello, I still have the black asian tea set with acoutrements available. Speak now, or forever hold your dtea in a styrofoam cup. Easy PPu. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: 38/30 men's pants (Milan) - I have a pair of taupe 38/30 relaxed fit Dockers yo give away, convenient contactless porch pickup in Milan. They are clean, but we have cats, do if you are sensitive to that, you'll want to wash them again. Fair Offer Policy in effect
Photo of free 38/30 men's pants (Milan)
Request: Window A/C unit (Ferndale, Marshall & Woodward) - New-ish model window A/C unit. Please and thanks! Offer: Tent Cards in Milan (Milan) - I have a partial box (approximately 20 sheets) of tent cards to give away. They're about 20 years old, but have been in the original box the entire time. Also included is the directions for using the sheets with popular word processing programs of the time. Available for contact free porch pick up. I am following the Fair Offer Policy.
Photo of free Tent Cards in Milan (Milan)
Offer: Catnip plants (Ann Arbor, West side) - I need to thin my catnip and you can benefit. Offering you-dig catnip plants to please your cat. And if your cat is happy, it will cheer you up too! Offer: Books (Akron area) - Old college textbooks and assorted novels
Photo of free Books (Akron area)
Photo of free Books (Akron area)
Photo of free Books (Akron area)
Photo of free Books (Akron area)
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Offer: Last call: Yestertech (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, last assorrtment of yestrtech. Includes lights & gadgets. Easy PPU. Hang tough, emceemk Request: Baritone horn (Milan) - baritone or euphonium for my son to record tryout for mi marching band. His instrument needs repair or replaced but if he doesn't make band he wont really need new Request: Pop cans & bottles (Clarkston, Mi) - My daughter starts school this year and these would help with school clothes and supplies and what not. Thanks in advance! Offer: Electric Stove (Detroit west Joy & Wyoming) - Was given to me but I wasn't able to use electric. NEEDA A GOOD CLEANING. Offer: Womens size 8 heels (Chene and Gratiot) - Size 8 heels in good condition
Photo of free Womens size 8 heels (Chene and Gratiot)
Offer: Men's Rock Revival Jean's Size 42 (Chene and Gratiot) - 1 pair never worn brand new with tags still attached. 1 pair worn once. Excellent condition.
Photo of free Men's Rock Revival Jean's Size 42 (Chene and Gratiot)
Request: Rebar (North Royalton) - Looking for rebar. I am pretty sure any diameter will work. Offer: Whisperlite camp stove & supplies (Ann Arbor off Washtenaw) - This is an old school (first gen?) MSR Whisperlite backpacking stove (runs on Coleman “white gas”), a can of Coleman fuel, two fuel bottles, and assorted jumble of camping cookware. Easy driveway pickup. Request: Pavers (New London) - Looking for lots of brick pavers. We have a garden started but now my husband wants to make a walkway down the middle so it's easier to harvest. Offer: Bed board for double/full size bed (NE Ann Arbor) - Is your bed saggy or too soft? This sturdy bed board for a double/full size bed will solve your problems. Wood frame, fabric covered. 75" x 53" x 1.5" Easy porch pick-up, not too heavy for one person to carry. Offer: Office chair (SE corner Hartland Twp by GMPG) - Black. Arm rests and seat threadbare but not torn. Has vibrator but not sure if it works Porch pick up
Photo of free Office chair (SE corner Hartland Twp by GMPG)
Photo of free Office chair (SE corner Hartland Twp by GMPG)
Request: Chords for Iphones (Ann Arbor, South West Central) - I’m looking for chords for IPhones. Request: ASK: small wood tables (Northeast Ann Arbor) - I decorate wood tables. I would like to make some for some friends who live out of town who I will fly to visit again someday. So I need tiny tables where one would fit in a carry-on suitcase. I found one where the tabletop was about 16 inches square and the legs were about 20 inches but were removeable, so that one could fit in a suitcase! I'm hoping to find more like that but they ideally must be wood so I can decorate. I live in Northeast Ann Arbor. Thanks Request: Scruffy Area Rug(s) Ypsi/A2 (Ypsilanti) - I am moving to a house with a carpeted basement. I’d to designate some spots for storage and protect the carpet there, so I would be glad of some area rugs. One larger, 3x5 or 4x6, and one or two smaller ones. Totally fine if they are stained, threadbare or faded. A little mustiness is fine too. They can’t have been peed on, or my cats will want to pee on them too. Thanks so much ! & Happy Trashing Nothing. Abby Offer: two folding lawn chairs near howell (slightly northeast of howell) - to folding cloth covered lawn chairs. fully functional but, given my size and weight, i no longer trust. porch pick up
Photo of free two folding lawn chairs near howell (slightly northeast of howell)
Request: scalloped concrete edge stone (N E Livonia) - looking for a few pieces of this stone edging to complete a project. I need about 8ft. Tan, gray or white. Stores are no longer carrying them. Thank you.
Photo of scalloped concrete edge stone (N E Livonia)
Offer: Dibetic Socks (Clinton Twp. 16 and M-97) - 2 Pr. Dr. Scholl Diabetic socks. I new in pkg, other out. Won't fit past my calfs. Easy PPU Offer: Blanket Rack (Clinton Twp. 16 and M-97) - Holds three blankets or comforters. No room in my house.