Vivarium made from old TV stand. (Portsmouth PO2)

I adopted my corn snake from someone who supplied this with him. He's now in a bigger vivarium more suited to his size but this would be suitable for a smaller snake. It could also be upcycled, or used as a storage cupboard of some sort. The loose substrate pictured has been vacuumed out. Size is approximately 36"x18"

There's a heat mat included but it no longer works (however it seems to be a break in the wire near the plug so repairable) and some trellis and artificial vine leaves that slot into the back, plus a USB strip light stuck around the top that still works.

Cannot deliver, you would need to collect. Its quite heavy so unless you're close it may not be something you can carry home, but it did fit in the back of a car last time I had to move it.

(3rd image including lamp, decoration, snake etc is just for the purpose of showing how it can look when in use. This does *not* come with the snake, the lamp, or the decor.)
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