Jerusalem artichoke plants (Arcadia nr Baldwin-Stocker Sch)

Jerusalem artichoke (aka sunchoke aka helianthus tuberosus) plants. They grow 8 feet tall, yielding small sunflowers in the summer plus about 5 pounds of underground tubers for each plant in the fall. Store, clean and use the tubers like you would new potatoes. Tubers have a potato texture with faint artichoke flavor.

Once established, they will always emerge to grow a new crop the following year - no matter how many tubers you harvest, you will always miss a few, and each tuber (or even fragment of a tuber) will sprout into new plants. But they do not become a nuisance, because the plants are easily removed, and they only spread from the tubers.

Prep now for empty store shelves resulting from food supply chain interruptions, natural disasters or Zombie Apocalypse.
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